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Star Trek: The Motion Picture (UK/Ireland)
   Topps/Trebor - 1979

Notes:  Images and card backs are similar in most cases with the series published 
in North America, but without stickers. Cards that were changed for the Trebor 
release are noted with a "*" below. The only real way to distinguish the two card 
types (other than from the variations) is that the UK/Ireland set had lighter card 
stock (text cards are a brighter green, versus rather dark green in USA) and the 
images are sharper. Thanks much to Mick Stockton for the original list, Jeremy 
Lauer for the update, and to Lynne Stewart's Card Collective Online for 

Box: 42 packs of 10 cards.

No.   Title

  1 * The Final Frontiersmen
  2   Toward the Unknown
  3   Space Intruder
  4 * Fate of the Klingons (Klingon warship front view)
  5   Warning from Space
  6   Our Starcrafts ... Annihilated!
  7   Enterprise In Drydock
  8   Rebuilding the Enterprise
  9   Filming 'Drydock' Sequence
 10   James T. Kirk
 11 * Mr Spock
 12   Dr. 'Bones' McCoy
 13   Executive Officer Decker
 14   Navigator Ilia
 15   Uhura
 16   Helmsman Sulu
 17   Engineer Scott
 18   Security Chief Chekov
 19   Dr. Christine Chapel
 20   Janice Rand
 21   The Vulcan Mr. Spock
 22   Spock on Planet Vulcan
 23   The UFP Assembled
 24   Being from Beyond
 25   The Face of Terror
 26   Lizard-Like Diplomat
 27   Not of This Earth
 28   Alien Insectoid
 29   The Unearthly
 30   The Andorians
 31   Advanced Life Form
 32   Betel's Attendant
 33   Andorian Close-up
 34   The U.S.S. Enterprise
 35   Back In Operation!
 36   Refurbished Starship
 37   Enterprise - Rear View
 38   Return to the Bridge
 39   The Senior Officers
 40   View from the Bridge
 41   Scotty's Domain
 42   Fantastic New Devices
 43   The Engineering Deck
 44   Investigating a Malfunction
 45   Heart of the Starship
 46 * Incredible Explosion! (orange color on probe, not blue)
 47   Starship Under Attack!
 48   Assault on Chekov!
 49   Half Human
 50   Spock's Fight for Life
 51   Into the Nameless Void
 52 * Vulcan Space Ship
 53   The Surak Craft
 54   Transporter Malfunction
 55 * A Pensive McCoy
 56   Symbol of Her People
 57   Exotically Beautiful Ilia
 58   Spock's Discovery
 59   The Phaser Battle!
 60   Ilia In Sick Bay
 61   Stamina of the Alien
 62   Filming the Shuttlecraft
 63   Star Explorer
 64   Alien Menace
 65   Star Challengers
 66   Beam Me Down, Scotty
 67   The Landing Party
 68   Portrait of a Vulcan
 69   Beyond Infinity
 70   The Encounter
 71   Its Secret Revealed
 72   On Spock's Native World
       -- (copyright on back)
       -- (error card: no copyright)
 73   Spectacular Starship
 74   Welcoming Dr. McCoy Aboard
 75   Kirk's Last Stand
 76 * Speeding at Warp 7
 77   Klingon Warship - Rear View
 78 * Klingon Warship - Front View
 79   Klingon Warship
 80   Vulcan Starship - Overhead View
 81   Pride of the Starfleet
 82   Duo for Danger
 83   The Unearthly Mr. Spock
 84   Woman from Planet Delta
 85   New Starfleet Uniforms
 86   Men With a Mission
 87   The Deltan Beauty
 88   Klingon Commander
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