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Star Trek TNG: Heroes & Villains
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2013

Notes: Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets (100): approx. 1.08 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Title                                            Episode / Alignment

  1   Captain Jean-Luc Picard                          Hero
  2   Commander William T. Riker                       Hero
  3   Lt. Commander Data                               Hero
  4   Lt. Commander Worf                               Hero
  5   Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge                    Hero
  6   Dr. Beverly Crusher                              Hero
  7   Counselor Deanna Troi                            Hero
  8   Wesley Crusher                                   Hero
  9   Guinan                                           Hero
 10   Katherine Pulaski                                Hero
 11   Lt. Tasha Yar                                    Hero
 12   Doctor Selar                                     Hero
 13   Lt. Reginald Barclay                             Hero
 14   Robin Lefler                                     Hero
 15   Leah Brahms                                      Hero
 16   K'Ehleyr                                         Hero
 17   Miles O'Brien                                    Hero
 18   Kieko Ishikawa                                   Hero
 19   Alexander Rozhenko                               Hero
 20   Chief Engineer Argyle                            Hero
 21   Nurse Alyssa Ogawa                               Hero
 22   Kyle Riker                                       Hero
 23   Thomas Riker                                     Hero
 24   Ambassador Sarek                                 Hero
 25   Surna Kolrami                                    Hero
 26   Ro Laren                                         Hero
 27   Gowron                                           Hero
 28   Lwaxana Troi                                     Hero
 29   The Traveler                                     Hero
 30   Admiral Mark Jameson                             Villain
 31   Kosinski                                         Villain
 32   Mediator Riva                                    Hero
 33   Thadiun Okona                                    Hero
 34   Salia, the Dauphin                               Hero
 35   Ves Alkar                                        Villain
 36   Sarjenka                                         Hero
 37   Lt. Richard Castillo                             Hero
 38   Captain Rachel Garrett                           Hero
 39   Vash                                             Hero
 40   Tam Elbrun                                       Hero
 41   Dathon                                           Hero
 42   Ira Graves                                       Villain
 43   Ambassador Spock                                 Hero
 44   Admiral McCoy                                    Hero
 45   Montgomery Scott                                 Hero
 46   Dr. Noonian Soong                                Hero
 47   Dr. Paul Stubbs                                  Hero
 48   Captain Jellico                                  Hero
 49   Commander Bruce Maddox                           Hero
 50   Lal                                              Hero
 51   Nikolai Rozhenko                                 Hero
 52   Sito Jaxa                                        Hero
 53   Amanda Rogers                                    Hero
 54   Etana Jol                                        Hero
 55   Q                                                Villain
 56   Lore                                             Villain
 57   Duras                                            Villain
 58   Lursa                                            Villain
 59   B'Etor                                           Villain
 60   Ardra                                            Villain
 61   DaiMon Bok                                       Villain
 62   Kevin Uxbridge                                   Villain
 63   Locutus of Borg                                  Villain
 64   Sela                                             Villain
 65   Commander Tomalak                                Villain
 66   Cyrus Redblock                                   Villain
 67   Captain Korris                                   Villain
 68   Armus                                            Villain
 69   Voval                                            Villain
 70   Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok                     Villain
 71   Kivas Fajo                                       Villain
 72   Commander Kieran McDuff                          Villain
 73   Gul Madred                                       Villain
 74   Arctus Baran                                     Villain
 75   Hugh                                             Hero
 76   Roga Danar                                       Hero
 77   Crystalline Entity                               Villain
 78   DaiMon Tog                                       Villain
 79   Crosis                                           Villain
 80   Toral                                            Villain
 81   Kahless                                          Hero
 82   Ronin                                            Villain
 83   Commander Dexter Remmick                         Villain
 84   Captain Benjamin Maxwell                         Villain
 85   Subcommander Selok                               Villain
 86   Boothby                                          Hero
 87   Professor Moriarty                               Villain
 88   Berlinghoff Rasmussen                            Villain
 89   Admiral Alynna Nechayev                          Hero
 90   Yuta                                             Villain
 91   Antedean Dignitary                               Villain
 92   Dr. Timicin                                      Hero
 93   Pakled Captain                                   Villain
 94   Jev (Ullian)                                     Villain
 95   Tallera                                          Villain
 96   Senator Pardek                                   Villain
 97   The Bynars                                       Villain
 98   Devinoni Ral                                     Villain
 99   Radue (Aldean)                                   Villain
100   The Galaxy Class U.S.S. Enterprise               Hero


TNG Romance (1:12 packs)

L1    Data & Tasha Yar                                 The Naked Now
L2    Troi & Wyatt Miller                              Haven
L3    Riker & Beata                                    Angel One
L4    Picard & Jenice Manheim                          We'll Always Have Paris
L5    Wesley & Salia                                   The Dauphin
L6    Worf & K'Ehleyr                                  The Emissary
L7    Troi & Devinoni Ral                              The Price
L8    Picard & Vash                                    Captain's Holiday
L9    Riker & Troi
L10   La Forge & Kristy Henshaw                        Transfigurations
L11   O'Brien & Keiko                                  Data's Day
L12   Lwaxana Troi & Timicin                           Half a Life
L13   Wesley & Robin Lefler                            The Game
L14   Riker & Ro Laren                                 Conundrum
L15   Picard & Kamala                                  The Perfect Mate
L16   Picard & Nella Daren                             Lessons
L17   Tasha Yar & Lt. Castillo                         Yesterday's Enterprise
L18   Troi & Worf

TNG Remastered (1:12 packs)

R01   (Enterprise front bottom left)
R02   (Enterprise front bottom middle)
R03   (Enterprise front bottom right)
R04   (Enterprise front center left)
R05   (Enterprise front center)
R06   (Enterprise front center right)
R07   (Enterprise front top left)
R08   (Enterprise front top middle)
R09   (Enterprise front top right)
R10   (Enterprise back bottom left)
R11   (Enterprise back bottom middle)
R12   (Enterprise back bottom right)
R13   (Enterprise back center left)
R14   (Enterprise back center)
R15   (Enterprise back center right)
R16   (Enterprise back top left)
R17   (Enterprise back top middle)
R18   (Enterprise back top right)

Undercover Heroes (1:24 packs)

H1    Captain Picard/Romulan                           Unification: Parts I and II
H2    Counselor Troi/Romulan                           Face of the Enemy
H3    Commander Riker/Malcorian                        First Contact
H4    Dr. Crusher/Barkonian                            Thine Own Self
H5    Lt. Commander Data/Romulan                       Unification: Parts I and II
H6    Lt. Worf/Boraalan                                Homeward
H7    Commander Riker/Barkonian                        Thine Own Self
H8    Commander Riker/Bajoran                          Preemptive Strike
H9    Counselor Troi/Mintakan                          Who Watches the Watchers

25th Anniversary Posters (1:48 packs)

PC1   Engage [Picard]
PC2   Resolve [La Forge]
PC3   Honor [Worf]
PC4   Inquire [Data]
PC5   Boldly [Enterprise]

Relic Cards (1:96 packs; # to 275)

C10   Dr. Noonien Soong [costume]
C11   Klingon Costume
C12   Eli Hollander Wanted Posters
C13   Q [costume]
C14   Chorgan [costume]
C15   Romulan [male costume]
C16   Romulan [female costume]
C17   Nausicaan [costume]

Autograph Cards (1:6 packs)

   Extremely Limited

--    LeVar Burton as Lt. Comm. Geordi La Forge
--    Robin Curtis as Tallera                          Gambit, Parts I and II
--    Olivia d'Abo as Amanda Rogers                    True Q
--    Michael Dorn as Lt. Worf
--    Michelle Forbes as Ensign Ro Laren               Ensign Ro
--    Michelle Forbes as Dara                          Half a Life
--    Robin Gammell as Ambassador Mauric               Attached
--    Jerry Hardin as Samuel Clemens                   Time's Arrow
--    James Horan as Jo'Bril                           Suspicions
--    James Horan as Lt. Barnaby                       Descent, Part II
--    Scott MacDonald as Subcommander N'Vek            Face of the Enemy
--    Gates McFadden as Dr. Beverly Crusher
--    Robert Duncan McNeill as Cadet Nicholas Locarno  The First Duty
--    Tricia O'Neil as Captain Rachel Garrett          Yesterday's Enterprise
--    Tricia O'Neil as Kurak                           Suspicions
--    Terry O'Quinn as Admiral Erik Pressman           The Pegasus
--    Tim Russ as Devor                                Starship Mine
--    Armin Shimerman as Quark                         Firstborn
--    Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard

   Very Limited

--    Tim DeZarn as Satler                             Starship Mine
--    Harry Groener as Tam Elbrun                      Tin Man
--    Penny Johnson Jerald as Dobara                   Homeward
--    Brian Markinson as Vorin                         Homeward
--    Bebe Neuwirth as Nurse Lanel                     First Contact
--    Eric Pierpoint as Voval                          Liaisons
--    Cristine Rose as Gi'ral                          Birthright, Part II
--    Margot Rose as Eline                             The Inner Light
--    Linda Thorson as Gul Ocett                       The Chase


--    Lee Arenberg as Daimon Bok                       Bloodlines
--    Michael Bofshever as Quantum Singularity LifeformTimescape
--    Michael Reilly Burke as Goval                    Descent
--    Michael Corbett as Dr. Rabal                     Force of Nature
--    John DeMita as Romulan                           Timescape
--    Paul Eiding as Ambassador Loquel                 Liaisons
--    Richard Herd as L'Kor                            Birthright, Part II
--    Marie Marshall as Kelsey                         Starship Mine
--    Patrick Massett as Duras
--    Ken Olandt as Jason Vigo                         Bloodlines
--    Maryann Plunkett as Lt. Cmdr. Susanna Leijten    Identity Crisis
--    Mark Rolston as Lt. Walter Pierce                Eye of the Beholder
--    Kathryn Leigh Scott as Nuria                     Who Watches the Watchers
--    Howie Seago as Riva                              Loud as a Whisper
--    Carolyn Seymour as Commander Toreth              Face of the Enemy
--    James Sloyan as K'Mtar                           Firstborn
--    Paul Sorvino as Nikolai Rozhenko                 Homeward
--    Daniel Stewart as Batai                          The Inner Light


--    Shay Astar as Isabella                           Imaginary Friend
--    Amick Byram as Commander Ian Andrew Troi         Dark Page
--    Mickey Cottrell as Chancellor Alrik              The Perfect Mate
--    Ronny Cox as Captain Edward Jellico              Chain of Command
--    Tracey D'Arcy as Young Woman                     Cost of Living
--    Richard Gilbert-Hill as Bosus                    Descent, Part I
--    Tom Jackson as Lakanta                           Journey's End
--    Jill Jacobson as Vanessa                         The Royale
--    Norman Lloyd as Professor Galen                  The Chase
--    Christopher McDonald as Lt. Richard Castillo     Yesterday's Enterprise
--    Tim O'Connor as Ambassador Briam                 The Perfect Mate
--    Michelle Scarabelli as Lt. Jenna D'Sora          In Theory
--    Brenda Strong as Rashella                        When Then Bough Breaks
--    Brian Thompson as Second Officer Klag            A Matter of Honor

Case-Topper Cards

CT1   (Heroes montage)
CT2   (Villains montage)

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

--    Denise Crosby as Tasha Yar (autograph) [3 cases; Quotable style]
--    Brent Spiner as Dr. Soong (autograph/Costume) [6 cases; # to 275]
      (Archive Boxes A and B) [18 cases]

Card Album (sold separately; 4 albums/case)

--    (binder)
--    (Picard and Moriarty; exclusive promo card)

Rittenhouse Rewards Undercover Heroes Card (available separately)

H10   Commander Riker [300 points]


P1    (Q and Picard; general distribution)
P2    (Data and Romulan; Non-Sport Update)
P3    (binder exclusive, also listed above)
P4    (Data and Lore; 2013 San Diego Comic Con)


  1   Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  2   Commander William T. Riker
  3   Lt. Commander Data
  4   Lt. Commander Worf
  5   Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge
  6   Dr. Beverly Crusher
  7   Counselor Deanna Troi
  8   Wesley Crusher
  9   Guinan
 10   Katherine Pulaski
 11   Lt. Tasha Yar
 12   Doctor Selar
 13   Lt. Reginald Barclay
 14   Robin Lefler
 15   Leah Brahms
 16   K'Ehleyr
 17   Miles O'Brien
 18   Kieko Ishikawa
 19   Alexander Rozhenko
 20   Chief Engineer Argyle
 21   Nurse Alyssa Ogawa
 22   Kyle Riker
 23   Thomas Riker
 24   Ambassador Sarek
 25   Surna Kolrami
 26   Ro Laren
 27   Gowron
 28   Lwaxana Troi
 29   The Traveler
 30   Admiral Mark Jameson
 31   Kosinski
 32   Mediator Riva
 33   Thadiun Okona
 34   Salia, the Dauphin
 35   Ves Alkar
 36   Sarjenka
 37   Lt. Richard Castillo
 38   Captain Rachel Garrett
 39   Vash
 40   Tam Elbrun
 41   Dathon
 42   Ira Graves
 43   Ambassador Spock
 44   Admiral McCoy
 45   Montgomery Scott
 46   Dr. Noonian Soong
 47   Dr. Paul Stubbs
 48   Captain Jellico
 49   Commander Bruce Maddox
 50   Lal
 51   Nikolai Rozhenko
 52   Sito Jaxa
 53   Amanda Rogers
 54   Etana Jol
 55   Q
 56   Lore
 57   Duras
 58   Lursa
 59   B'Etor
 60   Ardra
 61   DaiMon Bok
 62   Kevin Uxbridge
 63   Locutus of Borg
 64   Sela
 65   Commander Tomalak
 66   Cyrus Redblock
 67   Captain Korris
 68   Armus
 69   Voval
 70   Romulan Admiral Alidar Jarok
 71   Kivas Fajo
 72   Commander Kieran McDuff
 73   Gul Madred
 74   Arctus Baran
 75   Hugh
 76   Roga Danar
 77   Crystalline Entity
 78   DaiMon Tog
 79   Crosis
 80   Toral
 81   Kahless
 82   Ronin
 83   Commander Dexter Remmick
 84   Captain Benjamin Maxwell
 85   Subcommander Selok
 86   Boothby
 87   Professor Moriarty
 88   Berlinghoff Rasmussen
 89   Admiral Alynna Nechayev
 90   Yuta
 91   Antedean Dignitary
 92   Dr. Timicin
 93   Pakled Captain
 94   Jev (Ullian)
 95   Tallera
 96   Senator Pardek
 97   The Bynars
 98   Devinoni Ral
 99   Radue (Aldean)
100   The Galaxy Class U.S.S. Enterprise

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