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Star Trek The Original Series 50th Anniversary
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2016

Notes: Base cards are die-cuts, and backs feature "Spock's Log." Occasional packs contain 
blank "spacer" cards with sharp corners to minimize pack-searching for cards that are not 
all rounded-corner base cards. Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse 

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. Boxes # to 10000; 12 boxes/case.
Common sets (80): approx. 1.45 per box if collation were perfect.

     No.   Title                                             Episode                          Format               Scarcity

      1    The Cage
      2    Where No Man Has Gone Before
      3    The Corbomite Maneuver
      4    Mudd's Women
      5    The Enemy Within
      6    The Man Trap
      7    The Naked Time
      8    Charlie X
      9    Balance of Terror
     10    What Are Little Girls Made Of?
     11    Dagger of the Mind
     12    Miri
     13    The Conscience of the King
     14    The Galileo Seven
     15    Court Martial
     16    The Menagerie, Part I
     17    The Menagerie, Part II
     18    Shore Leave
     19    The Squire of Gothos
     20    Arena
     21    The Alternative Factor
     22    Tomorrow Is Yesterday
     23    The Return of the Archons
     24    A Taste of Armageddon
     25    Space Seed
     26    This Side of Paradise
     27    The Devil in the Dark
     28    Errand of Mercy
     29    The City on the Edge of Forever
     30    Operation: Annihilate!
     31    Catspaw
     32    Metamorphosis
     33    Friday's Child
     34    Who Mourns for Adonais?
     35    Amok Time
     36    The Doomsday Machine
     37    Wolf in The Fold
     38    The Changeling
     39    The Apple
     40    Mirror, Mirror
     41    The Deadly Years
     42    I, Mudd
     43    The Trouble with Tribbles
     44    Bread and Circuses
     45    Journey to Babel
     46    A Private Little War
     47    The Gamesters of Triskelion
     48    Obsession
     49    The Immunity Syndrome
     50    A Piece of the Action
     51    By Any Other Name
     52    Return to Tomorrow
     53    Patterns of Force
     54    The Ultimate Computer
     55    The Omega Glory
     56    Assignment: Earth
     57    Spectre of the Gun
     58    Elaan of Troyius
     59    The Paradise Syndrome
     60    The Enterprise Incident
     61    And the Children Shall Lead
     62    Spock's Brain
     63    Is There in Truth No Beauty?
     64    The Empath
     65    The Tholian Web
     66    For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
     67    Day of the Dove
     68    Plato's Stepchildren
     69    Wink of an Eye
     70    That Which Survives
     71    Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
     72    Whom Gods Destroy
     73    The Mark of Gideon
     74    The Lights of Zetar
     75    The Cloud Minders
     76    The Way to Eden
     77    Requiem for Methuselah
     78    The Savage Curtain
     79    All Our Yesterdays
     80    Turnabout Intruder


"The Cage" Uncut Card Set (1:12 packs)

      1    In the early 1960's, Gene Roddenberry had a vision
      2    On the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprice, Captain Pi
      3    Chief Petty Officer Ganison mans the communication
      4    Despite concerns from Mister Spock and Number One
      5    Sansing that Captain Pike has been worn down by re
      6    Mister Spock calls Captain Pike's quarters and inf
      7    While the Enterprise travels to the Talos star gro
      8    As the Enterprise settles into orbit around Talos
      9    The landing party from the Enterprise beams down t
     10    The Enterprise landing party on Talos IV soon come
     11    Suddenly, a beautiful, young woman appears from wi
     12    Captain Pike hails Number One on his communicator,
     13    Dr. Bryce interrupts Captain Pike's conversation w
     14    After Vina, Dr. Hasking and the rest of the surviv
     15    After Captain Pike has been to their underground l
     16    Captain Pike awakens inside a cell within the Talo
     17    "My name is Christopher Pike, commander of the spa
     18    As the Talosians watch from outside his cell, Capt
     19    Back on the Enterprise, the ship's officers conven
     20    Dr. Boyce stresses the danger of their situation.
     21    As the crew of the Enterprise formulates a plan to
     22    The Talosians create an illusion in which Captain
     23    As the illusion cotinues in which Captain Pike and
     24    Captain Pike battles a Kalar warrior in the illusi
     25    The illusion of Pike and Vina on Rigel VII comes t
     26    Pike tries to figure out why the Talosians are usi
     27    Number One leads a landing party to the surface of
     28    "How far can they control my mind?" Pike asks, in
     29    Captain Pike correctly asserts that when the Talos
     30    When Vina reveals that the Talosians have brought
     31    Alone in his cell, Captain Pike checks the integri
     32    When Captain Pike questions what will happen if he
     33    After drinking the nourishing protein complex prov
     34    "As you've conjectured," the Magistrate tells Capt
     35    Captain Pike finds himself in a new illusion - thi
     36    Captain Pike tells Vina that it's funny - about 24
     37    Vina grows agitated by Pike's continued resistance
     38    Vina begins to understand why none of the illusion
     39    "Nice place you have here, Mr. Pike," comments a s
     40    Captain Pike, now forced to play the part of an Or
     41    "Suppose you had all of space to choose from, and
     42    Captain Pike dashes out of the club where Vina has
     43    Back on the Enterprise, Number One informs the lan
     44    The six members of the landing party, including Nu
     45    Number One and Yeoman Colt materialize inside Capt
     46    Number One and Yeoman Colt are initially confused
     47    Captain Pike tells Number One not to say anything,
     48    Yeoman Colt becomes confused when Vina says that C
     49    The Magistrate addresses Captain Pike, "Since you
     50    "All I want to do is get my hands on you. Can you
     51    Overcome by his intense hatred of the Talosians an
     52    With Captain Pike, Number One and Yeoman Colt, now
     53    As Captain Pike, Number One, Yeoman Colt and Vina
     54    The Magistrate quietly and carefully opens the sma
     55    With his hands tightly gripped around the Magistra
     56    As Captain Pike maintains his grip around the magi
     57    Vina notes, "He's not bluffing, captain. With illu
     58    When his phasers appear to fail, Captain Pike turn
     59    Upon reaching the surface of Talos IV, Captain Pik
     60    The Talosian Magistrate smugly announces to Captai
     61    Despite his heroic efforts to defeat the Talosians
     62    As Number One sets her phaser on overload, which w
     63    Two more Talosians emerge onto the planet's surfac
     64    Disgusted by the Talosian's treatment of himself a
     65    Power suddenly returns to the Enterprise, and the
     66    Vina tells Captain Pike that she cannot leave with
     67    After seeing Vina's true appearance, Captain Pike
     68    Aboard the Enterprise, the transport chief informs
     69    Dr. Boyce intercepts Captain Pike as he enters the
     70    After dismissing questions about "Adam and Eve" fr

"Mirror, Mirror" Uncut Card Set (1:12 packs)

   MM1     A landing party consisting of Captain Kirk, Dr. Mc
   MM2     Captain Kirk hails the Enterprise for a status rep
   MM3     Aboard the Enterprise, Mr. Kyle activates the tran
   MM4     The ion storm passing through the Halkan system ca
   MM5     Captain Kirk cautiously sizes up Mirror Spock, as
   MM6     Mirror Spock punishes Mirror Kyle for his perceive
   MM7     Mirror Spock informs Mr. Scott that the ion storm
   MM8     Before departing the transporter room, Kirk orders
   MM9     McCoy notes that nearly everything in sickbay is m
   MM10    In an effort to buy some time to save the Halkans
   MM11    Aboard the bridge of the Mirror Enterprise, Uhura
   MM12    When Captain Kirk enters, the entire bridge crew s
   MM13    Kirk takes his seat in the Captain's chair aboard
   MM14    Scotty tries to access the weapons room, but a dut
   MM15    Mirror Spock enters the bridge and orders Mirror S
   MM16    In a serious breach of protocol, Kirk gives Tham,
   MM17    Mirror Spock informs Captain Kirk that his conduct
   MM18    Mirror Chekov joins Kirk in the turbolift, and whe
   MM19    One of Mirror Chekov's thugs unexpectedly comes to
   MM20    Kirk's chief bodyguard asks Captain Kirk whether h
   MM21    Kirk uses the ship computer to outline a scenario
   MM22    Kirk learns that in the Mirror universe, his count
   MM23    Back aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Spock must deal
   MM24    Mirror Spock tells Kirk that he is pleased Chekov'
   MM25    Mirror Spock comments that the "agony booth" is a
   MM26    Mirror Spock questions Kirk's actions regarding th
   MM27    Scotty distracts the security officer assigned to
   MM28    Kirk enters his private quarters, only to find a b
   MM29    Marlena guesses at Kirk's motivations for delaying
   MM30    Mirror Spock informs Kirk that he's received a pri
   MM31    Marlena asks Kirk if she should activate the "Tant
   MM32    Kirk calls Scotty and tells him about Mirror Spock
   MM33    Mirror Spock discovers unusual computer activity i
   MM34    Marlena slips into a provocative outfit and tries
   MM35    As Kirk heads for the transporter room, he calls U
   MM36    Uhura pretends to show interest in Mirror Sulu, wh
   MM37    Armed with a phaser, Mirror Spock enters the trans
   MM38    Mirror Spock begins to piece together clues when h
   MM39    Despite the risk of missing the chance to transpor
   MM40    Mirror Sulu and a team of security officers storm
   MM41    One by one, Marlena eliminates Mirror Sulu's hench
   MM42    Kirk, Scotty and Uhura head to the transporter roo
   MM43    Marlena waits in the transporter room for Kirk, wh
   MM44    Marlena draws her phaser, as Kirk and Scotty tend
   MM45    With five minutes to spare, Scotty notes that the
   MM46    Mirror Spock arrives with McCoy and restores power
   MM47    With little more than two minutes to spare, Kirk t
   MM48    Moments before his departure, Kirk tells Mirror Sp
   MM49    On the bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk asks Spock h
   MM50    Lt. Marlena Moreau arrives on the bridge of the En

Bridge Crew Heroes Acetate Cards (1:96 packs)

     P1    William Shatner as Captain Kirk
     P2    Leonard Nimoy as Spock
     P3    DeForest Kelley as Dr. McCoy
     P4    James Doohan as Scotty
     P5    Nichelle Nichols as Uhura
     P6    George Takei as Sulu
     P7    Walter Koenig as Chekov
     P8    Majel Barrett as Nurse Chapel
     P9    Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Rand

The Original Series: Enterprise Concept Art (1:96 packs)

     E1    USA (purple with fins)
     E2    (saucer section, wide top)
     E3    (orange turtle)
     E4    (speeding yellow)
     E5    USA (nacelles and bridge on top)
     E6    (purple with globe head)
     E7    (yellow with globe insert center)
     E8    (yellow with 4 large nacelles)
     E9    (orange with saltshaker insert senter)

"Mirror, Mirror" Double-Sided Heroes Cards (1:288 packs)

    MM1    Captain Kirk
    MM2    Spock
    MM3    Dr. McCoy
    MM4    Scotty
    MM5    Uhura
    MM6    Sulu
    MM7    Chekov
    MM8    Marlena
    MM9    U.S.S. Enterprise

Leonard Nimoy - In Memoriam Cards (1:288 packs; # to 125)

     M1    (Live Long and Prosper, blue dress uniform)
     M2    (cocked head, blue uniform)
     M3    (hand to cheek, yellow uniform)
     M4    (1/2-R profile, blue uniform)
     M5    (1/2-R profile, dress uniform)
     M6    (pointing phaser, blue uniform)
     M7    (hands clasped at monitor, blue uniform)
     M8    (holding tricorder, blue uniform)
     M9    (Live Long and Prosper, blue duty uniform)

Autograph Cards (1:12 packs)

     --    Anthony Call as Lt. Dave Bailey                   The Corbomite Maneuver           Black Border         Limited
     --    Anthony Call as Dave Bailey                                                        Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Antoinette Bower as Sylvia                                                         Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Barbara Babcock as Mea 3                          A Taste of Armageddon            Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Barbara Bouchet as Kelinda                        By Any Other Name                Black Border         Very Limited
     --    BarBara Luna as Marlena                           Mirror, Mirror                   Black Border         Limited
     --    Bruce Mars as Finnegan                            Shore Leave                      Black Border         Limited
     --    Bruce Mars as Finnegan                                                             Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Charlie Brill as Arne Darvin                                                       Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Clint Howard as Balok                             The Corbomite Maneuver           Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Clint Howard as Balok                                                              Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Craig Huxley as Tommy Starnes                     And The Children Shall Lead      Black Border         Regular
     --    Craig Huxley as Tommy Starnes                                                      Silver Signature     Regular
     --    Diana Muldaur as Dr. Miranda Jones                                                 Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Elinor Donahue as Commissioner Nancy Hedford      Metamorphosis                    Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Emily Banks as Yeoman Tonia Barrows               Shore Leave                      Black Border         Limited
     --    Gary Lockwood as Lt. Cmdr. Gary Mitchell                                           Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Gene Dynarksi as Ben Childress                    Mudd's Women                     Black Border         Limited
     --    Gene Dynarksi as Ben Childress                                                     Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Geoffrey Binney as Compton                                                         Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    George Takei as Sulu                                                               Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Rand                                                   Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Jack Donner as Subcommander Tal                                                    Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Joan Collins as Sister Edith Keeler                                                Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Joan Swift as Aurelan Kirk                        Operation - Annihilate!          Black Border         Limited
     --    John Wheeler as Gav                               Journey To Babel                 Black Border         Limited
     --    John Wheeler as Gav                                                                Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Kathryn Hays as Gem                               The Empath                       Black Border         Extremely Limited
     --    Kim Darby as Miri                                                                  Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Laurel Goodwin as Yeoman Colt                     The Cage                         Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Lawrence Montaigne as Stonn                                                        Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Lee Meriwether as Losira                          That Which Survives              Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Lou Antonio as Lokai                                                               Silver Signature     Extremely Limited
     --    Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure                 Mudd's Women                     Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Maggie Thrett as Ruth Bonaventure                                                  Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Mariette Hartley as Zarabeth                      All Our Yesterdays               Black Border         Limited
     --    Mariette Hartley as Zarabeth                                                       Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Michael Dante as Maab                             Friday's Child                   Black Border         Limited
     --    Michael Dante as Maab                                                              Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Michael Forest as Apollo                          Who Mourns For Adonais?          Black Border         Limited
     --    Michael Forest as Apollo                                                           Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Michael J. Pollard as Jahn                        Miri                             Black Border         Limited
     --    Michael J. Pollard as Jahn                                                         Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Morgan Woodward as Capt. Ronald Tracey                                             Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Nancy Kovack as Nona                              A Private Little War             Black Border         Limited
     --    Nichelle Nichols as Uhura                                                          Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Pamelyn Ferdin as Mary Janowksi                   And The Children Shall Lead      Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Pamelyn Ferdin as Mary Janowski                                                    Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    Robert Walker, Jr. as Charlie Evans                                                Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Roger Perry as Capt. John Christopher                                              Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Sabrina Scharf as Mirimanee                       The Paradise Syndrome            Black Border         Limited
     --    Sally Kellerman as Dr. Elizabeth Dehner           Where No Man Has Gone Before     Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Sandy Gimpel as M-113 Creature                    The Man Trap                     Black Border         Limited
     --    Sean Kenney as Captain Pike                       The Menagerie                    Black Border         Limited
     --    Sean Kenney as Captain Pike                                                        Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Sherry Jackson as Andrea                          What Are Little Girls Made Of?   Black Border         Limited
     --    Shirley Bonne as Ruth                             Shore Leave                      Black Border         Very Limited
     --    Skip Homeier as Dr. Sevrin                                                         Silver Signature     Extremely Limited
     --    Stewart Moss as Lt. Joe Tormolen                  The Naked Time                   Black Border         Limited
     --    Stewart Moss as Joe Tormolen                                                       Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Teri Garr as Roberta Lincoln                      Assignment: Earth                Black Border         Extremely Limited
     --    Victor Brandt as Tongo Rad                        The Way To Eden                  Black Border         Limited
     --    Victor Brandt as Tongo Rad                                                         Silver Signature     Limited
     --    Walter Koenig as Chekov                                                            Silver Signature     Extremely Limited
     --    William O'Connell as Thelev                                                        Silver Signature     Very Limited
     --    William Shatner as Captain Kirk                                                    Silver Signature     Extremely Limited
     --    Yvonne Craig as Marta                                                              Silver Signature     Extremely Limited

Cut Signature Cards (1:5400 packs)

     --    Jeffrey Hunter - Captain Pike                     The Cage                         # to 12
     --    Jill Ireland - Leila Kalomi                       This Side of Paradise            # to 35
     --    Susan Oliver - Vina                               The Cage                         # to 13

SketchaFEX Sketch Cards (1:288 packs)

         Sketch card backs had a large 50-in-badge-icon centered on the back.
         The "all Star Trek" 50th Anniversary sketches had a small icon at the right 
         of the title line. Levels: Scarce = <25 -- Extremely Limited = 25-50 
         -- Very Limited = 50-75 -- Limited = 75+.

     --    Achilleas Kokkinakis                              Extremely Limited
     --    Andrew Garcia                                     Scarce
     --    Bekah and Adam Cleveland                          Extremely Limited
     --    Bien Flores                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Brent Ragland                                     Extremely Limited
     --    Carlos Cabalerio                                  Extremely Limited
     --    Charles Hall                                      Extremely Limited
     --    Chris Meeks                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Connie Faye                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Dan Gorman                                        Extremely Limited
     --    Danny Silva                                       Scarce
     --    David Day                                         Extremely Limited
     --    Debbie Jackson                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Emily Tester                                      Scarce
     --    Francois Chartier                                 Extremely Limited
     --    Frank Kadar                                       Scarce
     --    Gener "NERP" Pedrina                              Extremely Limited
     --    Helga Wojik                                       Scarce
     --    Irma Ahmed                                        Extremely Limited
     --    Jason Kemp                                        Extremely Limited
     --    Javier Gonzalez                                   Extremely Limited
     --    Jeff Mallinson                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Jennifer Allyn                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Jomar Bulda                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Jon Rademacher                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Kevin Graham                                      Extremely Limited
     --    Kristin Allen                                     Extremely Limited
     --    Laura Inglis                                      Extremely Limited
     --    Lee Lightfoot                                     Extremely Limited
     --    Leon Braojos                                      Extremely Limited
     --    Melike Acar                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Michael James                                     Extremely Limited
     --    Mick and Matt Glebe                               Limited
     --    Norman Jim Faustino                               Extremely Limited
     --    Rich Molinelli                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Roy Cover                                         Extremely Limited
     --    Scott Houseman                                    Extremely Limited
     --    Scott Rorie                                       Extremely Limited
     --    Sean Pence                                        Scarce
     --    Tanner Padlo                                      Scarce
     --    Warren Martineck                                  Extremely Limited
     --    Wu Wei                                            Scarce

Case-Topper Mirror, Mirror Variation

    40a    Captain Kirk behaved in a most atypical manner aft

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

     --    Leonard Nimoy as Mirror Spock [Silver Signature Autograph; 6 cases]
    DA35   William Shatner as Kirk / Leonard Nimoy as Spock [Dual Autograph; 9 cases]
     --    (Archive Box) [18 cases]
     M8       Marlena (1998 Season 2 Throwback card; Archive box exclusive)
     --       (set of 4 printing plates for one base card; Archive Box exclusive)

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    The Original Series 50th Anniversary Trading Cards (binder)
     P2    (horizontal logo; exclusive promo card)

Rittenhouse Rewards Concept Art Card (available separately)

    E10    (pink in orbit)


     P1    Coming 2016 (vertical logo; gold embossed; general distribution)
     P2    (horizontal logo; gold embossed; binder exclusive; also listed above)

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