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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Inaugural Edition
Impel - 1992

Note:  Also distributed as a factory-tin set, limited to 10,000 copies,
including 120-card base set; language set; 5 holograms; numbered cer-
tificate of authenticity; and 1 bonus card.  Thanks to Don Dortmund for
reporting that the H5 hologram was sometimes found inserted in packs, and
wasn't always available only through the mail-in offer; and to Jeff Werner for
promo and album updates!

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards.
Common sets: approx. 2.92 per box if collation were perfect.
Language Card sets: approximately 1.44 per box.

No.    Title                                       Type

  1    Where No One Has Gone Before                Commemorative
  2    Fifth Season Commemorative                  Commemorative
  3    Gene Roddenberry                            Commemorative
  4    Captain Jean-Luc Picard                     Primary Crew
  5    Commander William Riker                     Primary Crew
  6    Lieutenant Commander Data                   Primary Crew
  7    Lieutenant Worf                             Primary Crew
  8    Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge                Primary Crew
  9    Counselor Deanna Troi                       Primary Crew
 10    Chief Medical Officer Dr. Beverly Crusher   Primary Crew
 11    Guinan                                      Primary Crew
 12    Ensign Wesley Crusher                       Primary Crew
 13    Lieutenant Miles O'Brien                    Support Crew
 14    Keiko O'Brien                               Support Crew
 15    Lieutenant Reginald Barclay                 Support Crew
 16    Ensign Ro Laren                             Support Crew
 17    Ambassador Lwaxana Troi                     Support Crew
 18    Lieutenant Tasha Yar                        Support Crew
 19    Sergey and Helena Rozhenko                  Support Crew
 20    Alexander Rozhenko                          Support Crew
 21    K'Ehleyr                                    Support Crew
 22    Dr. Kate Pulaski                            Support Crew
 23    Ambassador Sarek                            Support Crew
 24    Traveler, The                               Support Crew
 25    Lore                                        Support Crew
 26    Q, The                                      Support Crew
 27    Borg, The                                   Support Crew
 28    Sela                                        Support Crew
 29    Livingston                                  Support Crew
 30    Locutus                                     Support Crew
 31    Klingon Bird-of-Prey                        Starships
 32    Klingon K't'inga Class Battle Cruiser       Starships
 33    Klingon Yor'cha Class Attack Cruiser        Starships
 34    Romulan Warbird                             Starships
 35    Romulan Scout Ship                          Starships
 36    Ferengi Marauder                            Starships
 37    Borg Ship                                   Starships
 38    Cardassian Galor Warship                    Starships
 39    Federation Ambassador Class                 Starships
 40    Federation Excelsior Class                  Starships
 41    Federation Miranda Class                    Starships
 42    Federation Constellation Class              Starships
 43    U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D                The U.S.S. Enterprise
 44    Enterprise History                          The U.S.S. Enterprise
 45    Ship Schematic Dorsal Plan View             The U.S.S. Enterprise
 46    Ship Schematic Starboard Elevation          The U.S.S. Enterprise
 47    Galaxy Class Development Project            The U.S.S. Enterprise
 48    Commissioning Plaque                        The U.S.S. Enterprise
 49    Warp Engines                                The U.S.S. Enterprise
 50    Impulse Engines                             The U.S.S. Enterprise
 51    Main Bridge                                 The U.S.S. Enterprise
 52    Battle Bridge                               The U.S.S. Enterprise
 53    Sickbay                                     The U.S.S. Enterprise
 54    Main Engineering                            The U.S.S. Enterprise
 55    Tractor Beams                               The U.S.S. Enterprise
 56    Ship's Phasers                              The U.S.S. Enterprise
 57    Photon Torpedoes                            The U.S.S. Enterprise
 58    Shuttlepods                                 The U.S.S. Enterprise
 59    Transporter                                 The U.S.S. Enterprise
 60    Food Replicators                            The U.S.S. Enterprise
 61    Three-Dimensional Chess                     The U.S.S. Enterprise
 62    Ten-Forward                                 The U.S.S. Enterprise
 63    Holodecks                                   The U.S.S. Enterprise
 64    Ship Access Corridors & Turbolifts          The U.S.S. Enterprise
 65    Communicator                                Equipment & Tools
 66    Phaser (Type I)                             Equipment & Tools
 67    Phaser (Type II)                            Equipment & Tools
 68    Phaser Rifle (Type III)                     Equipment & Tools
 69    Tricorder                                   Equipment & Tools
 70    Medical Tricorder                           Equipment & Tools
 71    Hypospray                                   Equipment & Tools
 72    Personal Access Display Device              Equipment & Tools
 73    Isolinear Optical Chip                      Equipment & Tools
 74    U.S.S. Enterprise  Ship Signage             Regalia & Graphics
 75    Starfleet Uniforms                          Regalia & Graphics
 76    Starfleet Rank Insignia                     Regalia & Graphics
 77    Seal of the United Federation of Planets    Regalia & Graphics
 78    Starfleet Emblem                            Regalia & Graphics
 79    Symbol of the Klingon Empire, The           Regalia & Graphics
 80    Symbol of the Romulan Star Empire           Regalia & Graphics
 81    Symbol of the Ferengi Alliance              Regalia & Graphics
 82    Symbol of the Borg                          Regalia & Graphics
 83    Make-Up                                     Behind the Scenes
 84    Wardrobe                                    Behind the Scenes
 85    Art & Design                                Behind the Scenes
 86    Prosthetics / Creature Shop                 Behind the Scenes
 87    Set Construction                            Behind the Scenes
 88    Special Effects:  Lighting and Props        Behind the Scenes
 89    Special Effects:  Digital Composition       Behind the Scenes
 90    Principal Photography                       Behind the Scenes
 91    Filming & Post-Production                   Behind the Scenes
 92    Inertial Damping System (IDS)               Technical Data
 93    Saucer Module Separation Systems            Technical Data
 94    Emergency Landing of Saucer Module          Technical Data
 95    External & Internal Coordinate Systems      Technical Data
 96    Standard Flight Information Input           Technical Data
 97    Flight Control (CONN)                       Technical Data
 98    Operations Management (OPS)                 Technical Data
 99    Tactical Systems                            Technical Data
100    Main Bridge Aft Stations                    Technical Data
101    Ship's Computer                             Technical Data
102    Warp Propulsion System                      Technical Data
103    Dilithium Crystals                          Technical Data
104    Warp Drive Nacelles                         Technical Data
105    Bussard Ramscoop                            Technical Data
106    Navigational Deflector Systems              Technical Data
107    Transporter Systems Theory & Operation      Technical Data
108    Holodeck Environment Simulation Theory      Technical Data
109    Artificial Gravity Generation               Technical Data
110    Shuttlecraft Classifications                Technical Data
111    Captain's Yacht                             Technical Data
112    Trivia:  Data                               Trivia Card
113    Trivia:  "Q"                                Trivia Card
114    Trivia:  Jean-Luc Picard                    Trivia Card
115    Trivia:  U.S.S. Enterprise                  Trivia Card
116    Trivia:  The Klingons                       Trivia Card
117    Trivia:  Aliens                             Trivia Card
118    Trivia:  Benind-the-Scenes                  Trivia Card
119    Checklist 1                                 Checklist Card
120    Checklist 2                                 Checklist Card


Language Cards (1:5 packs)

1A     Japanese - Kanji
1B     Spanish - Español
1C     German - Deutchen
1D     French - Français
1E     Russian - Cyrillic

Holograms (1:18 packs)

01H    Klingon Bird-of-Prey
02H    Klingon Yor'cha Cruiser
03H    Romulan Warbird
04H    Ferengi Marauder

05H    Galaxy Class Starship (Available only through mail-in offer)

Hologram Error Cards

031    Klingon Bird-of-Prey
033    Klingon Yor'cha Cruiser
034    Romulan Warbird
036    Ferengi Marauder

Card Album (sold separately)

---    (Binder)
---    (9-card plastic pages)

Checklist (8-1/2" x 11", through mail-in offer)

---    (slick paper, sharp colors, 1992 copyright)
---    (blue and black color, 1992 copyright)
---    (blue and black color, no copyright)
---    (1993 copyright)

Bonus Card (in tin set only)

---    Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

---    (pair of sheets covering base set)


---    Continue the Mission ... (unnumbered, slightly oversized)

Set in Cello Pack (3 or 4 cards, with or without title card)

00A    U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D
00B    Lieutenant Commander Data
00C    Dilithium Crystals
---    Coming June 15, 1992 (Unnumbered)

---    Capitalize on the Most Successful Voyage ... (dealer sell sheet)

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