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Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Colonial Bread - 1979
Kilpatrick Bread - 1979
Manor Bread - 1979
Rainbo Bread - 1979

Notes:  The cards are a renumbered subset of the 1979 Topps set, and are essentially
identical except for the different bread-company logos. As you might guess, they
were distributed as inserts in bread packages.  Thanks much to CD Wells for the
uncut-sheet update!

No.   Title                               Card Back

  1   A Topps Picture Card Series         Checklist
  2   Toward the Unknown                  Story Summary No. 4 of 5
  3   "Our Starcrafts ... Annihilated!"   Story Summary No. 1 of 5
  4   Filming 'Drydock' Sequence          Robert Wise
  5   James T. Kirk                       William Shatner
  6   Captain Kirk's Mission              Cast Photo
  7   Dr. 'Bones' McCoy                   DeForest Kelley
  8   Executive Officer Decker            Stephen Collins
  9   Navigator Ilia                      Persis Khambatta
 10   Helmsman Sulu                       George Takei
 11   Security Chief Chekov               Walter Koenig
 12   Dr. Christine Chapel                Majel Barrett
 13   Janice Rand                         Story Summary No. 3 of 5
 14   The Vulcan Mr. Spock                Cast Photo
 15   Lizard-Like Diplomat                Cast Photo
 16   Andorian Close-up                   Cast Photo
 17   Return to the Bridge                Cast Photo
 18   The Senior Officers                 Story Summary No. 2 of 5
 19   Scotty's Domain                     James Doohan
 20   Investigating a Malfunction         Story Summary No. 5 of 5
 21   Starship Under Attack!              Story Summary No. 1 of 5
 22   Assault on Chekov!                  Story Summary No. 2 of 5
 23   The Surak Craft                     Story Summary No. 3 of 5
 24   Transporter Malfunction             Cast Photo
 25   Zero Gravity Adventure              Cast Photo
 26   Ilia In Sick Bay                    Cast Photo
 27   The Landing Party                   Cast Photo
 28   Spectacular Starship                Gene Roddenberry
 29   Welcoming Dr. McCoy Aboard          Cast Photo
 30   Klingon Warship - Rear View         Story Summary No. 4 of 5
 31   The Unearthly Mr. Spock             Leonard Nimoy
 32   Woman from Planet Delta             Story Summary No. 5 of 5
 33   New Starfleet Uniforms              Nichelle Nichols


Uncut Sheet (Television shopping channel)

 --  (33-card panel)

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