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Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 2
   Fleer/SkyBox - 1998

Notes:  The set is arranged with nine cards per episode, including 3 common cards, 2 
Character Log cards, 2 Behind-the-Scenes cards, 1 Profiles card, and 1 Gold Plaque 
card. This looks really great in nine-card display pages, but many collectors will settle 
for the basic set or the eight-per-episode near-master-set without the Gold Plaques. 
The production run was limited to 22,000 numbered boxes. Many thanks to Jeff Werner, 
Philip Brazina, Ray Tucker, and Benjamin Pasana for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 autograph challenge card.
Common sets: approx. 2.28 per box if collation were perfect.
Character Log sets: approximately 1.38 per box.

No.   Alt.No.  Title                        Stardate/Character

 91   EP30.1   Catspaw                      3018.2
 92   EP30.2   Catspaw                      unknown
 93   EP30.3   Catspaw                      unknown
 94   EP31.1   Metamorphosis                3219.4
 95   EP31.2   Metamorphosis                3219.8
 96   EP31.3   Metamorphosis                3220.3
 97   EP32.1   Friday's Child               3497.2
 98   EP32.2   Friday's Child               3498.9
 99   EP32.3   Friday's Child               3499.1
100   EP33.1   Who Mourns for Adonais?      3468.1
101   EP33.2   Who Mourns for Adonais?      unknown
102   EP33.3   Who Mourns for Adonais?      unknown
103   EP34.1   Amok Time                    3372.7
104   EP34.2   Amok Time                    unknown
105   EP34.3   Amok Time                    unknown
106   EP35.1   The Doomsday Machine         unknown
107   EP35.2   The Doomsday Machine         unknown
108   EP35.3   The Doomsday Machine         unknown
109   EP36.1   Wolf in the Fold             3614.9
110   EP36.2   Wolf in the Fold             3615.4
111   EP36.3   Wolf in the Fold             3615.4
112   EP37.1   The Changeling               3541.9
113   EP37.2   The Changeling               3541.9
114   EP37.3   The Changeling               3541.9
115   EP38.1   The Apple                    3715.3
116   EP38.2   The Apple                    3715.6
117   EP38.3   The Apple                    3715.6
118   EP39.1   Mirror, Mirror               unknown
119   EP39.2   Mirror, Mirror               unknown
120   EP39.3   Mirror, Mirror               unknown
121   EP40.1   The Deadly Years             3478.2
122   EP40.2   The Deadly Years             3579.4
123   EP40.3   The Deadly Years             3579.4
124   EP41.1   I, Mudd                      4513.3
125   EP41.2   I, Mudd                      4513.3
126   EP41.3   I, Mudd                      4513.3
127   EP42.1   The Trouble with Tribbles    4523.3
128   EP42.2   The Trouble with Tribbles    4524.2
129   EP42.3   The Trouble with Tribbles    4525.6
130   EP43.1   Bread and Circuses           4040.9
131   EP43.2   Bread and Circuses           4041.2
132   EP43.3   Bread and Circuses           4041.7
133   EP44.1   Journey to Babel             3842.3
134   EP44.2   Journey to Babel             3843.4
135   EP44.3   Journey to Babel             3843.4
136   EP45.1   A Private Little War         4211.4
137   EP45.2   A Private Little War         4211.8
138   EP45.3   A Private Little War         4211.8
139   EP46.1   The Gamesters of Triskelion  3211.7
140   EP46.2   The Gamesters of Triskelion  3211.8
141   EP46.3   The Gamesters of Triskelion  3259.2
142   EP47.1   Obsession                    3619.2
143   EP47.2   Obsession                    3620.7
144   EP47.3   Obsession                    3620.7
145   EP48.1   The Immunity Syndrome        4307.1
146   EP48.2   The Immunity Syndrome        4308.8
147   EP48.3   The Immunity Syndrome        4309.2
148   EP49.1   A Piece of the Action        unknown
149   EP49.2   A Piece of the Action        unknown
150   EP49.3   A Piece of the Action        unknown
151   EP50.1   By Any Other Name            4657.5
152   EP50.2   By Any Other Name            4657.5
153   EP50.3   By Any Other Name            4658.9
154   EP51.1   Return to Tomorrow           4768.3
155   EP51.2   Return to Tomorrow           4768.3
156   EP51.3   Return to Tomorrow           4768.3
157   EP52.1   Patterns of Force            2534
158   EP52.2   Patterns of Force            2534
159   EP52.3   Patterns of Force            2534
160   EP53.1   The Ultimate Computer        4729.4
161   EP53.2   The Ultimate Computer        4731.3
162   EP53.3   The Ultimate Computer        4731.3
163   EP54.1   The Omega Glory              unknown
164   EP54.2   The Omega Glory              unknown
165   EP54.3   The Omega Glory              unknown
166   EP55.1   Assignment: Earth            unknown
167   EP55.2   Assignment: Earth            unknown
168   EP55.3   Assignment: Earth            unknown
169            Checklist 1
170            Checklist 2
171            Checklist 3


Character Log Cards (2:pack)

C59   EP30.4   Catspaw                      Captain Kirk
C60   EP30.5   Catspaw                      Mr. Spock
C61   EP31.4   Metamorphosis                Captain Kirk
C62   EP31.5   Metamorphosis                Mr. Spock
C63   EP32.4   Friday's Child               Captain Kirk
C64   EP32.5   Friday's Child               Mr. Spock
C65   EP33.4   Who Mourns for Adonais?      Captain Kirk
C66   EP33.5   Who Mourns for Adonais?      Dr. McCoy
C67   EP34.4   Amok Time                    Captain Kirk
C68   EP34.5   Amok Time                    Mr. Spock
C69   EP35.4   The Doomsday Machine         Captain Kirk
C70   EP35.5   The Doomsday Machine         Mr. Spock
C71   EP36.4   Wolf in the Fold             Captain Kirk
C72   EP36.5   Wolf in the Fold             Mr. Spock
C73   EP37.4   The Changeling               Captain Kirk
C74   EP37.5   The Changeling               Mr. Spock
C75   EP38.4   The Apple                    Captain Kirk
C76   EP38.5   The Apple                    Mr. Spock
C77   EP39.4   Mirror, Mirror               Captain Kirk
C78   EP39.5   Mirror, Mirror               Dr. McCoy
C79   EP40.4   The Deadly Years             Captain Kirk
C80   EP40.5   The Deadly Years             Dr. McCoy
C81   EP41.4   I, Mudd                      Captain Kirk
C82   EP41.5   I, Mudd                      Mr. Spock
C83   EP42.4   The Trouble with Tribbles    Captain Kirk
C84   EP42.5   The Trouble with Tribbles    Dr. McCoy
C85   EP43.4   Bread and Circuses           Captain Kirk
C86   EP43.5   Bread and Circuses           Dr. McCoy
C87   EP44.4   Journey to Babel             Captain Kirk
C88   EP44.5   Journey to Babel             Dr. McCoy
C89   EP45.4   A Private Little War         Captain Kirk
C90   EP45.5   A Private Little War         Dr. McCoy
C91   EP46.4   The Gamesters of Triskelion  Captain Kirk
C92   EP46.5   The Gamesters of Triskelion  Mr. Spock
C93   EP47.4   Obsession                    Captain Kirk
C94   EP47.5   Obsession                    Mr. Spock
C95   EP48.4   The Immunity Syndrome        Captain Kirk
C96   EP48.5   The Immunity Syndrome        Dr. McCoy
C97   EP49.4   A Piece of the Action        Captain Kirk
C98   EP49.5   A Piece of the Action        Mr. Spock
C99   EP50.4   By Any Other Name            Captain Kirk
C100  EP50.5   By Any Other Name            Dr. McCoy
C101  EP51.4   Return to Tomorrow           Captain Kirk
C102  EP51.5   Return to Tomorrow           Dr. McCoy
C103  EP52.4   Patterns of Force            Captain Kirk
C104  EP52.5   Patterns of Force            Mr. Spock
C105  EP53.4   The Ultimate Computer        Captain Kirk
C106  EP53.5   The Ultimate Computer        Mr. Spock
C107  EP54.4   The Omega Glory              Captain Kirk
C108  EP54.5   The Omega Glory              Mr. Spock
C109  EP55.4   Assignment: Earth            Captain Kirk
C110  EP55.5   Assignment: Earth            Mr. Spock

Behind the Scenes Cards (1:2 packs)

B59   EP30.6   Catspaw                      Bob Justman
B60   EP30.7   Catspaw                      D.C. Fontana
B61   EP31.6   Metamorphosis                Bob Justman
B62   EP31.7   Metamorphosis                D.C. Fontana
B63   EP32.6   Friday's Child               Bob Justman
B64   EP32.7   Friday's Child               D.C. Fontana
B65   EP33.6   Who Mourns for Adonais?      Bob Justman
B66   EP33.7   Who Mourns for Adonais?      D.C. Fontana
B67   EP34.6   Amok Time                    Bob Justman
B68   EP34.7   Amok Time                    D.C. Fontana
B69   EP35.6   The Doomsday Machine         Bob Justman
B70   EP35.7   The Doomsday Machine         D.C. Fontana
B71   EP36.6   Wolf in the Fold             Bob Justman
B72   EP36.7   Wolf in the Fold             D.C. Fontana
B73   EP37.6   The Changeling               Bob Justman
B74   EP37.7   The Changeling               D.C. Fontana
B75   EP38.6   The Apple                    Bob Justman
B76   EP38.7   The Apple                    D.C. Fontana
B77   EP39.6   Mirror, Mirror               Bob Justman
B78   EP39.7   Mirror, Mirror               D.C. Fontana
B79   EP40.6   The Deadly Years             Bob Justman
B80   EP40.7   The Deadly Years             D.C. Fontana
B81   EP41.6   I, Mudd                      Bob Justman
B82   EP41.7   I, Mudd                      D.C. Fontana
B83   EP42.6   The Trouble with Tribbles    Bob Justman
B84   EP42.7   The Trouble with Tribbles    D.C. Fontana
B85   EP43.6   Bread and Circuses           Bob Justman
B86   EP43.7   Bread and Circuses           D.C. Fontana
B87   EP44.6   Journey to Babel             Bob Justman
B88   EP44.7   Journey to Babel             D.C. Fontana
B89   EP45.6   A Private Little War         Bob Justman
B90   EP45.7   A Private Little War         D.C. Fontana
B91   EP46.6   The Gamesters of Triskelion  Bob Justman
B92   EP46.7   The Gamesters of Triskelion  D.C. Fontana
B93   EP47.6   Obsession                    Bob Justman
B94   EP47.7   Obsession                    D.C. Fontana
B95   EP48.6   The Immunity Syndrome        Bob Justman
B96   EP48.7   The Immunity Syndrome        D.C. Fontana
B97   EP49.6   A Piece of the Action        Bob Justman
B98   EP49.7   A Piece of the Action        D.C. Fontana
B99   EP50.6   By Any Other Name            Bob Justman
B100  EP50.7   By Any Other Name            D.C. Fontana
B101  EP51.6   Return to Tomorrow           Bob Justman
B102  EP51.7   Return to Tomorrow           D.C. Fontana
B103  EP52.6   Patterns of Force            Bob Justman
B104  EP52.7   Patterns of Force            D.C. Fontana
B105  EP53.6   The Ultimate Computer        Bob Justman
B106  EP53.7   The Ultimate Computer        D.C. Fontana
B107  EP54.6   The Omega Glory              Bob Justman
B108  EP54.7   The Omega Glory              D.C. Fontana
B109  EP55.6   Assignment: Earth            Bob Justman
B110  EP55.7   Assignment: Earth            D.C. Fontana

Profile Cards (1:4 packs)

P30   EP30.8   Catspaw                      Sylvia
P31   EP31.8   Metamorphosis                Zefram Cochrane
P32   EP32.8   Friday's Child               Eleen
P33   EP33.8   Who Mourns for Adonais?      Apollo
P34   EP34.8   Amok Time                    T'Pau
P35   EP35.8   The Doomsday Machine         Commodore Decker
P36   EP36.8   Wolf in the Fold             Scotty
P37   EP37.8   The Changeling               Nomad
P38   EP38.8   The Apple                    Akuta
P39   EP39.8   Mirror, Mirror               Marlena Moreau
P40   EP40.8   The Deadly Years             Commander Stocker
 41   EP41.8   I, Mudd                      Harry Mudd
P42   EP42.8   The Trouble with Tribbles    Cyrano Jones
P43   EP43.8   Bread and Circuses           Merikus
P44   EP44.8   Journey to Babel             Sarek
P45   EP45.8   A Private Little War         Nona
P46   EP46.8   The Gamesters of Triskelion  Shahna
P47   EP47.8   Obsession                    Garrovick
P48   EP48.8   The Immunity Syndrome        Dr. McCoy
P49   EP49.8   A Piece of the Action        Bela Oxymyx
P50   EP50.8   By Any Other Name            Rojan
P51   EP51.8   Return to Tomorrow           Dr. Ann Mulhall
P52   EP52.8   Patterns of Force            John Gill
P53   EP53.8   The Ultimate Computer        Dr. Daystrom
P54   EP54.8   The Omega Glory              Captain Tracey
P55   EP55.8   Assignment: Earth            Gary Seven

Gold Plaque Cards (1:12 packs)

G30   EP30.9   Catspaw
G31   EP31.9   Metamorphosis
G32   EP32.9   Friday's Child
G33   EP33.9   Who Mourns for Adonais?
G34   EP34.9   Amok Time
G35   EP35.9   The Doomsday Machine
G36   EP36.9   Wolf in the Fold
G37   EP37.9   The Changeling
G38   EP38.9   The Apple
G39   EP39.9   Mirror, Mirror
G40   EP40.9   The Deadly Years
G41   EP41.9   I, Mudd
G42   EP42.9   The Trouble with Tribbles
G43   EP43.9   Bread and Circuses
G44   EP44.9   Journey to Babel
G45   EP45.9   A Private Little War
G46   EP46.9   The Gamesters of Triskelion
G47   EP47.9   Obsession
G48   EP48.9   The Immunity Syndrome
G49   EP49.9   A Piece of the Action
G50   EP50.9   By Any Other Name
G51   EP51.9   Return to Tomorrow
G52   EP52.9   Patterns of Force
G53   EP53.9   The Ultimate Computer
G54   EP54.9   The Omega Glory
G55   EP55.9   Assignment: Earth

Mirror, Mirror Cards (1:720 packs, numbered to 200)

     M1        Captain Kirk
     M2        Mr. Spock
     M3        Dr. McCoy
     M4        Scotty
     M5        Sulu
     M6        Uhura
     M7        Chekov

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs; less-common marked with "+")

A27        ++  DeForest Kelley              Dr. McCoy
A28            Walter Koenig                Chekov
A29            Dorothy Fontana              Writer
A30            Majel Barrett                Nurse Chapel
A31        ++  William Shatner              Kirk
A32         +  James Doohan                 Scott [signed in black, blue, green]
A33            George Takei                 Sulu
A34            Nichelle Nichols             Uhura
A35            Antoinette Bower             Sylvia
A36            Tige Andrews                 Kras
A37            Michael Forest               Apollo
A38            Arlene Martel                T'Pring
 +             Tasha Martel                 T'Pring [some signed as Arlene Martel]
A39            William Windom               Decker
A40            John Fiedler                 Hengist
A41            Charles Macaulay             Jaris
A42            Keith Andes                  Akuta
A43            BarBara Luna                 Marlena Moreau
A44            Charlie Brill                Darvin
A45            William Campbell             Captain Koloth
A46            William Schallert            Nilz Barris
A47            William O'Connell            Thelev
A48            John Wheeler                 Gav
A49            Nancy Kovack                 Nona
A50            Joseph Ruskin                Galt
A51            Stephen Brooks               Ensign Garrovick
A52            Anthony Caruso               Bela Oxmyx
A53            Lee Delano                   Kalo
A54            Barbara Bouchet              Kelinda
A55            Warren Stevens               Rojan
A56            William Marshall             Dr. Daystrom [some signed as Dr. Daystrom]
A57            Roy Jenson                   Cloud William
A58         +  Teri Garr                    Roberta Lincoln

Autograph Challenge Game Cards (1:pack)

   Skybox produced and distributed additional "voided" versions of 
   the winning "V" card and provided them free-of-charge to collectors 
   wishing to complete a "set" of the autograph challenge.

   L          (Lars)
   I          (Iotians)
   V          (Spock)  (rare, 1:14,400 packs)
   E          (Enterprise)
   O          (Orion)
   N          (Nona)
   G          (Galt)
   A          (Apollo)
   D          (Doomsday Machine)
   P          (Palamas)
   R          (Rojan)
   S          (Sarek)

   V          (Spock; "Void")

Card Album

 --    (Binder)

Uncut Sheet


---   (Unnumbered)
---   (dealer sell sheet)

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