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Star Trek: The Original Series - Season 3
   Fleer/SkyBox - 1999

Notes:  The set is arranged with nine cards per episode, including 3 common cards, 2 
Character Log cards, 2 Behind-the-Scenes cards, 1 Profiles card, and 1 Gold Plaque 
card. This looks really great in nine-card display pages, but many collectors will settle 
for the basic set or the eight-per-episode near-master-set without the Gold Plaques. 
Card numbers 179, 193, 208, 224, and 237 were extremely short-printed (or short-
distributed), reportedly in practically every box. This shortage makes it difficult to 
complete regular card sets. The production run was limited to 23,000 numbered boxes. 
Many thanks to Jeff Werner, Chere Elliott, Raj Shah, and Benjamin Pasana for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 autograph challenge card.
Common sets: approx. 2.47 per box if collation were perfect (but see
  note about short-prints above).
Character Log sets: approximately 1.50 per box.

  No.  Alt. #   Title                                              Stardate/Character

  172  EP 56:1  Spectre of the Gun                                 4385.3
  173  EP 56:2  Spectre of the Gun                                 4385.4
  174  EP 56:3  Spectre of the Gun                                 4385.6
  175  EP 57:1  Elaan of Troyius                                   4372.5
  176  EP 57:2  Elaan of Troyius                                   4372.6
  177  EP 57:3  Elaan of Troyius                                   4372.7
  178  EP 58:1  The Paradise Syndrome                              4842.6
  179  EP 58:2  The Paradise Syndrome                              4890.0
  180  EP 58:3  The Paradise Syndrome                              4900.1
  181  EP 59:1  The Enterprise Incident                            5027.3
  182  EP 59:2  The Enterprise Incident                            5027.4
  183  EP 59:3  The Enterprise Incident                            5027.5
  184  EP 60:1  And the Children Shall Lead                        5029.5
  185  EP 60:2  And the Children Shall Lead                        5029.6
  186  EP 60:3  And the Children Shall Lead                        5029.7
  187  EP 61:1  Spock's Brain                                      5431.4
  188  EP 61:2  Spock's Brain                                      5431.6
  189  EP 61:3  Spock's Brain                                      5432.3
  190  EP 62:1  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       5630.7
  191  EP 62:2  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       5630.8
  192  EP 62:3  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       5630.9
  193  EP 63:1  The Empath                                         5121.5
  194  EP 63:2  The Empath                                         5121.6
  195  EP 63:3  The Empath                                         5121.7
  196  EP 64:1  The Tholian Web                                    5693.2
  197  EP 64:2  The Tholian Web                                    5693.4
  198  EP 64:3  The Tholian Web                                    5693.5
  199  EP 65:1  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 5476.3
  200  EP 65:2  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 5476.5
  201  EP 65:3  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky 5476.9
  202  EP 66:1  Day of the Dove                                    unknown
  203  EP 66:2  Day of the Dove                                    unknown
  204  EP 66:3  Day of the Dove                                    unknown
  205  EP 67:1  Plato's Stepchildren                               5784.2
  206  EP 67:2  Plato's Stepchildren                               5784.3
  207  EP 67:3  Plato's Stepchildren                               5784.4
  208  EP 68:1  Wink of an Eye                                     5710.5
  209  EP 68:2  Wink of an Eye                                     5710.7
  210  EP 68:3  Wink of an Eye                                     5710.9
  211  EP 69:1  That Which Survives                                unknown
  212  EP 69:2  That Which Survives                                unknown
  213  EP 69:3  That Which Survives                                unknown
  214  EP 70:1  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  5730.2
  215  EP 70:2  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  5730.6
  216  EP 70:3  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  5730.7
  217  EP 71:1  Whom Gods Destroy                                  5718.3
  218  EP 71:2  Whom Gods Destroy                                  5718.4
  219  EP 71:3  Whom Gods Destroy                                  5718.5
  220  EP 72:1  The Mark of Gideon                                 5423.4
  221  EP 72:2  The Mark of Gideon                                 5423.6
  222  EP 72:3  The Mark of Gideon                                 5423.8
  223  EP 73:1  The Lights of Zetar                                5725.3
  224  EP 73:2  The Lights of Zetar                                5725.4
  225  EP 73:3  The Lights of Zetar                                5725.5
  226  EP 74:1  The Cloud Minders                                  5818.4
  227  EP 74:2  The Cloud Minders                                  5819.0
  228  EP 74:3  The Cloud Minders                                  5819.3
  229  EP 75:1  The Way To Eden                                    5832.3
  230  EP 75:2  The Way To Eden                                    5832.5
  231  EP 75:3  The Way To Eden                                    5832.6
  232  EP 76:1  Requiem for Methuselah                             5843.7
  233  EP 76:2  Requiem for Methuselah                             5843.8
  234  EP 76:3  Requiem for Methuselah                             5843.9
  235  EP 77:1  The Savage Curtain                                 5906.4
  236  EP 77:2  The Savage Curtain                                 5906.5
  237  EP 77:3  The Savage Curtain                                 5906.6
  238  EP 78:1  All Our Yesterdays                                 5943.7
  239  EP 78:2  All Our Yesterdays                                 5943.8
  240  EP 78:3  All Our Yesterdays                                 5943.9
  241  EP 79:1  Turnabout Intruder                                 5928.5
  242  EP 79:2  Turnabout Intruder                                 5928.6
  243  EP 79:3  Turnabout Intruder                                 5928.7
  244           Checklist 1
  245           Checklist 2
  246           Checklist 3

Character Log Cards (2:pack)

 C111  EP 56:4  Spectre of the Gun                                 Captain Kirk
 C112  EP 56:5  Spectre of the Gun                                 Mr. Spock
 C113  EP 57:4  Elaan of Troyius                                   Captain Kirk
 C114  EP 57:5  Elaan of Troyius                                   Dr. McCoy
 C115  EP 58:4  The Paradise Syndrome                              Captain Kirk
 C116  EP 58:5  The Paradise Syndrome                              Mr. Spock
 C117  EP 59:4  The Enterprise Incident                            Captain Kirk
 C118  EP 59:5  The Enterprise Incident                            Mr. Spock
 C119  EP 60:4  And the Children Shall Lead                        Captain Kirk
 C120  EP 60:5  And the Children Shall Lead                        Mr. Spock
 C121  EP 61:4  Spock's Brain                                      Captain Kirk
 C122  EP 61:5  Spock's Brain                                      Dr. McCoy
 C123  EP 62:4  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       Captain Kirk
 C124  EP 62:5  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       Mr. Scott
 C125  EP 63:4  The Empath                                         Captain Kirk
 C126  EP 63:5  The Empath                                         Dr. McCoy
 C127  EP 64:4  The Tholian Web                                    Captain Kirk
 C128  EP 64:5  The Tholian Web                                    Dr. McCoy
 C129  EP 65:4  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Captain Kirk
 C130  EP 65:5  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Dr. McCoy
 C131  EP 66:4  Day of the Dove                                    Captain Kirk
 C132  EP 66:5  Day of the Dove                                    Mr. Chekov
 C133  EP 67:4  Plato's Stepchildren                               Captain Kirk
 C134  EP 67:5  Plato's Stepchildren                               Dr. McCoy
 C135  EP 68:4  Wink of an Eye                                     Captain Kirk
 C136  EP 68:5  Wink of an Eye                                     Mr. Spock
 C137  EP 69:4  That Which Survives                                Captain Kirk
 C138  EP 69:5  That Which Survives                                Mr. Spock
 C139  EP 70:4  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  Captain Kirk
 C140  EP 70:5  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  Mr. Spock
 C141  EP 71:4  Whom Gods Destroy                                  Captain Kirk
 C142  EP 71:5  Whom Gods Destroy                                  Mr. Spock
 C143  EP 72:4  The Mark of Gideon                                 Captain Kirk
 C144  EP 72:5  The Mark of Gideon                                 Dr. McCoy
 C145  EP 73:4  The Lights of Zetar                                Captain Kirk
 C146  EP 73:5  The Lights of Zetar                                Mr. Scott
 C147  EP 74:4  The Cloud Minders                                  Captain Kirk
 C148  EP 74:5  The Cloud Minders                                  Mr. Spock
 C149  EP 75:4  The Way To Eden                                    Captain Kirk
 C150  EP 75:5  The Way To Eden                                    Mr. Chekov
 C151  EP 76:4  Requiem for Methuselah                             Captain Kirk
 C152  EP 76:5  Requiem for Methuselah                             Mr. Spock
 C153  EP 77:4  The Savage Curtain                                 Captain Kirk
 C154  EP 77:5  The Savage Curtain                                 Mr. Spock
 C155  EP 78:4  All Our Yesterdays                                 Captain Kirk
 C156  EP 78:5  All Our Yesterdays                                 Mr. Spock
 C157  EP 79:4  Turnabout Intruder                                 Captain Kirk
 C158  EP 79:5  Turnabout Intruder                                 Mr. Spock

Behind-the-Scenes Cards (1:2 packs)

 B111  EP 56:6  Spectre of the Gun                                 Bob Justman
 B112  EP 56:7  Spectre of the Gun                                 Charles Washburn
 B113  EP 57:6  Elaan of Troyius                                   Bob Justman
 B114  EP 57:7  Elaan of Troyius                                   Charles Washburn
 B115  EP 58:6  The Paradise Syndrome                              Bob Justman
 B116  EP 58:7  The Paradise Syndrome                              Charles Washburn
 B117  EP 59:6  The Enterprise Incident                            Bob Justman
 B118  EP 59:7  The Enterprise Incident                            Charles Washburn
 B119  EP 60:6  And the Children Shall Lead                        Bob Justman
 B120  EP 60:7  And the Children Shall Lead                        Charles Washburn
 B121  EP 61:6  Spock's Brain                                      Bob Justman
 B122  EP 61:7  Spock's Brain                                      Charles Washburn
 B123  EP 62:6  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       Bob Justman
 B124  EP 62:7  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       Charles Washburn
 B125  EP 63:6  The Empath                                         Bob Justman
 B126  EP 63:7  The Empath                                         Charles Washburn
 B127  EP 64:6  The Tholian Web                                    Bob Justman
 B128  EP 64:7  The Tholian Web                                    Charles Washburn
 B129  EP 65:6  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Bob Justman
 B130  EP 65:7  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Charles Washburn
 B131  EP 66:6  Day of the Dove                                    Bob Justman
 B132  EP 66:7  Day of the Dove                                    Charles Washburn
 B133  EP 67:6  Plato's Stepchildren                               Bob Justman
 B134  EP 67:7  Plato's Stepchildren                               Charles Washburn
 B135  EP 68:6  Wink of an Eye                                     Bob Justman
 B136  EP 68:7  Wink of an Eye                                     Charles Washburn
 B137  EP 69:6  That Which Survives                                Bob Justman
 B138  EP 69:7  That Which Survives                                Charles Washburn
 B139  EP 70:6  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  Bob Justman
 B140  EP 70:7  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  Charles Washburn
 B141  EP 71:6  Whom Gods Destroy                                  Bob Justman
 B142  EP 71:7  Whom Gods Destroy                                  Charles Washburn
 B143  EP 72:6  The Mark of Gideon                                 Bob Justman
 B144  EP 72:7  The Mark of Gideon                                 Charles Washburn
 B145  EP 73:6  The Lights of Zetar                                Bob Justman
 B146  EP 73:7  The Lights of Zetar                                Charles Washburn
 B147  EP 74:6  The Cloud Minders                                  Bob Justman
 B148  EP 74:7  The Cloud Minders                                  Charles Washburn
 B149  EP 75:6  The Way To Eden                                    Bob Justman
 B150  EP 75:7  The Way To Eden                                    Charles Washburn
 B151  EP 76:6  Requiem for Methuselah                             Bob Justman
 B152  EP 76:7  Requiem for Methuselah                             Charles Washburn
 B153  EP 77:6  The Savage Curtain                                 Bob Justman
 B154  EP 77:7  The Savage Curtain                                 Charles Washburn
 B155  EP 78:6  All Our Yesterdays                                 Bob Justman
 B156  EP 78:7  All Our Yesterdays                                 Charles Washburn
 B157  EP 79:6  Turnabout Intruder                                 Bob Justman
 B158  EP 79:7  Turnabout Intruder                                 Charles Washburn
Profile Cards (1:4 packs)

  P56  EP 56:8  Spectre of the Gun                                 Chekov
  P57  EP 57:8  Elaan of Troyius                                   Lord Petri
  P58  EP 58:8  The Paradise Syndrome                              Miramanee
  P59  EP 59:8  The Enterprise Incident                            Romulan
  P60  EP 60:8  And the Children Shall Lead                        Gorgon
  P61  EP 61:8  Spock's Brain                                      Kara
  P62  EP 62:8  Is There In Truth No Beauty?                       Dr. Miranda Jones
  P63  EP 63:8  The Empath                                         Gem
  P64  EP 64:8  The Tholian Web                                    Captain Kirk
  P65  EP 65:8  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Natira      
  P66  EP 66:8  Day of the Dove                                    Kang        
  P67  EP 67:8  Plato's Stepchildren                               Alexander   
  P68  EP 68:8  Wink of an Eye                                     Deela
  P69  EP 69:8  That Which Survives                                Losira
  P70  EP 70:8  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield                  Bele
  P71  EP 71:8  Whom Gods Destroy                                  Marta
  P72  EP 72:8  The Mark of Gideon                                 Odona
  P73  EP 73:8  The Lights of Zetar                                Lt. Mira Romaine
  P74  EP 74:8  The Cloud Minders                                  Droxine     
  P75  EP 75:8  The Way To Eden                                    Dr. Sevrin  
  P76  EP 76:8  Requiem for Methuselah                             Flint
  P77  EP 77:8  The Savage Curtain                                 Surak
  P78  EP 78:8  All Our Yesterdays                                 Zarabeth
  P79  EP 79:8  Turnabout Intruder                                 Dr. Janice Lester
Gold Plaque Cards (1:12 packs)

  G56  EP 56:9  Spectre of the Gun
  G57  EP 57:9  Elaan of Troyius
  G58  EP 58:9  The Paradise Syndrome
  G59  EP 59:9  The Enterprise Incident
  G60  EP 60:9  And the Children Shall Lead
  G61  EP 61:9  Spock's Brain
  G62  EP 62:9  Is There In Truth No Beauty?
  G63  EP 63:9  The Empath
  G64  EP 64:9  The Tholian Web
  G65  EP 65:9  For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
  G66  EP 66:9  Day of the Dove
  G67  EP 67:9  Plato's Stepchildren
  G68  EP 68:9  Wink of an Eye
  G69  EP 69:9  That Which Survives
  G70  EP 70:9  Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  G71  EP 71:9  Whom Gods Destroy
  G72  EP 72:9  The Mark of Gideon
  G73  EP 73:9  The Lights of Zetar
  G74  EP 74:9  The Cloud Minders
  G75  EP 75:9  The Way To Eden
  G76  EP 76:9  Requiem for Methuselah
  G77  EP 77:9  The Savage Curtain
  G78  EP 78:9  All Our Yesterdays
  G79  EP 79:9  Turnabout Intruder
Autographed Cards Cards (1:36 packs)

  A59           Leonard Nimoy                                      Mr. Spock
  A60           James Doohan                                       Scotty
  A61           DeForest Kelly                                     Dr. McCoy
  A62           Walter Koenig                                      Chekhov
  A63           John Winston                                       Lt. Kyle
  A64           Herb Solow                                         Executive
  A65           Walter M. Jefferies                                Art Director
  A66           Ron Soble                                          Wyatt Earp
  A67           Tony Young                                         Kryton
  A68           Jay Robinson                                       Lord Petri
  A69           Jack Donner                                        Subcommander Tal
  A70           Diana Muldaur                                      Dr. Miranda Jones
  A71           Alan Bergmann                                      Lal
  A72           Michael Ansara (black ink)                         Kang
   +            Michael Ansara (blue ink)                          Kang
  A73           Susan Howard                                       Mara
  A74           Barbara Babcock (black ink)                        Philana
   +            Barbara Babcock (green ink)                        Philana
   +            Barbara Babcock (blue ink)                         Philana
  A75           Jason Evers                                        Rael
  A76           Lee Meriwether                                     Losira
  A77           Frank Gorshin                                      Bele
  A78           Yvonne Craig                                       Marta
  A79           Sharon Acker                                       Odona
  A80           Gene Dynarski                                      Krodak
  A81           Charles Napier (black felt-tip)                    Adam
   +            Charles Napier (black ball-point)                  Adam
   +            Charles Napier (blue felt-tip)                     Adam
  A82           Victor Brandt                                      Tongo Rad
  A83           Phillip Pine                                       Colonel Green
  A84           Nathan Jung                                        Genghis Khan
  A85           Mariette Hartley                                   Zarabeth

Autograph Challenge Game Cards (1:pack)

   Skybox produced and distributed additional "voided" versions of 
   the winning "C" card and provided them free-of-charge to collectors 
   wishing to complete a "set" of the autograph challenge.

   C    [rare, 1:18,000 packs; 50 total]

   C    ["Void"]

Captain's Card (1:720 packs)

1 of 4   Captain James T. Kirk

Card Album

  --     (Binder)


---   Coming Stardate: 01.99 (stretched photos; dealers and Non-Sport Update)

---   (dealer sell sheet)

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