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Star Trek: The Complete Animated Adventures
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2003

Notes:  Thanks much to Lynne Stewart, Mel Young, and Jim Ambs for updates! 
Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.70 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Card text / Title                                 Episode

  1    Stardate 5221.3. On a star-charting mission be    Beyond the Farthest Star
  2    The Enterprise crew tracks strange radio emiss    Beyond the Farthest Star
  3    A boarding party comprised of Kirk, Spock, McC    Beyond the Farthest Star
  4    From the ship's logs, the landing party determ    Beyond the Farthest Star
  5    Captain Kirk orders Scotty to ready the self-d    Beyond the Farthest Star
  6    Spock rigs a shield on the bridge's navigation    Beyond the Farthest Star
  7    The entity attacks Spock with phasers until Ca    Beyond the Farthest Star
  8    Captain Kirk activates the Enterprise's manual    Beyond the Farthest Star
  9    Believing that Captain Kirk and his crew were     Beyond the Farthest Star
 10    Stardate 5373.4. The U.S.S. Enterprise travels    Yesteryear
 11    The landing party beams back to the Enterprise    Yesteryear
 12    Spock travels 30 years into his past, to the y    Yesteryear
 13    Sarek talks to young Spock about his emotions     Yesteryear
 14    Young Spock's pet sehlat, I'Chaya, follows him    Yesteryear
 15    The Le-matya's poisonous claws scratch the seh    Yesteryear
 16    The healer and the young Spock travel in the h    Yesteryear
 17    After returning to his home in ShirKahr, the y    Yesteryear
 18    Spock returns through the Guardian of Forever,    Yesteryear
 19    Stardate 5371.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise investi    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 20    The U.S.S. Enterprise nears the cloud, whose t    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 21    Spock theorizes that the cloud is a living org    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 22    In an attempt to keep the cloud's destructive     One of Our Planets Is Missing
 23    Scotty successfully beams a chunk of the cloud    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 24    With the cloud only 42 minutes from destroying    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 25    In a desperate attempt to save the Enterprise,    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 26    With time running out, Spock reaches out to th    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 27    Spock convinces the cloud to return to its ori    One of Our Planets Is Missing
 28    Stardate 5483.7. The crew of the Enterprise in    The Lorelei Signal
 29    Captain Kirk orders a course set for the Taure    The Lorelei Signal
 30    After beaming down to the planet, the landing     The Lorelei Signal
 31    Back aboard the Enterprise, Lt. Uhura and Nurs    The Lorelei Signal
 32    All of the men aboard the Enterprise are now i    The Lorelei Signal
 33    Dr. McCoy gives the team a stimulant, which gi    The Lorelei Signal
 34    An all-female security team led by Lt. Uhura a    The Lorelei Signal
 35    Lt. Uhura coerces Theela to reveal what's goin    The Lorelei Signal
 36    The rescued landing party returns to the Enter    The Lorelei Signal
 37    Stardate 5392.4. The U.S.S. Enterprise escorts    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 38    The Klingons initially ignore all attempts at     More Tribbles, More Troubles
 39    While it remains disabled by the Klingon stasi    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 40    Scotty finally manges to beam aboard the scout    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 41    Dr. McCoy determines that the tribbles don't r    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 42    The Klingon battlecruiser Devisor returns and     More Tribbles, More Troubles
 43    Klingon Captain Koloth once again paralyzes th    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 44    Captain Kirk communicates with the Klingon Cap    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 45    The glommer flees in the face of the huge trib    More Tribbles, More Troubles
 46    Stardate 5143.3. While patrolling the edge of     The Survivor
 47    In accordance with Starfleet regulations, Dr.     The Survivor
 48    Carter Winston visits Captain Kirk and suddenl    The Survivor
 49    The alien goes to sickbay, renders McCoy uncon    The Survivor
 50    Captain Kirk realizes there's an extra diagnos    The Survivor
 51    Two Romulan ships arrive and order Captain Kir    The Survivor
 52    Lt. Nored corners the alien, once again posing    The Survivor
 53    Two Romulan battlecruisers appear and attack t    The Survivor
 54    Captain Kirk thanks Scotty for fixing the shie    The Survivor
 55    Stardate 5554.4. Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCo    The Infinite Vulcan
 56    After Lt. Sulu recovers, Agmar takes the Enter    The Infinite Vulcan
 57    The 25-foot tall Dr. Keniclius 5 appears and t    The Infinite Vulcan
 58    Captain Kirk surmises that Dr. Keniclius 5 mus    The Infinite Vulcan
 59    Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Lt. Sulu return to    The Infinite Vulcan
 60    The Enterprise landing party now finds itself     The Infinite Vulcan
 61    Captain Kirk asks the now conscious and gigant    The Infinite Vulcan
 62    Captain Kirk tells Keniclius that no peacekeep    The Infinite Vulcan
 63    Keniclius 5 feels that his life will have no m    The Infinite Vulcan
 64    Stardate: 1254.4. On a mission to study the cr    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 65    Captain Kirk orders the use of emergency rever    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 66    In its journey to the center of the galaxy, th    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 67    Before any questions can be answered, Lucien w    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 68    Back on the ship, Captain Kirk and his crew di    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 69    Lucien and the Enterprise bridge crew are sudd    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 70    Asmodeus wants to prevent humans from bringing    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 71    Asmodeus summons the ship's records, and the M    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 72    Captain Kirk's battle with Asmodeus ends peace    The Magicks of Megas-Tu
 73    Stardate: 5591.2. The U.S.S. Enterprise stops     Once Upon a Planet
 74    After a hatchet nearly misses his head, Dr. Mc    Once Upon a Planet
 75    In an underground complex, Lt. Uhura talks to     Once Upon a Planet
 76    Lt. Arex hails Captain Kirk and informs him th    Once Upon a Planet
 77    Scotty tries to send a rescue shuttlecraft, bu    Once Upon a Planet
 78    Captain Kirk's team follows signs pointing the    Once Upon a Planet
 79    In a ruse designed to gain them access to the     Once Upon a Planet
 80    Captain Kirk, Spock and Lt. Uhura learn that t    Once Upon a Planet
 81    Captain Kirk and Spock suggest that the amusem    Once Upon a Planet
 82    Stardate 4978.5. Captain Kirk receives Federat    Mudd's Passion
 83    Aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Captain Kirk sen    Mudd's Passion
 84    Nurse Chapel recovers and immediately sends Ha    Mudd's Passion
 85    Nurse Chapel becomes enraged at Harry Mudd for    Mudd's Passion
 86    Confronted in the hangar deck, Harry Mudd dist    Mudd's Passion
 87    The crew of the Enterprise begins to feel the     Mudd's Passion
 88    The crew of the Enterprise is not completely i    Mudd's Passion
 89    Captain Kirk and Spock eventually located the     Mudd's Passion
 90    Temporarily stranded, Captain Kirk distracts t    Mudd's Passion
 91    Stardate: 5577.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise is on     The Terratin Incident
 92    Although the crew feels no ill effects from th    The Terratin Incident
 93    Reports come in from around the ship that tabl    The Terratin Incident
 94    Spock calculates that the crew will lose contr    The Terratin Incident
 95    Captain Kirk beams down to the planet, while S    The Terratin Incident
 96    When he returns to the ship, Captain Kirk find    The Terratin Incident
 97    The Mendant of the Terratin comes on screen an    The Terratin Incident
 98    The missing bridge crew returns safely to the     The Terratin Incident
 99    The newly discovered dilithium restores power     The Terratin Incident
100    Stardate: 5267.2. The U.S.S. Enterprise invest    The Time Trap
101    Lt. Sulu takes the Enterprise to the exact spo    The Time Trap
102    In the vast graveyard of ships, Scotty spots a    The Time Trap
103    Suddenly, both Captain Kirk and Captain Kor ar    The Time Trap
104    With the Enterprise's dilithium crystals deter    The Time Trap
105    Captain Kirk and Spock meet with Captain Kor a    The Time Trap
106    During a party aboard the Enterprise, Devna pe    The Time Trap
107    An altercation breaks out when McCoy asks the     The Time Trap
108    As the combined Klingon-Federation ship nears     The Time Trap
109    Stardate: 5499.9. Captain Kirk, Spock, Dr. McC    The Ambergris Element
110    Back in the Enterprise's medical lab, Dr. McCo    The Ambergris Element
111    Captain Kirk and Spock return to the planet Ar    The Ambergris Element
112    Captain Kirk and Spock come upon an impressive    The Ambergris Element
113    Spock tells the Aquans that they are only inte    The Ambergris Element
114    Underwater, Captain Kirk, Spock and Rila talk     The Ambergris Element
115    Rila shows Captain Kirk and Spock ancient ruin    The Ambergris Element
116    With the help of the Aquans Rila, Lemus and Ne    The Ambergris Element
117    Captain Kirk invites Domar and Rila to the Ent    The Ambergris Element
118    Stardate: 4187.3. Spock, Lt. Sulu and Lt. Uhur    Slaver Weapon
119    The Copernicus lands on an airless, icebound p    Slaver Weapon
120    Spock explains that the Kzinti will likely not    Slaver Weapon
121    Chuft-Captain explains his goal of using Slave    Slaver Weapon
122    Outside the ship, Chuft-Captain adjusts the we    Slaver Weapon
123    The next device setting is a power absorber, w    Slaver Weapon
124    Chuft-Captain hails Lt. Sulu and offers to tra    Slaver Weapon
125    Back aboard the Kzinti ship, the aliens find a    Slaver Weapon
126    Chuft-Captain pulls the trigger on the device,    Slaver Weapon
127    Stardate 5501.2. The U.S.S. Enterprise crew in    The Eye of the Beholder
128    Captain Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy beam down to    The Eye of the Beholder
129    In a desert region, the Enterprise landing par    The Eye of the Beholder
130    The Enterprise landing party fends off an atta    The Eye of the Beholder
131    Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy and Spock are deposite    The Eye of the Beholder
132    When Spock tries telepathic contact with the h    The Eye of the Beholder
133    A small Lactran brings a communicator to Capta    The Eye of the Beholder
134    Captain Kirk's mind is being torn apart by the    The Eye of the Beholder
135    The Lactrans telepathically contact Spock and     The Eye of the Beholder
136    Stardate 5683.1. Captain Kirk and Spock are su    The Jihad
137    Tchar explains that the "Soul of Alar," a reli    The Jihad
138    While the bird-like Tchar flies overhead, the     The Jihad
139    A violent storm hits, and volcanoes erupt near    The Jihad
140    The recovery team next encounters a snowstorm,    The Jihad
141    As the recovery team approaches a crystalling     The Jihad
142    Captain Kirk surmises that the three previous     The Jihad
143    Tchar wishes for a glorious battle, despite kn    The Jihad
144    The recovery team returns to the Vedelan aster    The Jihad
145    Stardate 6334.1. Enroute to Deneb V, Spock fal    The Pirates of Orion
146    Captain O'Shea of the S.S. Huron grows concern    The Pirates of Orion
147    The U.S.S. Enterprise comes upon the disabled     The Pirates of Orion
148    After retrieving logs of the S.S. Huron, the a    The Pirates of Orion
149    The U.S.S. Enterprise is hit by phaser fire fr    The Pirates of Orion
150    Spock has less than an hour to live, so Captai    The Pirates of Orion
151    Aboard the Orion ship's bridge, its captain an    The Pirates of Orion
152    Instead of giving Captain Kirk the strobolin,     The Pirates of Orion
153    On the bridge of the Enterprise, the Orion cap    The Pirates of Orion
154    Stardate 7403.6. The U.S.S. Enterprise orbits     Bem
155    Bem sets the transporter controls so that capt    Bem
156    After detecting life forms nearby, Captain Kir    Bem
157    Captain Kirk and Spock discover that their equ    Bem
158    Bem produces Captain Kirk and Spock's missing     Bem
159    When Captain Kirk tries to use his hand phaser    Bem
160    Bem accuses Captain Kirk of mishandling the en    Bem
161    The Enterprise dispatches a security team to f    Bem
162    Captain Kirk impresses the alien entity with h    Bem
163    Stardate 3183.3. On a routine asteroid survey     The Practical Joker
164    An unidentified energy field that is not on an    The Practical Joker
165    The command staff of the Enterprise enjoys a c    The Practical Joker
166    Scotty orders a sandwich and the food dispense    The Practical Joker
167    Dr. McCoy, Lt. Sulu and Lt. Uhura enter the ho    The Practical Joker
168    The computer evades questions about the three     The Practical Joker
169    Spock concludes that subatomic particles from     The Practical Joker
170    The Enterprise computer deploys a huge inflata    The Practical Joker
171    The Romulans enter the energy field in pursuit    The Practical Joker
172    Stardate 5275.6  After the Enterprise delivers    Albatross
173    Captain Kirk and Spock leave Dramia I, and pla    Albatross
174    After making his way aboard the Enterprise, De    Albatross
175    On the way to Dramia II, the Enterprise passes    Albatross
176    The ragged Dramian and a few others - overcome    Albatross
177    Kol-Tai says that Dr. McCoy was a healer and a    Albatross
178    Spock assumes command of the Enterprise and im    Albatross
179    Disregarding the local authorities, Spock brea    Albatross
180    After Spock tells Dr. McCoy that Kol-Tai, a Dr    Albatross
181    Stardate 6063.4. The U.S.S. Enterprise searche    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
182    Captain Kirk orders phasers, but the alien for    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
183    Captain Kirk, Dr. McCoy, Ensign Walking Bear a    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
184    While exploring the alien environment, Ensign     How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
185    Kukulkan, a colorful flying serpent, arrives a    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
186    Kukulkan's people were wiped out millenia ago.    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
187    Spock frees the Enterprise from Kukulkan's for    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
188    Kukulkan can't subdue the dangerous Capellan p    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
189    Captain Kirk explains that long ago, Earth peo    How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
190    Stardate 6770.3. The U.S.S. Enterprise is tran    The Counter-Clock Incident
191    The alien ship ignores hails, so Captain Kirk     The Counter-Clock Incident
192    Captain Kirk orders the tractor beam deactivat    The Counter-Clock Incident
193    From the ship's logs, the landing party determ    The Counter-Clock Incident
194    Karla Five explains that when two stars go nov    The Counter-Clock Incident
195    Karla Five's son, Karl Four, shows a huge star    The Counter-Clock Incident
196    The Enterprise travels to a dead star correspo    The Counter-Clock Incident
197    As the Enterprise speeds up, relativistic effe    The Counter-Clock Incident
198    The Enterprise finally returns to its own univ    The Counter-Clock Incident

 C1    Base Checklist (1:20 packs)
 C2    Bonus Checklist (1:20 packs)


James Doohan Tribute Cards (1:4 packs)

JD1    (Arax and friends)
JD2    (Scotty's forehead)
JD3    (At the Engineering station)
JD4    (Citizens of Megas-Tu)
JD5    (Scotty's chin)
JD6    (Chuft-Captain and crew)
JD7    (Denizens of Argo)
JD8    (Tchar and Vedelan)
JD9    (Lt. Kyle and insectoid)

The Enterprise Bridge Crew Cards (1:8 packs)

BC1    Captain James Tiberius Kirk
BC2    Commander Spock
BC3    Doctor Leonard H. McCoy
BC4    Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott
BC5    Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
BC6    Lieutenant Uhura
BC7    Nurse Christine Chapel
BC8    Lieutenant Arex
BC9    Lieutenant M'Ress

Captain Kirk in Motion Cards (1:20 packs)

K-1    (Kirk's head)
K-2    (gazing upward)
K-3    (rising from Captain's chair)
K-4    (head shots of 3 officers)
K-5    (using communicator)
K-6    (punching out)
K-7    (three officers aiming phasers)
K-8    (aiming phaser on planet surface)
K-9    (in transporter)

Star Trek Micro-Cels (1:20 packs)

MC1    Original Airdate September 8, 1973                Beyond the Farthest Star
MC2    Original Airdate September 15, 1973               Yesteryear
MC3    Original Airdate September 22, 1973               One of Our Planets Is Missing
MC4    Original Airdate September 29, 1973               The Lorelei Signal
MC5    Original Airdate October 6, 1973                  More Tribbles, More Troubles
MC6    Original Airdate October 13, 1973                 The Survivor
MC7    Original Airdate October 20, 1973                 The Infinite Vulcan
MC8    Original Airdate October 27, 1973                 The Magicks of Megas-Tu
MC9    Original Airdate November 3, 1973                 Once Upon a Planet
MC10   Original Airdate November 10, 1973                Mudd's Passion
MC11   Original Airdate November 17, 1973                The Terratin Incident
MC12   Original Airdate November 24, 1973                The Time Trap
MC13   Original Airdate December 1, 1973                 The Ambergris Element
MC14   Original Airdate December 15, 1973                Slaver Weapon
MC15   Original Airdate January 5, 1974                  The Eye of the Beholder
MC16   Original Airdate January 12, 1974                 The Jihad
MC17   Original Airdate September 7, 1974                The Pirates of Orion
MC18   Original Airdate September 14, 1974               Bem
MC19   Original Airdate September 21, 1974               The Practical Joker
MC20   Original Airdate September 28, 1974               Albatross
MC21   Original Airdate October 5, 1974                  How Sharper than a Serpent's Tooth
MC22   Original Airdate October 24, 1974                 The Counter-Clock Incident

Autograph Cards (1:40 packs)

A1     William Shatner as the voice of Captain Kirk
A2     Leonard Nimoy as the voice of Mister Spock
A3     (George Takei, binder-exclusive autograph; see below)
A4     Nichelle Nichols as the voice of Lt. Uhura
A5     Majel Barrett as the voice of Lt. M'Ress
A5     Majel Barrett as the voice of Nurse Chapel
A6     James Doohan as the voice of Lt. Cmdr. Scott
A6     James Doohan as the voice of Lt. Arex
A7     Dorothy Fontana - Associate Producer/Story Editor
A8     Hal Sutherland - Director
A9     Lou Scheimer - Producer
A10    Norm Prescott - Producer

Limited Edition Seri-Cel "Instant Winner" Redemption Cards (randomly inserted in packs)

IW1    U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701; numbered to 250)
IW2    On the Bridge (Kirk and Spock; limited to 250)

Original Production Cel "Instant Winner" Redemption Cards (randomly inserted in packs)

OPC1-OPC50  (Each is individually numbered, and "authenticated" with the appended
             initials "SC" [Steve Charendoff] in blue ink.)

Die-Cut CD-ROMs (Box-Toppers)

 --    (Kirk)
 --    (McCoy)
 --    (Scotty)
 --    (Spock)
 --    (Sulu)

Case-Topper Motion Set (500 made)

 E1    U.S.S. Enterprise (side view)
 E2    U.S.S. Enterprise (underside)
 E3    U.S.S. Enterprise (approaching)

Card Album

 --    (Binder)
 --    (25 nine-pocket pages)
 A3    George Takei as the voice of Lt. Sulu (exclusive autograph)
 P3    February 2003 (McCoy, Kirk, Spock; exclusive promo)

Archive Boxes

 --    (Unmarked on outside; 15 produced)
 --    (Marked on outside; 15 produced)

       Each includes: complete set of all cards found in boxes, including basic
       set, JD and BC and K and MC inserts, autographs except A3, CD-ROMs, and
       redemption cards. The 50 Original Cel redemption cards are voided.


Foil Parallel Set (numbered to 500)

 --    (198 numbered cards + 2 checklists)

Progressive Proof Set (30 made)

 --    (All four color-variations [red, blue, yellow, black] of all 200 base cards)
 --    (Complete 200-card base set)

Voided Redemption Cards

 --    (Set of 50 voided Production Cel redemption cards [full set])

Uncut Sheets (limited to 50 of each)

 --    (9-card panel of James Doohan Tribute cards)
 --    (9-card panel of Bridge Crew cards)
 --    (pair of 10-card panels for 20 of the 22 Micro-Cel cards; signed and
          numbered by Steve Charendoff)
 --    (pair of 100-card panels covering 200 base cards; signed and numbered by
          Steve Charendoff)
Autograph Card (©2004, part of proposed future update set)

A11    Walter Koenig


P1     (Enterprise; general distribution)
P2     (4 officers on transporter; Non-Sport Update)
P3     (McCoy, Kirk, Spock; binder insert, listed above)
 --    February 2003 (dealer sell sheet)

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