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Julie Strain: Queen of the "B" Movies
Comic Images - 1996

  No.    Card Text                                       Artist

    1    I was born an original sinner / I was born fr
    2    Conceived, born, birthed, spanked up-side dow
    3    X marks the spot - by the time I shot out of
    4    Let's back up so ya don't miss anything - Bor
    5    I remember painting the neighbors car with ho
    6    I remember moving to Kansas at four and havin
    7    I remember moving back to California at five
    8    Then it happened at five years of age - playi
    9    Throughout my childhood I was loud, obnoxious
   10    I remember breaking into school (larky Elemen
   11    I remember lighting the hill on fire behind m
   12    I remember skipping a grade in the middle of
   13    I got shipped to a private school for 6th, 7t
   14    Poor sportsmanship - I don't like to lose gam
   15    We weren't supposed to wear nail polish so my
   16    But I did become a Christian during my Religi
   17    So all was not lost on the early childhood jo
   18    Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, th
   19    Public school once again - I thought the day
   20    No, no, no, can't touch that. I was scared. M
   21    Pants longer than your shoe. Pants wider than
   22    Yeah, thank God for sports. I played basketba
   23    Well, I finally got a boyfriend at the end of
   24    Well all that hanging out at a gym paid off -
   25    I also was a National Physique committee judg
   26    After five years I moved out from Barney Buff
   27    Can't I just be a fly on the wall? Sometimes
   28    So I became a house-wife for nearly the next
   29    He groomed me to be sly, cunning, cautious an
   30    Cars you ask? OK - The Batmobile from the fir
   31    During this time I bred, trained and started
   32    As the decade ended, so did my lifestyle. I w
   33    I did extra work / Repossessed / Bugsy / The
   34    I got a good role in Steven Seagal's Out For
   35    I stayed home. I slept on the floor. I ate ou
   36    Then I really found my niche. I sent some pho
   37    My dream to be painted by Olivia came true in
   38    Also you can join the fan club. Send $3.00 an
   39    I took over the B movie industry as the "over
   40    Partial list of movies / Illicit Dreams 2. Mi
   41    What do you get when you cross Electra Assass   Simon Bisley
   42    It's only art if it's well hung! If the title
   43    Everyday we blast our brains with millions of   Gil Bruvel
   44    Even before commissioning this rendering, art   Sorayama
   45    Let's go way back. High heels on a Lady. My f
   46    My favorite all time movie is Fit To Kill, di
   47    "The character I created was only half done a   Kevin Eastman
   48    I got hired to be Geena Davis' body double du
   49    Without being in even one frame of the film T
   50    It wasn't until I did The Unnameable II that    Walter Girotto
   51    The Unnameable is a H.P. Lovecraft story. I p
   52    Sometimes, when I look back, I cannot believe
   53    They took the horse hair and poked it through
   54    I remember one lunch in particular. We were e
   55    I just sat there. Crying inside the mask. No    Royo
   56    I love to eat. Especially when there is somet   Azpiri
   57    I mean, come on, I'm a good sport and I never   Gil Bruvel
   58    On the Witchcraft IV set, we were served cold
   59    My next big movie will be F.A.K.K.2 and it's    Simon Bisley
   60    They said don't be an extra if you want to be
   61    Sports I've played - College basketball for G   Julie Bell
   62    Jobs I've had - Housekeeper, artist (at age 5   Manara
   63    One time I played two parts in one movie. It
   64    The next scene was "the morning after the din
   65    That day started at 8:00am. The "silver lady"   Olivia
   66    My favorite singers are - Sade, Mariah Carey,   Frezzato
   67    My horse once jumped a parked car. I broke my   Juan Gimenez
   68    I collect coffee mugs, Zippo lighters, outrag
   69    Someday I'd love to have a garden and grow my   Boris
   70    When I have time off, I like to read The Nati
   71    My favorite stars are - Brigit Bardot, Sophia   Libertore
   72    My dreams - Just this week, I dreamed I was o


Omnichrome Cards (1:15 packs)

1 of 6   I have nine brothers and sisters, but I am th
2 of 6   I was the Penthouse Pet of the Year for 1993
3 of 6   I met my husband, Kevin Eastman, co-creator o
4 of 6   Kevin and I sponsor a museum that he founded
5 of 6   My favorite animal is the horse. My first hor
6 of 6   Exotic places I've traveled to - Alaska, Hawa

Autographed Card (1:case)

   --    Julie Strain


   --    (Unnumbered)

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