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Star Trek: The Next Generation Album Stickers
    Panini - 1987 (black text)
    Panini - 1992 (red text)
    Panini - 1992 (black text)

Notes:  Many thanks to Joe Burkey for the sticker descriptions and checklist! The
2-1/2" x 1-7/8" sticker fronts are the same in the different issues, but there would
generally have been different backs for different printings. The ones that I have show
red sticker backs, with numbers in rectangles, with a 1992 copyright and a short ad
for the album in six languages; this may have been the design for all non-North Am-
erican 1992 releases.  The series issued in the U.S. by Baio/Panini had black backs,
as did the original 1987 overseas release. Sticker albums may contain inserts or paste-
overs for specific national or regional markets.

Box: 100 packs of 6 stickers.
Common sets: approx. 2.50 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Scene


  1   Captain Jean-Luc Picard
  2   Commander William Riker
  3   Counselor Deanna Troi
  4   Lieutenant Commander Data
  5   Lieutenant Tasha Yar

"Encounter at Farpoint"

  6   U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-D
  7   Picard, Troi and Yar
  8   Q on bridge in ancient clothes, Worf in background
  9   Q, Picard and Worf (left half)
 10   Troi and Yar (right-half)
 11   Frozen crewmember
 12   Crew assisting frozen crewmember
 13   Picard with Q, in 20th Century military uniform
 14   Yar, Worf and Q, in 21st Century military uniform
 15   Worf and Data at helm before viewscreen
 16   Enterprise saucer separating from drive section
 17   Picard, Data, Yar and Troi on trial
 18   21st Century soldier and crowd (left half)
 19   Picard and crowd (right half)
 20   Q entering as judge
 21   Trial scene, crowd (upper left)
 22   Trial scene, Q on floating bench (upper right)
 23   Trial scene, crowd (lower left)
 24   Trial scene, lower portion of Q's bench (lower right)
 25   Data, Picard, Troi and Yar, incapacitating soldier
 26   Picard, Troi and Yar, protesting unfairness of trial
 27   Judge Q looking down on Picard
 28   Picard with trial crowd (left half)
 29   Q with trial crowd (right half)
 30   Saucer-less Enterprise drive section
 31   Outside shot of Farpoint Station
 32   Commander Riker with Zorn, Groppler of Farpoint
 33   Riker meeting Dr. Beverly Crusher and her son Wesley
 34   Riker beaming up to Enterprise
 35   Captain Picard, awaiting Riker's arrival
 36   Picard, Yar and Troi meeting Riker (left half)
 37   Riker reporting to Picard (right half)
 38   Picard looking at image of Q on viewscreen
 39   Dr. Crusher and Wesley arriving on bridge
 40   Dr. Crusher, Picard and Wesley, sitting in Captain's chair
 41   Away team (Riker, Yar, Geordi LaForge and Troi) at Farpoint
 42   Data, Yar, Riker and Troi, sensing pain from planet
 43   Farpoint under attack, Zorn requesting help from Enterprise
 44   Data and Riker observing attack
 45   Zorn dematerializing before Data and Riker
 46   Troi and Picard facing Q (left half)
 47   Judge Q, reminding Picard about his "test" (right half)
 48   Away team (Riker, Data, Yar and Troi) beaming to alien ship
 49   Zorn imprisoned in force field
 50   Away team releasing and questioning Zorn
 51   Troi, Yar and Zorn back on Enterprise (left half)
 52   Data and Riker with Zorn on Enterprise (right half)
 53   Zorn confessing truth about alien creature, in background
 54   Bridge crew, Zorn and Q(Starfleet uniform) facing viewscreen
 55   Huge space aliens reunited
 56   Enterprise with two alien creatures
 57   Q vanishing in a flash before Picard
 58   Captain Picard in Captain's chair

"Code of Honor"

 59   Enterprise orbiting Ligon II
 60   Picard meeting Lutan, King of Ligon II
 61   Picard, Data, Troi and Yar meeting with Lutan
 62   Yar demonstrating martial arts to Lutan and Hagon on holodeck
 63   Lutan, Hagon and Yar disappearing before Picard and Troi
 64   Picard and Dr. Crusher in Captain's Ready Room
 65   Picard on bridge facing Lutan on viewscreen
 66   Picard meeting with Yar on planet (left half)
 67   Troi with Picard, meeting with Yar (right half)
 68   Picard meeting with Lutan, his wife Yareena, Yar and Hagon
 69   Yareena meeting with Yar
 70   Outside shot of palace with dueling arena lights
 71   Yar, prepared for duel, with spectators
 72   Hagon, with arms upraised, signaling for the duel to begin
 73   Yareena, prepared for duel, with lady-in-waiting
 74   Yareena swinging at Yar, who is blocking the swing
 75   Yar, swinging around arena bars, with spectators (left half)
 76   Yareena climbing arena blocks (right half)
 77   Duel scene, Yar's upper body (upper left)
 78   Duel scene, Yareena's head hit by Yar's foot (upper right)
 79   Duel scene, Yar's legs, spectators in background (lower left)
 80   Duel scene, Yareena's legs, spectators in back (lower right)
 81   Yar with spiked glove
 82   Yar horrified, Yareena dying after being struck with poison
 83   Yar kneeling by Yareena, requesting beam-up from Enterprise
 84   Yar on transporter pad with Dr. Crusher, saving Yareena
 85   Picard facing Hagon and Lutan, who is outraged
 86   Lutan confronting Yareena, with Crusher, Yar, Picard & Hagon
 87   Picard with Yareena, putting a necklace around Hagon's neck
 88   Yareena with new husband Hagon, defeated Lutan in background


 89   Silver face in a message box
 90   Troi, Riker and Yar examining face-box on transporter pad
 91   Troi watching her "arranged" in-laws and fiancee Wyatt arrive
 92   Wyatt giving Troi a flower, as his mother watches on
 93   Troi in corridor with her mother and Mr. Homn (left half)
 94   Picard with Lwaxana Troi in corridor (right half)
 95   Lwaxana talking with daughter Deanna in her quarters
 96   Picard and Riker seated on bridge, LaForge at the helm
 97   Valeda Innis, First Electorine of Haven, on the viewscreen
 98   Wyatt showing Deanna the sketches of his "dream" girl
 99   Picard talking with Wyatt's parents, the Millers
100   Mrs. Troi arguing with Mrs. Miller at dinner
101   Dinner scene, Data, LaForge & the mothers' heads (upper left)
102   Dinner scene, Deanna and Picard (upper right)
103   Dinner scene, the mothers and LaForge (lower left)
104   Dinner scene, Picard, Deanna and Wyatt (lower right)
105   Riker on holodeck, Deanna standing in the arch
106   Deanna kissing Wyatt
107   Bridge crew, Dr. Crusher and Wyatt on the bridge
108   Enterprise in orbit, with Tarellian ship in tractor beam
109   Wyatt's blonde "dream" girl on the viewscreen
110   Deanna kissing Wyatt farewell (left half)
111   Wyatt kissing Deanna farewell (right half)
112   Wyatt using hypo-spray on guard
113   Wyatt on transporter pad, with medical supplies
114   Wyatt looking at sketches of himself on Tarellian ship
115   Ariana, the blonde women from Wyatt's dreams
116   Ariana, with fellow Tarellian plague victims
117   Bridge crew, the Millers and Lwaxana Troi with Deanna
118   Wyatt aboard Tarellian ship, on viewscreen (left half)
119   Ariana, holding Wyatt's hands, on viewscreen (right half)
120   Lwaxana Troi kissing Deanna goodbye while Mr. Homn waits

"Where No One Has Gone Before"

121   Riker and Troi watching Kosinski and the Traveler beam aboard
122   Kosinski in the transporter room, Traveler in background
123   Lt. Commander Argyle with Kosinski in Engineering (left half)
124   Riker with Kosinski in Engineering (right half)
125   Traveler "phasing out" at console
126   Traveler with Wesley Crusher (left half)
127   Wesley with Traveler (right half)
128   Enterprise with galaxies in background
129   Wesley with Traveler, warp core in background
130   Wesley seated by Traveler, who is "phasing out"
131   Enterprise in strange dimension, blue with white lights
132   Picard before viewscreen showing strange dimension
133   Picard nearly stepping through doorway into space
134   Yar, on home planet, being hunted by rape gang
135   Another crewmember, playing violin in a quartet
136   Crewmember as ballerina with Picard in background
137   Crewmember trapped behind wall of fire
138   Riker and Picard in corridor
139   Traveler on sickbay bed, Picard and Kosinski (left half)
140   Dr. Crusher treating Traveler (right half)
141   Picard with Traveler, on diagnostic sickbay bed
142   Traveler sitting up, talking to Picard
143   Riker and Picard helping Traveler back to Engineering
144   Kosinski and Riker in Engineering (left half)
145   Wesley, Argyle and Traveler in Engineering (right half)
146   Kosinski, Riker and Traveler, shaking hands with Wesley
147   Kosinski, Riker and Wesley watching Traveler at console
148   Enterprise streaking back to normal space
149   Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher
150   The mysterious Traveler, in shadows

"The Last Outpost"

151   Back shot of bridge crew observing Ferengi ship on viewscreen
152   Enterprise and Ferengi ship held motionless in space
153   Data at Ops, Picard facing Ferengi on viewscreen (left half)
154   Ferengi on viewscreen, snarling at Picard (right half)
155   Data showing Picard, Riker and LaForge a tactical display
156   Riker shouting, on surface of strange planet
157   Ferengi with energy whip, holding hands to ears (left half)
158   Two other Ferengi, one firing his whip (right half)
159   Riker crouching as energy blast strikes Data and LaForge
160   Three Ferengi, lead one firing his energy whip
161   Riker, struck by energy blast, being rendered unconscious
162   Picard and Dr. Crusher checking on crewmembers (left half)
163   Troi helping with crewmembers (right half)
164   Ferengi crouching, while others drag Worf (left half)
165   Two Ferengi, dragging unconscious Worf (right half)
166   Fight scene, Ferengi on Worf's back (upper left)
167   Fight scene, Ferengi struggling with Data (upper right)
168   Fight scene, Riker on ground behind Worf (lower left)
169   Fight scene, LaForge struggling to his feet (lower right)
170   Yar breaking up the fight with her phaser
171   Riker and Yar, with phaser, facing three Ferengi
172   One Ferengi pointing, another trying to fire his whip
173   Away team and Ferengi facing ancient bridge and strange mist
174   Old man, called Portal 63, appearing before Ferengi and Riker
175   Close-up of Portal's face
176   Riker, unwavering, as a weapon is thrust next to his face
177   Riker listening to Portal, Yar in background
178   Riker and Portal facing three cringing Ferengi
179   Riker, Yar and Worf, back on Enterprise bridge (left half)
180   Troi with Picard, who calls Riker "Number One" (right half)


181   Picard, Riker, LaForge, Yar and crew on bridge (left half)
182   Data, Crusher, Wesley, Troi and Worf on bridge (right half)
183   Away team (Riker, Yar, Troi, Worf and Wesley) on surface
184   Liator and Rivan, scantily-clad inhabitants of Haven
185   Troi and Riker watching Worf get kissed by Rivan
186   Yar smiling as Troi is "greeted" by Liator
187   Awkward young Wesley with Rivan
188   Riker, Yar and native of Haven (left half)
189   Wesley, Worf and Rivan (right half)
190   Wesley talking with Haven girl his age
191   Enterprise in orbit with mysterious, semi-transparent ship
192   Picard, LaForge and Data on bridge, gazing at glowing orb
193   Data mesmerized by glowing orb probe from mystery ship
194   Two Haven boys, with girl Wesley met, on surface
195   Wesley, leaping over barrier to catch ball
196   Wesley lying in flowers, inside greenhouse he crashed through
197   Two Mediators informing Wesley, and Haven youths,of his crime
198   Riker preventing Mediator from giving Wesley lethal injection
199   Riker struggling with Mediator (left half)
200   Troi, Worf, Haven girl and Yar, drawing phaser (right half)
201   Riker, Wesley and Yar, pointing phaser at Mediator on ground
202   Picard, LaForge and Dr. Crusher, examining Data and orb
203   Picard, with Away team, confronting Liator and Rivan
204   Picard, Rivan and Troi walking through Enterprise corridor
205   Picard, Troi and Dr. Crusher watching Rivan kneel reverently
206   Riker, Worf and Yar back on planet with Liator and Rivan
207   Liator and Yar behind Wesley (left half)
208   Two Mediators escorting Wesley (right half)
209   Teary-eyed Dr. Crusher reunited with Wesley
210   Picard, Yar, Riker, Worf and the Crushers, waiting for beamup

"Hide and Q"

211   Bright lights flashing on bridge as Q arrives
212   Bridge crew, alarmed and armed, looking off to the left
213   Head-shot of Q
214   Away team (Riker, Data, Yar, Worf and LaForge) on planet
215   Q, as Napoleonic Marshall, sitting next to campaign tent
216   Head-shot of Yar giving Q a piece of her mind
217   Yar, back on Enterprise, explaining Q's "game" to Picard
218   Enemy camp of monstrous, humanoid soldiers
219   Picard talking to Q, lounging in the Captain's Ready Room
220   Riker standing next to Q, who looks like Data
221   Monstrous Napoleonic soldier taking aim with a musket
222   Riker, smiling and sitting against a rock, with Q's power
223   Close-up of Riker, contemplating Q's offer (left half)
224   Q offering to make Riker a member of the Q (right half)
225   Worf struggling with monster soldier
226   Two monster soldiers, one stabbing Worf on ground (top half)
227   Worf lying on ground, being stabbed by soldier (bottom half)
228   Wesley kneeling by Worf, a soldier stabbing him in the back
229   A Q-net, thrown up by Riker, holding back the soldiers
230   Riker and Dr. Crusher assisting victims of an explosion
231   Data with Dr. Crusher, holding a dead child
232   Riker, regretting not using Q's power to save the child
233   Picard, LaForge and Crusher looking at Q, dressed as a monk
234   Q, as monk, tempting Riker to grant his friends' wishes
235   Dr. Crusher with Wesley as a grown man
236   Riker giving a visor-less LaForge his sight
237   A female Klingon crawling towards Worf
238   Picard looking at wailing Q in monk attire
239   Riker sitting on bridge with Picard (left half)
240   Picard sitting in command chair next to Riker (right half)

Sticker Albums (32 pages)

---   Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987)
---   ... Raumschiff Enterprise - Das nächste Jahrhundert (1992)
---   Star Trek: The Next Generation (1992; Baio/Panini)

Other Items

---   (Scratch-off game pieces; Israeli edition, 1992)
      Individual packs were poly-wrapped together with a 3-1/8" x 1-7/8"
      game piece with five scratch-off boxes.  I don't know if I would have won
      because I can't read Hebrew, but the pictures on the sheet included with
      the album show potential prizes including a BMX mountain bike, a mini
      stereo system, soccer ball, hand-held video "Brick Game," and World
      Wrestling Foundation-logo athletic shoes.

---   (Uncut sheet)

©2001, 2003 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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