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Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 1
   Fleer/SkyBox 1997

Notes:  The set is arranged with nine cards per episode, including 3 common cards, 2 
Character Log cards, 2 Behind-the-Scenes cards, 1 Profiles card, and 1 Gold Plaque 
card. This looks really great in nine-card display pages, but many collectors will settle 
for the basic set orthe eight-per-episode near-master-set without the Gold Plaques. The
production run was limited to 16,000 numbered boxes, about 30% less than Seasons 2 
and 3 (plus the set was slightly larger), so you can expect this set to bear a somewhat 
higher value than the second series. Several types of error cards have been reported, 
including ones with baseball cards printed on the backs and cards printed on thicker 
card stock. Many thanks to Jeff Werner for the updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 autograph challenge card.
Common sets: approx. 2.05 per box if collation were perfect.
Character Log sets: approximately 1.24 per box.

No.   Alt.No.  Title                            Stardate/Character

  1   EP 1.1   The Cage                         unknown
  2   EP 1.2   The Cage                         unknown
  3   EP 1.3   The Cage                         unknown
  4   EP 2.1   Where No Man Has Gone Before     1312.4
  5   EP 2.2   Where No Man Has Gone Before     1312.9
  6   EP 2.3   Where No Man Has Gone Before     1313.3
  7   EP 3.1   The Corbomite Maneuver           1512.2
  8   EP 3.2   The Corbomite Maneuver           1514
  9   EP 3.3   The Corbomite Maneuver           1514.1
 10   EP 4.1   Mudd's Women                     1329.1
 11   EP 4.2   Mudd's Women                     1329.6
 12   EP 4.3   Mudd's Women                     1330.1
 13   EP 5.1   The Enemy Within                 1672.1
 14   EP 5.2   The Enemy Within                 1672.9
 15   EP 5.3   The Enemy Within                 1673.5
 16   EP 6.1   The Man Trap                     1513.1
 17   EP 6.2   The Man Trap                     1513.4
 18   EP 6.3   The Man Trap                     1513.8
 19   EP 7.1   The Naked Time                   1704.2
 20   EP 7.2   The Naked Time                   1704.3
 21   EP 7.3   The Naked Time                   1704.4
 22   EP 8.1   Charlie X                        1533.6
 23   EP 8.2   Charlie X                        1533.7
 24   EP 8.3   Charlie X                        1535.8
 25   EP 9.1   Balance of Terror                1709.2
 26   EP 9.2   Balance of Terror                1709.4
 27   EP 9.3   Balance of Terror                1709.6
 28   EP10.1   What Are Little Girls Made Of?   2712.4
 29   EP10.2   What Are Little Girls Made Of?   2712.4
 30   EP10.3   What Are Little Girls Made Of?   2712.4
 31   EP11.1   Dagger of the Mind               2715.1
 32   EP11.2   Dagger of the Mind               2715.2
 33   EP11.3   Dagger of the Mind               2715.2
 34   EP12.1   Miri                             2713.5
 35   EP12.2   Miri                             2713.6
 36   EP12.3   Miri                             2717.3
 37   EP13.1   The Conscience of the King       2817. 6
 38   EP13.2   The Conscience of the King       2818.9
 39   EP13.3   The Conscience of the King       2819.1
 40   EP14.1   The Galileo Seven                2821.5
 41   EP14.2   The Galileo Seven                2822.3
 42   EP14.3   The Galileo Seven                2823.8
 43   EP15.1   Court-Martial                    2947.3
 44   EP15.2   Court-Martial                    2948.9
 45   EP15.3   Court-Martial                    2949.9
 46   EP16.1   The Menagerie                    unknown
 47   EP16.2   The Menagerie                    3012.4
 48   EP16.3   The Menagerie                    3013.2
 49   EP17.1   Shore Leave                      3025.3
 50   EP17.2   Shore Leave                      3025.8
 51   EP17.3   Shore Leave                      3025.8
 52   EP18.1   The Squire of Gothos             2124.5
 53   EP18.2   The Squire of Gothos             2125.7
 54   EP18.3   The Squire of Gothos             2126.3
 55   EP19.1   Arena                            3045.6
 56   EP19.2   Arena                            3046.2
 57   EP19.3   Arena                            3046.2
 58   EP20.1   The Alternative Factor           3087.6
 59   EP20.2   The Alternative Factor           3088.3
 60   EP20.3   The Alternative Factor           3088.7
 61   EP21.1   Tomorrow Is Yesterday            3113.2
 62   EP21.2   Tomorrow Is Yesterday            3113.7
 63   EP21.3   Tomorrow Is Yesterday            3113.9
 64   EP22.1   The Return of the Archons        3156.2
 65   EP22.2   The Return of the Archons        3157.4
 66   EP22.3   The Return of the Archons        3158.7
 67   EP23.1   A Taste of Armageddon            3192.5
 68   EP23.2   A Taste of Armageddon            3193
 69   EP23.3   A Taste of Armageddon            3193
 70   EP24.1   Space Seed                       3141.9
 71   EP24.2   Space Seed                       3142.8
 72   EP24.3   Space Seed                       3143.3
 73   EP25.1   This Side of Paradise            3417.3
 74   EP25.2   This Side of Paradise            3417.5
 75   EP25.3   This Side of Paradise            3417.7
 76   EP26.1   The Devil in the Dark            3196.1
 77   EP26.2   The Devil in the Dark            3196.1
 78   EP26.3   The Devil in the Dark            3196.1
 79   EP27.1   Errand of Mercy                  3198.4
 80   EP27.2   Errand of Mercy                  3198.4
 81   EP27.3   Errand of Mercy                  3198.4
 82   EP28.1   The City on the Edge of Forever  3134
 83   EP28.2   The City on the Edge of Forever  3134
 84   EP28.3   The City on the Edge of Forever  3134
 85   EP29.1   Operation: Annihilate!           3287.2
 86   EP29.2   Operation: Annihilate!           3288.6
 87   EP29.3   Operation: Annihilate!           3289.8
 88            Checklist 1
 89            Checklist 2
 90            Checklist 3


Character Log Cards (2:pack)

C1    EP 1.4   The Cage                         Captain Pike
C2    EP 1.5   The Cage                         Mr. Spock
C3    EP 2.4   Where No Man Has Gone Before     Captain Kirk
C4    EP 2.5   Where No Man Has Gone Before     Mr. Spock
C5    EP 3.4   The Corbomite Maneuver           Captain Kirk
C6    EP 3.5   The Corbomite Maneuver           Mr. Spock
C7    EP 4.4   Mudd's Women                     Captain Kirk
C8    EP 4.5   Mudd's Women                     Dr. McCoy
C9    EP 5.4   The Enemy Within                 Captain Kirk
C10   EP 5.5   The Enemy Within                 Mr. Spock
C11   EP 6.4   The Man Trap                     Captain Kirk
C12   EP 6.5   The Man Trap                     Dr. McCoy
C13   EP 7.4   The Naked Time                   Captain Kirk
C14   EP 7.5   The Naked Time                   Mr. Spock
C15   EP 8.4   Charlie X                        Captain Kirk
C16   EP 8.5   Charlie X                        Mr. Spock
C17   EP 9.4   Balance of Terror                Captain Kirk
C18   EP 9.5   Balance of Terror                Mr. Spock
C19   EP10.4   What are Little Girls Made Of?   Captain Kirk
C20   EP10.5   What are Little Girls Made Of?   Mr. Spock
C21   EP11.4   Dagger of the Mind               Captain Kirk
C22   EP11.5   Dagger of the Mind               Mr. Spock
C23   EP12.4   Miri                             Captain Kirk
C24   EP12.5   Miri                             Dr. McCoy
C25   EP13.4   The Conscience of the King       Captain Kirk
C26   EP13.5   The Conscience of the King       Dr. McCoy
C27   EP14.4   The Galileo Seven                Captain Kirk
C28   EP14.5   The Galileo Seven                Mr. Spock
C29   EP15.4   Court-Martial                    Captain Kirk
C30   EP15.5   Court-Martial                    Mr. Spock
C31   EP16.4   The Menagerie                    Captain Kirk
C32   EP16.5   The Menagerie                    Mr. Spock
C33   EP17.4   Shore Leave                      Captain Kirk
C34   EP17.5   Shore Leave                      Dr. McCoy
C35   EP18.4   The Squire of Gothos             Captain Kirk
C36   EP18.5   The Squire of Gothos             Mr. Spock
C37   EP19.4   Arena                            Captain Kirk
C38   EP19.5   Arena                            Mr. Spock
C39   EP20.4   The Alternative Factor           Captain Kirk
C40   EP20.5   The Alternative Factor           Mr. Spock
C41   EP21.4   Tomorrow is Yesterday            Captain Kirk
C42   EP21.5   Tomorrow is Yesterday            Mr. Spock
C43   EP22.4   The Return of the Archons        Captain Kirk
C44   EP22.5   The Return of the Archons        Mr. Spock
C45   EP23.4   A Taste of Armageddon            Captain Kirk
C46   EP23.5   A Taste of Armageddon            Mr. Spock
C47   EP24.4   Space Seed                       Captain Kirk
C48   EP24.5   Space Seed                       Mr. Spock
C49   EP25.4   This Side of Paradise            Captain Kirk
C50   EP25.5   This Side of Paradise            Mr. Spock
C51   EP26.4   The Devil in the Dark            Captain Kirk
C52   EP26.5   The Devil in the Dark            Mr. Spock
C53   EP27.4   Errand of Mercy                  Captain Kirk
C54   EP27.5   Errand of Mercy                  Mr. Spock
C55   EP28.4   The City on the Edge of Forever  Captain Kirk
C56   EP28.5   The City on the Edge of Forever  Mr. Spock
C57   EP29.4   Operation: Annihilate!           Captain Kirk
C58   EP29.5   Operation: Annihilate!           Mr. Spock

Behind the Scenes Cards (1:2 packs)

B1    EP 1.7   The Cage                         Robert Justman
B2    EP 1.8   The Cage                         D. C. Fontana
B3    EP 2.7   Where No Man Has Gone Before     Robert Justman
B4    EP 2.8   Where No Man Has Gone Before     D. C. Fontana
B5    EP 3.7   The Corbomite Maneuver           Robert Justman
B6    EP 3.8   The Corbomite Maneuver           D. C. Fontana
B7    EP 4.7   Mudd's Women                     Robert Justman
B8    EP 4.8   Mudd's Women                     D. C. Fontana
B9    EP 5.7   The Enemy Within                 Robert Justman
B10   EP 5.8   The Enemy Within                 D. C. Fontana
B11   EP 6.7   The Man Trap                     Robert Justman
B12   EP 6.8   The Man Trap                     D. C. Fontana
B13   EP 7.7   The Naked Time                   Robert Justman
B14   EP 7.8   The Naked Time                   D. C. Fontana
B15   EP 8.7   Charlie X                        Robert Justman
B16   EP 8.8   Charlie X                        D. C. Fontana
B17   EP 9.7   Balance of Terror                Robert Justman
B18   EP 9.8   Balance of Terror                D. C. Fontana
B19   EP10.7   What are Little Girls Made Of?   Robert Justman
B20   EP10.8   What are Little Girls Made Of?   D. C. Fontana
B21   EP11.7   Dagger of the Mind               Robert Justman
B22   EP11.8   Dagger of the Mind               D. C. Fontana
B23   EP12.7   Miri                             Robert Justman
B24   EP12.8   Miri                             D. C. Fontana
B25   EP13.7   The Conscience of the King       Robert Justman
B26   EP13.8   The Conscience of the King       D. C. Fontana
B27   EP14.7   The Galileo Seven                Robert Justman
B28   EP14.8   The Galileo Seven                D. C. Fontana
B29   EP15.7   Court-Martial                    Robert Justman
B30   EP15.8   Court-Martial                    D. C. Fontana
B31   EP16.7   The Menagerie                    Robert Justman
B32   EP16.8   The Menagerie                    D. C. Fontana
B33   EP17.7   Shore Leave                      Robert Justman
B34   EP17.8   Shore Leave                      D. C. Fontana
B35   EP18.7   The Squire of Gothos             Robert Justman
B36   EP18.8   The Squire of Gothos             D. C. Fontana
B37   EP19.7   Arena                            Robert Justman
B38   EP19.8   Arena                            D. C. Fontana
B39   EP20.7   The Alternative Factor           Robert Justman
B40   EP20.8   The Alternative Factor           D. C. Fontana
B41   EP21.7   Tomorrow is Yesterday            Robert Justman
B42   EP21.8   Tomorrow is Yesterday            D. C. Fontana
B43   EP22.7   The Return of the Archons        Robert Justman
B44   EP22.8   The Return of the Archons        D. C. Fontana
B45   EP23.7   A Taste of Armageddon            Robert Justman
B46   EP23.8   A Taste of Armageddon            D. C. Fontana
B47   EP24.7   Space Seed                       Robert Justman
B48   EP24.8   Space Seed                       D. C. Fontana
B49   EP25.7   This Side of Paradise            Robert Justman
B50   EP25.8   This Side of Paradise            D. C. Fontana
B51   EP26.7   The Devil in the Dark            Robert Justman
B52   EP26.8   The Devil in the Dark            D. C. Fontana
B53   EP27.7   Errand of Mercy                  Robert Justman
B54   EP27.8   Errand of Mercy                  D. C. Fontana
B55   EP28.7   The City on the Edge of Forever  Robert Justman
B56   EP28.8   The City on the Edge of Forever  D. C. Fontana
B57   EP29.7   Operation: Annihilate!           Robert Justman
B58   EP29.8   Operation: Annihilate!           D. C. Fontana

Profile Cards (1:4 packs)

P1    EP 1.6   The Cage                         Vina
P2    EP 2.6   Where No Man Has Gone Before     Dr. Elizabeth Dehner
P3    EP 3.6   The Corbomite Maneuver           Balok
P4    EP 4.6   Mudd's Women                     Eve McHuron
P5    EP 5.6   The Enemy Within                 Captain Kirk
P6    EP 6.6   The Man Trap                     Professor Crater
P7    EP 7.6   The Naked Time                   Spock
P8    EP 8.6   Charlie X                        Yeoman Janice Rand
P9    EP 9.6   Balance of Terror                The Romulan Commander
P10   EP10.6   What Are Little Girls Made Of?   Ruk
P11   EP11.6   Dagger of the Mind               Dr. Helen Noel
P12   EP12.6   Miri                             Miri
P13   EP13.6   The Conscience of the King       Lenore Karidian
P14   EP14.6   The Galileo Seven                Galactic High Commissioner Ferris
P15   EP15.6   Court-Martial                    Areel Shaw
P16   EP16.6   The Menagerie                    Captain Pike
P17   EP17.6   Shore Leave                      Ruth
P18   EP18.6   The Squire of Gothos             Trelane
P19   EP19.6   Arena                            The Gorn Commander
P20   EP20.6   The Alternative Factor           Lazarus
P21   EP21.6   Tomorrow is Yesterday            Captain Christopher
P22   EP22.6   The Return of the Archons        Marplon
P23   EP23.6   A Taste of Armageddon            Mea 3
P24   EP24.6   Space Seed                       Khan
P25   EP25.6   This Side of Paradise            Leila Kalomi
P26   EP26.6   The Devil in the Dark            The Horta
P27   EP27.6   Errand of Mercy                  Kor
P28   EP28.6   The City on the Edge of Forever  Edith Keeler
P29   EP29.6   Operation: Annihilate!           Dr. McCoy

Gold Plaque Cards (1:12 packs)

G1    EP 1.9   The Cage
G2    EP 2.9   Where No Man Has Gone Before
G3    EP 3.9   The Corbomite Maneuver
G4    EP 4.9   Mudd's Women
G5    EP 5.9   The Enemy Within
G6    EP 6.9   The Man Trap
G7    EP 7.9   The Naked Time
G8    EP 8.9   Charlie X
G9    EP 9.9   Balance of Terror
G10   EP10.9   What are Little Girls Made Of?
G11   EP11.9   Dagger of the Mind
G12   EP12.9   Miri
G13   EP13.9   The Conscience of the King
G14   EP14.9   The Galileo Seven
G15   EP15.9   Court-Martial
G16   EP16.9   The Menagerie
G17   EP17.9   Shore Leave
G18   EP18.9   The Squire of Gothos
G19   EP19.9   Arena
G20   EP20.9   The Alternative Factor
G21   EP21.9   Tomorrow is Yesterday
G22   EP22.9   The Return of the Archons
G23   EP23.9   A Taste of Armageddon
G24   EP24.9   Space Seed
G25   EP25.9   This Side of Paradise
G26   EP26.9   The Devil in the Dark
G27   EP27.9   Errand of Mercy
G28   EP28.9   The City on the Edge of Forever
G29   EP29.9   Operation: Annihilate!

Autograph Challenge Cards (1:pack)

   Skybox produced and distributed additional "voided" versions of 
   the winning "I" card and provided them free-of-charge to collectors 
   wishing to complete a "set" of the autograph challenge.

      S        (Spock)
      T        (Talosians)
      A        (Andrea)
      R        (Rok)
      E        (Enterprise)
      K        (Kirk)
      U        (Uhura)
      O        (Organians)
      G        (Gorn)
      P        (Pike)
      H        (Horta)
      I        (Insignia)  [rare, 1:11,500 packs; 50 total]

      I        (Insignia; "Void")

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs; approx. 800 signed except as noted)

     A1        William Shatner [approx. 400]    Captain Kirk
     A2        James Doohan                     Scott
     A3        Nichelle Nichols                 Uhura
     A4        George Takei                     Sulu
     A5        Grace Lee Whitney                Yeoman Rand
     A6        Robert Justman                   Associate Producer
     A7        Barbara Anderson                 Lenore Karidian
     A8        Anthony Call                     Lt. Dave Bailey
     A9        Robert Brown                     Lazarus
     A10       Paul Carr                        Lt. Lee Kelso
     A11       Kim Darby                        Miri
     A12       Gene Dynarski                    Ben Childress
     A13       Clint Howard                     Balok
     A14       Bruce Hyde                       Lt. Kevin Riley
     A15       William Campbell                 Trelane
     A16       Gary Lockwood                    Gary Mitchell
     A17       Ricardo Montalban                Khan
     A18       Steward Moss                     Joe Tormolen
     A19       Madlyn Rhue                      Marla McGivers
     A20       Malachi Throne                   Commander Mendez
     A21       Morgan Woodward                  Dr. Simon Van Gelder
     A22       Meg Wyllie                       The Keeper
     A23       Joan Collins [approx. 400]       Edith Keeler
     A24       Michael J. Pollard               Jahn
     A25       Majel Barrett [approx. 400]      Number One
     A26       Sherry Jackson                   Andrea

Card Album

 --            (Binder)

Uncut Sheet


---            (unnumbered, release 10/97)
---            (unnumbered, release 12/97)
---            (unnumbered)

---            (dealer sell sheet, release 10/97)
---            (dealer sell sheet, release 12/97)

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