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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Series Premiere
SkyBox - 1993

Note:  Originally sold only in boxed factory "limited" edition of 150,000 copies.
Thanks to Jeff Werner for the update!

 No.    Title

   1    Deep Space Nine
   2    Help Has Arrived
   3    Surveying His New Crew
   4    Cornered in the Promenade
   5    Odo Transforms
   6    Picard and Sisko Meet ... Again!
   7    Discussing Bajor's Future
   8    The Bajoran Capitol
   9    Beneath the Temple
  10    Orb of Mystery
  11    Business As Usual
  12    Old Friends Reunited
  13    Off On Her Next Mission
  14    They're Back!
  15    Deep Space Nine's Former Overseer
  16    Aboard the Cardassian Ship
  17    Ready To Lift Off
  18    Venting His Frustration
  19    Mission Accomplished
  20    The Celestial Temple?
  21    The Wormhole Appears
  22    Galactic Light Show
  23    The Runabout Emerges
  24    An Alien Examination?
  25    Dax Returns Alone!
  26    A Rescue Mission
  27    Firing the Thrusters
  28    O'Brien Works Wonders
  29    The Field Holds
  30    Racing for the Future
  31    Dukat Refuses To Listen
  32    Part of His Existence
  33    Baseball's Linear Nature
  34    Cardassians Enter the Wormhole
  35    The Passage Is Closed
  36    Cardassian Search Party
  37    What Wormhole?
  38    Kira's Response
  39    Confronting His Past
  40    A Standoff
  41    The Station Is Attacked!
  42    Deep Space Nine Fires on Jasad
  43    Another Direct Hit
  44    There's Your Wormhole!
  45    Sisko Lends a Hand
  46    Sisko Comes Home
  47    Sisko Reunited with Jake
  48    Checklist

Spectra Cards

 S1     Help Has Arrived
 S2     Galactic Light Show

 ---    SkyBox Card Survey
 ---    Certificate of Limited Edition
 ---    Beaming to Retail Fall 1993 (promo for 100-card set; orange bar)


Uncut Sheets (sold separately)

 ---    (6-up panel of S1; unnumbered)
 ---    (6-up panel of S1; numbered to 1000)
 ---    (6-up panel of S1, silver without colors; unnumbered)
 ---    (6-up panel of S1, silver without colors; numbered to 1000)

Framed Card (Gold frame 5" x 10-1/2", National Sports Con)

 S1     Help Has Arrived [with 4 cards from other card sets]


 --     (dealer sell sheet)

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