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Strike Force - Ladies Pro Bowling Tour
Little Sun / LPBT - 1991

Notes:  This set was primarily distributed as a boxed factory set. A companion
set with the same name was issued the following year, and includes 43 additional
LPBT stars. Thanks to Genny Carr for the original list!

No.   Title                                           Home Town

 1    LPBT Strike Force [Logo Card]
 2    Marion Ladewig (Hall of Fame)                   Grand Rapids, Michigan
 3    Nikki Gianulias                                 Vallejo, CA
 4    Lorene Raveane                                  St. Clair Shores, MI
 5    Sue Neidig                                      Miami, FL
 6    Linda Kelly (1990 Rookie)                       Huber Heights, OH
 7    Tish Johnson                                    Panorama City, CA
 8    Leanne Barrette (Player of the Year 1990)       Oklahoma City, OK
 9    Linda Urbanek                                   Humble, TX
10    Betty Morris (Bowler of the Decade 1970s)       Stockton, CA
11    Kim Terrell                                     Daly City, CA
12    Cindy Grich                                     Sarasota, FL
13    Robin Romeo                                     Van Nuys, CA
14    Helen Duval (Hall of Fame)                      Berkeley, CA
15    Carol Norman                                    Ardmore, OK
16    Jan Schmidt                                     Rochelle, IL
17    Jeanne Maiden                                   Gig Harbor, WA
18    Donna Adamek                                    Apple Valley, CA
19    Debbie McMullen (Rookie of the Year 1990)       Denver, CO
20    Leslie Young                                    Miami, FL
21    Rene Fleming                                    Oklahoma City, OK
22    Carol Gianotti                                  Perth, Australia
23    Lisa Wagner (Bowler of the Decade 1980s)        Palmetto, FL
24    Marliss Borr                                    Kalamazoo, MI
25    Cheryl Daniels                                  Detroit, MI
26    Tori Romeo                                      Van Nuys, CA
27    Judy Soutar                                     Leawood, KS
28    Pam Buckner                                     Reno, NV
29    Lorrie Nichols                                  Algonquin, IL
30    Leila Wagner                                    Annapolis, MD
31    Jackie Sellers                                  DuBois, PA
32    Lori Branham (1990 Rookie)                      Buffalo, NY
33    Sandra Jo Shiery                                Coldwater, MI
34    Mary Martha Cerniglia                           Springfield, IL
35    Vicki Montgomery                                Ravenna, OH
36    Marilou Knight                                  Epworth, GA
37    Dana Miller-Mackie (1990 U.S. Open Champion)    Sydney, Australia
38    Vesma Grinfelds                                 San Francisco, CA
39    Terri Brice                                     Moses Lake, WA
40    Stacy Rider                                     La Habra, CA
41    Dede Davidson                                   Southgate, MI
42    Shirley Garms (Hall of Fame)                    Island Lake, IL
43    Bonnie Joel                                     Raleigh, NC
44    Cindy Coburn-Carroll                            Buffalo, NY
45    Jeri Edwards                                    Matteson, IL
46    Pat Rossler                                     Santa Clara, CA
47    Karen Wakefield                                 elmira, NY
48    Alayne Blomenberg                               Cranston, RI
49    Wendey Macpherson-Papanos                       San Diego, CA
50    Jeanette Robinson (Hall of Fame)                Las Vegas, NV
51    Anne Marie Duggan                               Newport News, VA
52    Karen Ellingsworth                              Des Plaines, IL
53    Diana Davenport                                 Shreveport, LA
54    Jill Albrecht (1990 Rookie)                     Burlington, WI
55    Michelle Mullen                                 Matteson, IL
56    Aleta Sill                                      Dearborn, MI
57    Carolyn Hodge                                   Fair Oaks, CA
58    Virginia Norton                                 Cypress, CA
59    Sharon Todd                                     Bowling Green, KY
60    Laurie Evans                                    Memphis, TN
61    Fran Wolf (LPBT Executive Director)             Las Vegas, NV
62    John Falzone (LPBT President)                   Cherry Valley, IL
63    1990 LPBT Tournaments
64    1991 LPBT Strike Force Checklist

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