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2009 Star Trek: The Original Series Archives
Rittenhouse Archives - 2009

Notes:  This series covers the Third Season, following in the line and numbering of 
the TOS 40th Anniversary Sets 1 and 2. Further information and scans are posted 
at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case, 8000 numbered boxes.
Common sets: approx. 1.03 per box if collation were perfect.

No.    Title

221    Captain James T. Kirk
222    Spock
223    Dr. McCoy
224    Scotty
225    Uhura
226    Sulu
227    Checkov
228    Nurse Chapel
229    U.S.S. Enterprise
230    Live Long and Prosper
231    Black and White Foes
232    Bridge Conference
233    Learning Annex
234    Phasers on Stun
235    The Evil Gorgon
236    Kirk and Scotty
237    Surrounded
238    Full House
239    Federation Formal
240    Spock's IDIC Pin
241    Savage Rock Creature
242    Chekov Goes Mad
243    The Klingon Kang
244    Self-Destruct Mode
245    Peace, Herbert
246    City in the Clouds
247    The Enterprise Captured
248    Scotty in Charge
249    Alexander the Great
250    The Tholian Web
251    Youthful Commander
252    Brain Drain
253    Klingon Attack
254    Kurok, the God
255    All Rise
256    McCoy and Chapel
257    Unwilling Lovers
258    Elaan of Troyius
259    Spock the Musician
260    The Real Rayna
261    Computer or God?
262    Deadly Fruit
263    Eternal Enemies
264    Nightmare Vision
265    Spock at Work
266    Prepared for Battle
267    Orphans Aboard the Enterprise
268    Kurok and Miramanee
269    Lawmen
270    Vulcan Eyes
271    Deadly Enemies
272    Kirk in Trouble
273    Vulcan Legend Surak
274    Marta, Orion Slave Woman
275    Kirk Takes Control
276    Nefarious Aliens
277    Red Alert
278    Top Medical Team
279    Vulcan Death Grip
280    An Unwilling Captive
281    Scotty Saves the Day
282    Deadly to the Touch
283    Beam Me Up, Scotty
284    Brainless Vulcan
285    Alien Torture Chamber
286    Ghost Ship
287    McCoy and Natira
288    Gran Theft Cloaking Device
289    Deela's Power
290    Heroic Helmsman
291    Jim's Dead
292    Falling in Love
293    McCoy at Work
294    Spock and Droxine
295    Deadly Force
296    Heroic Trio
297    Enterprise to the Rescue
298    Alluring Orion
299    Trading Places
300    In Search of Brain
301    Captured Captain
302    Romulan Imposter
303    The Empath
304    Trapped in Another Body
305    Vulcan Mind Meld
306    Repository of Knowledge
307    Brainwashed
308    Landing Party
309    Lt. Mira Romaine
310    Trouble in Engineering
311    Transporting Dignitaries
312    Kirk and Odona
313    Spirited Connection
314    Toga Party
315    Lights of Zetar
316    Showdown Coming
317    Investigating a Mystery
318    Medal of Honor
319    Kirk Battles Kirk
320    Spock's Analysisq
321    Like the Devil Himself
322    Fearsome Foursome
323    Kirk Plays the Part
324    Marta and Lord Garth
325    Concerned Scotty
326    A Dirty Trick
327    Kirk behind Bars
328    Dodge City Doctor
329    Champions of Justice / Checklist
330    The Enterprise NCC-1701 / Checklist


Tribute Cards (1:12 packs)

T1     Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Christopher Pike            The Cage
T2     Susan Oliver as Vina                                  The Cage
T3     Karen Steele as Eve McHuron                           Mudd's Women
T4     Jeanne Bal as Nancy Crater                            The Man Trap
T5     Mark Lenard as Romulan Commander                      Balance of Terror
T6     Ted Cassidy as Ruk                                    What Are Little Girls Made Of?
T7     Michael Strong as Dr. Roger Korby                     What Are Little Girls Made Of?
T8     James Gregory as Dr. Tristan Adams                    Dagger of the Mind
T9     Arnold Moss as Anton Karidian                         The Conscience of the King
T10    Joan Marshall as Lt. Areel Shaw                       Court-Martial
T11    Percy Rodriguez as Commodore Stone                    Court-Martial
T12    Elisha Cook as Cogley                                 Court-Martial
T13    Oliver McGowan as Caretaker                           Shore Leave
T14    David Opatoshu as Anan 7                              A Taste of Armageddon
T15    Gene Lyons as Ambassador Robert Fox                   A Taste of Armageddon
T16    Jill Ireland as Leila Kalomi                          This Side of Paradise
T17    John Colicos as Kor                                   Errand of Mercy
T18    John Abbott as Ayelborne                              Errand of Mercy

Star Trek Portraits (1:8 packs)

M46    Marj Dusay as Kara                                    Spock's Brain
M47    Joanne Linvills as Romulan Commander                  The Enterprise Incident
M48    Sabrina Scharf as Miramanee                           The Paradise Syndrome
M49    Diana Muldaur as Dr. Miranda Jones                    Is There In Truth No Beauty?
M50    Michael Ansara as Kang                                Day of the Dove
M51    kate Woodville as Natira                              For The World Is Hollow And I Have Touched The Sky
M52    Charles Napier as Adam                                The Way to Eden
M53    Kathie Browne as Deela                                Wink of an Eye
M54    Kathryn Hays as Gem                                   The Empath
M55    Steve Ihnat as Garth                                  Whom Gods Destroy
M56    Frank Gorshin as Bele                                 Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
M57    Sharon Acker as Odona                                 The Mark of Gideon
M58    Lee Meriwether as Losira                              That Which Survives
M59    Louise Sorel as Rayna Kapec                           Requiem for Methuselah
M60    Skip Homeier as Dr. Sevrin                            The Way To Eden
M61    Diana Ewing as Droxine                                The Cloudminders
M62    Mariette Hartley as Zarabeth                          All Our Yesterdays
M63    Sandra Smith as Janice Lester                         Turnabout Intruder

Star Trek TOS In Motion Lenticular Cards (1:6 packs)

L1     (Pike and Spock)                                      The Cage
L2     (Spock on the Bridge)                                 The Cage
L3     (Number One)                                          The Cage
L4     (shore party beams in)                                The Cage
L5     (Talosian threat)                                     The Cage
L6     (Firing at the mountain)                              The Cage
L7     (Phaser cannon effect)                                The Cage
L8     (Pike speaks)                                         The Cage
L9     (Talosian head)                                       The Cage
L10    (Blonde Vina waving hair)                             The Cage
L11    (Pike, the club wielder)                              The Cage
L12    (Blonde Vina looking down)                            The Cage
L13    (Vina clings to Pike)                                 The Cage
L14    (Pike shakes head)                                    The Cage
L15    (Slave girl Vina, close-up)                           The Cage
L16    (Slave girl Vina, with band)                          The Cage
L17    (Monster Talosian)                                    The Cage
L18    (Asymmetric Vina)                                     The Cage

Autograph Cards (1:8 packs)

    Very Limited Autographs (200-300 signed)

A140   Lisabeth Shatner as Onlie Girl                        Miri
A160   Leslie Shatner as Onlie Girl                          Miri
A193   Leonard Nimoy as Spock
A199   William Shatner as Mirror Universe Kirk               Mirror, Mirror
A205   William Wintersole as Abrom                           Patterns of Force
A208   Mariette Hartley as Zarabeth                          All Our Yesterdays
A214   John Winston as Lt. Kyle                              Wolf in the Fold

    Limited Autographs (300-500 signed)

A191   Paul Baxley as The Black Knight                       Shore Leave
A192   Paul Baxley as Ensign Freeman                         The Trouble With Tribbles
A195   Rex Holman as Morgan Earp                             Spectre of the Gun
A196   Skip Homeier as Dr. Sevrin                            The Way To Eden
A203   Sandra Smith as Janice Lester                         Turnabout Intruder
A204   Harry Landers as Dr. Coleman                          Turnabout Intruder
A206   Lee Meriwether as Losira                              That Which Survives
A207   Sabrina Scharf as Miramanee                           The Paradise Syndrome
A209   Mark Robert Brown as Don                              And The Children Shall Lead
A219   Roger Perry as Captain John Christopher               Tomorrow Is Yesterday
A228   Gary Combs as The Gorn                                Arena
A229   Gary Combs as Kirk Stunt Double                       Space Seed
A231   Shirley Bonne as Ruth                                 Shore Leave
A232   Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda                            By Any Other Name

    Regular Autographs (500 or more signed)

A168   Leslie Parrish as Lt. Palamas                         Who Mourns for Adonais?
A194   David Gerrold - Writer                                The Trouble With Tribbles
A197   Barbara Babcock as Mea 3                              A Taste of Armageddon
A198   Elinor Donahue as Nancy Hedford                       Metamorphosis
A201   Hagan Beggs as Lt. Hansen                             The Menagerie
A210   Carol Daniels as Zora                                 The Savage Curtain
A211   Harry Basch as Dr. Brown                              What Are Little Girls Made Of?
A212   Eddie Paskey as Lt. Leslie                            This Side of Paradise
A213   Garland Lee Thompson as Transport Technician Wilson   The Enemy Within
A215   William O'Connell as Thelev                           Journey To Babel
A216   William Sargent as Thomas Leighton                    The Conscience of the King
A217   Janet MacLachlan as Lt. Charlene Masters              The Alternative Factor
A218   David Frankham as Larry Marvick                       Is There in Truth No Beauty?
A220   Kim Darby as Miri                                     Miri
A221   Marc Adams as Hamlet                                  The Conscience of the King
A222   Venita Wolf as Yeoman Ross                            The Squire of Gothos
A223   Miko Mayama as Yeoman Tamura                          A Taste uf Armageddon
A224   Shari Nims as Sayana                                  The Apple
A225   Susanne Wasson as Lethe                               Dagger of the Mind
A226   Tom Troupe as Lt. Harold                              Arena
A227   Louie Elias as Inmate Guard                           Dagger of the Mind
A233   Lezlie Dalton as Drea                                 By Any Other Name
A234   Bob Bralver as Grant                                  Friday's Child
A235   Phyllis Douglas as Space Hippie                       The Way to Eden
A237   Naomi Pollack as Lt. Rahda                            That Which Survives
A238   Marlys Burdette as Krako's Woman                      A Piece of the Action
A241   William Smithers as Merik                             Bread and Circuses

Case Topper Cards (5" x 7"; # to 500)

 M7    Majel Barrett as Nurse Chapel
 M8    Majel Barrett as Number One

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

 --    Walter Koenig as Chekov [Autograph Costume Card; 3 cases]
DA4    William Shatner as James Kirk, Nichelle Nichols as Uhura [Double Autograph Card; 6 cases]    Plato's Stepchildren
 --    (Archive Box) [10 cases; all pack-inserted bonus cards]

Card Album (sold separately; 4 albums/case)

 --    (binder)
 P3    (Suited Kirk & Spock; exclusive promo; also listed above)


 P1    (Kirk as Romulan; general distribution)
 P2    (Enterprise in Tholian Web; Non-Sport Update)
 P3    (album exclusive; also listed above)
 P4    (Spock and Romulan Captain; San Diego Comic Con 2009)

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