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Street Fighter: The Movie
   Capcom / Upper Deck - 1994/1995

Note:  Also distributed as a very limited (300 copies) factory set, including the inserts
and a special Animation card. Fine print on the packs refers to a "Final Battle Special
F/X" insert set inserted 1:24 packs, but I haven't seen an evidence that this insert set was
distributed. But Carol Johnson reports finding handfuls of the AN1 Animation card in 
a large batch of packs at approximately 1:8 packs, so perhaps the F/X and Animation 
card were the same thing, and Upper Deck changed its distribution plan in mid-stream.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.15 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title / Text

  1    News Flash: Crisis in Shadaloo
  2    Hostage Watch
  3    Ransom Countdown Begins
  4    Sweet Deal Goes Sour
  5    Meeting the Spanish Ninja
  6    You're All Under Arrest
  7    Assassin Among Us
  8    Talking with the Enemy
  9    Chun-Li Dressed to Kill
 10    The Insiders
 11    Make Me the Perfect Warrior
 12    A Meeting of the Minds
 13    It's a Prison Break
 14    The Fallen Hero
 15    The Ruse Morgue
 16    The Infiltration Begins
 17    The Infiltration Is Complete
 18    Chun-Li and Crew Captured
 19    Sorry, War Cancelled
 20    Interview with a Madman
 21    Leader of the Pack
 22    Not So Pleasant Reunion
 23    Rage Unleashed
 24    She Who hesitates Is Lost
 25    Attack Foiled
 26    Hit the Beach
 27    A Perfect Warrior Matchup
 28    Blanka's Secret Revealed
 29    Bison and Guile Face-to-Face
 30    A Woman Shall Lead Them
 31    Guile Versus Bison - Round 1
 32    Dee Jay Grabs the Cash
 33    Steel Claw Versus Iron Will
 34    You Will Be Defeated
 35    To the Loser Goes Defeat
 36    I Am Invincible
 37    The Best Laid Plans
 38    Street Fighters Escape
 39    The Grand Finale

Street Fighter Superstars

 40    Guile
 41    Guile
 42    M.Bison
 43    M.Bison
 44    Cammy
 45    T.Hawk
 46    Chun-Li
 47    E.Honda
 48    Blanka
 49    Balrog
 50    Ken
 51    Ryu
 52    Vega
 53    Sawada
 54    Zangief
 55    Dhalsim
 56    Dee Jay
 57    Sagat


 58    Guile
 59    Cammy
 60    T.Hawk
 61    Chun-Li
 62    E.Honda
 63    Blanka
 64    Balrog
 65    Ken
 66    Ryu
 67    Vega
 68    Sawada
 69    Zangrief
 70    Dhalsim
 71    Dee Jay
 72    Sagat
 73    M.Bison

Behind the Scenes

 74    Director: Steven de Souza
 75    Even experienced film makers in Hollywood
 76    Street Fighter's casting director Mary Jo
 77    Fight Coordinator Benny "The Jet" Urquide
 78    General Bison's command center, deep belo
 79    The dramatic entrance into war-torn Shand
 80    Resembling a scene from a Japanese monste
 81    Make-up and hair wizards Zoltan and Janic
 82    Designed by Bill Creber and built at Thai
 83    Jean-Claude Van Damme (Colonel Guile) int
 84    Director de Souza coaches Ming-Na Wen (Ch
 85    Many of the main characters, along with o
 86    Ray "Brownie" Brown, Street Fighter's key
 87    Ming-Na Wen (Chun-Li) poses with Deborah
 88    The entire Street Fighter crew and much o
 89    Street Fighter [Title Card]
 90    Street Fighter Checklist


Special F/X Cards (1:8 packs)

SF 1   Guile versus M.Bison
SF 2   Guile versus M.Bison
SF 3   Chun-Li versus Zangief
SF 4   Ryu versus Vega
SF 5   E-Honda versus Zangief
SF 6   Balrog versus Trooper
SF 7   Ryu versus Sagat
SF 8   Guile versus Blanka
SF 9   T-Hawk versus Trooper
SF 10  Cammy versus Trooper

Animation Card (1:8 packs, later distribution)

AN1    Guile versus M. Bison

Van Damme Lithogram Card (1:100 packs)

LE1    Jean-Claude Van Damme


SP 1   Guile (dealers, Street Fighter #1 comic)
SF 1   Guile (pointing pistol)
SF 2   Opening Day (silver foil; theatre giveaway)

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