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Strange But Lovely Ladies
   Edition Quasimodo - 1993

Notes: This boxed set is "A Special 9 Premium Card Volume by Felix", with color 
artwork on acetate. Cards are unnumbered and produced in Germany. Felix is the 
creator of Playbear for Eros Comics.

Base Plastic Cards

   Strange But Lovely Ladies
   (with panther in cape)
   (talking to Playbear on sofa)
   Samantha Spade
   Teddy and the Pirate
   (rectangular window city harbor)
   (witch riding broom)
   (laughing cat)
   (smoking with Playbear with butterfly)

Original Art Card (blank sketch card for mail-in offer)

   Special Felix Original Art Card

Plastic Promo Cards

   Promo Card 3 of 4: At Your Service!
   Promo Card 4 of 4: Skatebabe

Merchandise Cards

   Felix                                  Felix was born in 1959 ...
   Playbear                               Felix Original artwork, portraits ...
   Also Avaliable from Felix              Do You Have It All?
   Helluva Night                          Toxic Babes
   Special Randomly Inserted Lucky Card   Illustrated Felix Trading Card Set
   Order the complete sales list          Strange But Lovely Ladies "Uncut Sheet"

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