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Star Trek: The Original Series 40th Anniversary
Rittenhouse Archives - 2006

Notes:  The backs of base cards form a 3x3 puzzle of a memorable scene. 
A Joanne Linville autograph card had originally been planned for the series 
but was not issued. Card #58 comes in two versions with equal numbers, 
an error card with Nurse Chapel on the front, and a corrected version showing 
Spock. Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 40 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case. 9000 boxes total.
Common sets (110): approx. 1.70 per box if collation were perfect.

  No.    Title                                                   Episode

Puzzle Backs: Kirk on Bridge

    1    Captain Kirk
    2    Science Officer Spock
    3    Dr. McCoy
    4    Scotty
    5    Uhura
    6    Yeoman Rand
    7    Sulu
    8    Nurse Chapel
    9    The U.S.S. Enterprise

Puzzle Backs: Ruk and Kirk

   10    The Enterprise in Orbit
   11    Kirk Captured by the Archons
   12    Working the Ship's Computer
   13    The Romulan Bird of Prey
   14    The Eyes of Evil
   15    The Guardian of Forever
   16    The Enterprise Out of Control
   17    Kirk Battles Khan
   18    Transporter Operations

Puzzle Backs: Kirk in Captain's Chair

   19    Beauty and the Beast
   20    Phaser Danger
   21    The Vulcan Mind Meld
   22    Shipboard Communications
   23    Hailing Frequencies Open
   24    Capt. Kirk and Dr. McCoy
   25    Fire Phasers!
   26    Landru
   27    Beautiful Janice

Puzzle Backs: Dr. Dehner Transforming

   28    Kirk and Spock Undercover
   29    The Shuttlecraft Galileo
   30    Scotty in the Jefferies Tube
   31    En Garde!
   32    Entering Strange Space
   33    Femme Fatale
   34    Kirk in Disguise
   35    The Romulan Commander
   36    Chief Medical Officer

Puzzle Backs: Rand and Kirk

   37    Standing Trial
   38    Scotty in Command
   39    Battling the Gorn
   40    The Enterprise Attacks!
   41    Yeoman's Plants
   42    Kirk Meets Kirk
   43    The Salt Creature
   44    Top Secret File
   45    Trouble on the Bridge

Puzzle Backs: Andrea at the Controls

   46    Kirk Fires on the Enemy
   47    The Eyes of a God
   48    The Infection Spreads
   49    Vulcan Curiosity
   50    Lazarus
   51    Charlie Evans
   52    Entertaining the Enterprise Crew
   53    The Captain Deep in Thought
   54    Opening Shuttle Bay Doors

Puzzle Backs: Enterprise in Orbit

   55    Lovers Embrace
   56    In Search of a Cure
   57    Captain Kirk and Yeoman Rand
   58 *  Lovers Embrace [error card front]
   58 *  Searching for the Horta [corrected]
   59    Ruk, the Last of His Kind
   60    Captain Pike
   61    Captain's Medical Exam
   62    Balok's True Appearance
   63    Fire Photon Torpedos!

Puzzle Backs: Uhura and Kirk

   64    Tracking an Adversary
   65    Doctor... and Bricklayer
   66    Look of Determination
   67    Lt. Kevin Riley
   68    Bio-Scanner
   69    Receving Deep Space Signals
   70    McCoy Tests an Alien Sample
   71    Finnegan, Kirk's Academy Nemesis
   72    Mischievous Eyes

Puzzle Backs: Uhura at Communications

   73    Dressed for the Occasion
   74    The S.S. Botany Bay
   75    Scotty and Uhura Take Charge
   76    Chasing an Alien Vessel
   77    Fearless Leader
   78    Close Encounter
   79    Attacking the Horta
   80    Staying in Shape
   81    Desperate Shuttlecraft

Puzzle Backs: Horta Message

   82    In Search of a Stowaway
   83    Dr. Korby's Women
   84    The Secret of Talos IV
   85    Miri and Jahn
   86    Unrequited Love
   87    From Humans to Gods
   88    Mock Trial
   89    The Chief Engineer
   90    20th Century Interrogation

Puzzle Backs: Landing Party in Futuristic City

   91    Into the Unknown
   92    Beautiful Leila Kalomi
   93    Steering the Enterprise to Safety
   94    A Look of Concern
   95    McCoy Delivers a Needed Injection
   96    An Alien Deception
   97    Kirk Mentors Charlie
   98    Dr. Helen Noel
   99    Making an Android Kirk

Puzzle Backs: The Gorn

  100    Captain Kirk and Edith Keeler
  101    In the Captain's Chair
  102    Tracking the Enterprise
  103    Discussing Strategy
  104    Dr. McCoy and Yeoman Barrows
  105    Beaming Up the Landing Party
  106    Swahili Beauty
  107    Captains Kirk and Pike
  108    Captain of the Enterprise

  109    Checklist (left)
  110    Checklist (right)


The Quotable Star Trek: TOS Expansion Set (1:10 packs)

  111    The Cage                                                The Cage
  112    The Cage                                                The Cage
  113    The Cage                                                Where No Man Has Gone Before
  114    Where No Man Has Gone Before                            The Corbomite Maneuver
  115    The Corbomite Maneuver                                  The Corbomite Maneuver
  116    The Corbomite Maneuver                                  Mudd's Women
  117    The Naked Time                                          The Naked Time
  118    Charlie X                                               Balance of Terror
  119    Miri                                                    Miri
  120    Miri                                                    The Conscience of the King
  121    The Conscience of the King                              Court-Martial
  122    Shore Leave                                             Shore Leave
  123    The Squire of Gothos                                    The Alternative Factor
  124    The Return of the Archons                               Tomorrow Is Yesterday
  125    Space Seed                                              A Taste of Armageddon
  126    This Side of Paradise                                   Errand of Mercy
  127    The Doomsday Machine                                    The Doomsday Machine
  128    The Doomsday Machine                                    The City on the Edge of Forever

Captain Pike (1:14 packs)

  CP1    Captain Pike
  CP2    Captain Pike
  CP3    Captain Pike
  CP4    Captain Pike
  CP5    Captain Pike
  CP6    Captain Pike
  CP7    Captain Pike
  CP8    Captain Pike
  CP9    Captain Pike

The Faces of Vina (1:20 packs)

  FV1    Vina
  FV2    Vina
  FV3    Vina
  FV4    Vina
  FV5    Vina
  FV6    Vina

Autograph Cards (1:20 packs)

 A104    Carl Held as Lindstrom                                  The Return of the Archons
 A106    Jason Wingreen as Dr. Linke                             The Empath
 A107    Lawrence Montaigne as Decius                            Balance of Terror
 A108    Dick Durock as Elasian Guard                            Elaan of Troyius
 A109    Robert Walker, Jr. as Charlie Evans [Very Limited]      Charlie X
 A110    Kathryn Hays as Gem                                     The Empath
 A111    France Nguyen as Elaan [Very Limited]                   Elaan of Troyius
 A112    Joan Collins as Edith Keeler [Limited]                  The City on the Edge of Forever
 A113    Brian Tochi as Boy                                      And the Children Shall lead
 A114    Sheldon Collins as Tough Kid                            A Piece of the Action
 A115    David Soul as Makora                                    The Apple
 A116    John Crawford as Commissioner Ferris [Limited]          The Galileo Seven
 A117    Ned Romero as Krell                                     A Private Little War
 A118    Peter Duryea as Navigator Jose Tyler                    The Cage
 A119    Leonard Nimoy as Mirror Universe Spock [Very Limited]   Mirror, Mirror
 A120    Majel Barrett as Number One [Very Limited]              The Cage
 A121    Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt                           The Cage
 A122    Bobby Clark as The Gorn [Limited]                       Arena
 A123    Bruce Hyde as Lt. Riley                                 The Naked Time
 A124    Beverly Washburn as Lt. Galway                          The Deadly Years
 A125    Malachi Throne as Voice of The Keeper                   The Cage
 A126    Walter Koenig (album exclusive, also below)             Mirror, Mirror
 A127    Paul Comi as Lt. Andrew Stiles                          Balance of Terror
 A128    Marianne Hill as Dr. Helen Noel                         Dagger of the Mind
 A129    Emily Banks as Yeoman Tonia Barrows                     Shore Leave
 A130    Victor Lundin as Klingon Lieutenant                     Errand of Mercy
 A131    Garrison True as Crewman                                The Man Trap
 A133    Kate Woodville as Natira                                For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
 A134    Mary Rice as Young T'Pring                              Amok Time
 A135    Richard Compton as Washburn                             The Doomsday Machine
 A135    George Takei as Mirror Universe Sulu [Very Limited]     Mirror, Mirror
 A137    Rhodes Reason as Flavius Maximum                        Bread and Circuses

Star Trek Portraits (1:40 packs)

 PT1     William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk
 PT2     Leonard Nimoy as Commander Spock
 PT3     DeForest Kelley as Dr. Leonard McCoy
 PT4     James Doohan as Chief Engineer Montgomery "Scotty" Scott
 PT5     George Takei as Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
 PT6     Nichelle Nichols as Lieutenant Uhura
 PT7     Walter Koenig as Ensign Pavel Chekov
 PT8     Majel Barrett as Nurse Christine Chapel
 PT9     Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand
 PT10    Meg Wyllie as The Keeper                                The Cage
 PT11    Balok's Puppet                                          The Corbomite Maneuver
 PT12    M-113 Creature                                          The Man Trap
 PT13    Mark Lenard as Romulan Commander                        Balance of Terror
 PT14    Ted Cassidy as Ruk                                      What Are Little Girls Made Of?
 PT15    Bobby Clark as The Gorn                                 Arena
 PT16    Ricardo Montalban as Khan Noonien Singh                 Space Seed
 PT17    John Colicos as Kor                                     Errand of Mercy
 PT18    Joan Collins as Edith Keeler                            The City on the Edge of Forever

1967 Star Trek Expansion Set - "The Cage" (1:40 packs)

   73    Captain Pike and Mr. Spock
   74    Number One
   75    Navigator Jose Tyler
   76    Mysterious Alien
   77    Beautiful Vina
   78    The Search for Answers
   79    Alien Abduction!
   80    Fire Phasers!
   81    The Caged Captain
   82    Trapped in an Illusion!
   83    Falling in Love
   84    Trapped in Hell!
   85    Searching for Reality
   86    Sexy Slave Dancer
   87    Yeoman Colt
   88    Fighting the Alien
   89    No More Illusions!
   90    The Real Vina

Bridge Crew Delta Shield Patch Cards (1:200 packs; # to 350)

  DS1    Command / Captain James T. Kirk
  DS2    Sciences / Commander Spock
  DS3    Sciences / Dr. Leonard McCoy
  DS4    Engineering / Chief Engineer Scott
  DS5    Command / Lieutenant Sulu
  DS6    Command / Ensign Chekov
  DS7    Engineering / Lieutenant Uhura

Signature Card (220 signed)

   --    Eugene Roddenberry, Jr.

Cut Signature Card (25 made)

   --    Gene Roddenberry

TV Guide Covers Case-Topper Set (1 pair:case)

  TV8    Majel Barrett as Nurse Chapel
  TV9    Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Rand

Card Album (sold separately)

  --     (binder)
  --     (9-pocket pages)
 A126    Walter Koenig as Mirror Chekov (Autograph Card)         Mirror, Mirror
  P3     (exclusive promo card)

Multi-Case Incentive Cards

  QA8    Grace Lee Whitney (Yeoman Rand)/Quotable TOS Autograph (2 cases)
  --     Leonard Nimoy (Spock) Autograph Costume Card (6 cases)

Archive Boxes (15 marked on outside, 15 unmarked)

  --     (complete set of all cards distributed in packs)


  CP1    (conventions)
  P1     (general distribution)
  P2     (Non-Sport Update)
  P3     (album exclusive; also listed above)
  UK     (U.K. distribution)
  --     (dealer sell sheet)

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