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Stupid Heroes
   Wax Eye Productions - 2014

Notes: Artists include Neil Camera, Brent Engstrom, June Gonzales, Joe Simko, 
and Jeff Zapata. Select cards and an extra bonus come were made available online 
digitally. Note that the "title" names are the same in both the "a" and "b" card 
versions. The backs of the "a" variety describe the parody superhero, while "b" 
backs have puzzle pieces or artist biographies. Further information and scans are 
posted at the Wax Eye website.

Box: 24 packs of 8 cards. 8 boxes/case, 1000 boxes.
Common sets (110): approx. 1.75 per box if collation were perfect.

a/b Title                    No.   Secret Identity ("a")           No.   Puzzle Part ("b")

The Bruised Ego               1a   Bruce E. Gough                   1b   Purple center left
Bitman                        2a   Bruised Payne                    2b   Orange bottom left
Professor Weird Beard         3a   Harry Chin                       3b   Checklist B
Talk Show Girl                4a   Gabby Gossip                     4b   Yellow top left
Shazham!                      5a   Albert Einswine                  5b   Red bottom middle
Irony Man                     6a   Tony Starch                      6b   Blue bottom right
The Postal Rage               7a   Ira Tated                        7b   Yellow top right
Captain Allergy               8a   Al Choo                          8b   Red center
The Vain Vein                 9a   Beau T. Fullerthanu              9b   Yellow center
Bionic Booger                10a   Doug Indeep                     10b   Purple top middle
Captain Kumquat              11a   Sid Russ Fruit                  11b   Orange center left
The Leaping Lawyer           12a   Will Leaveubroke                12b   Red bottom left
The Prick                    13a   Pierce Sing-Pain                13b   Orange top left
Lava Lad                     14a   Val Kano                        14b   Purple center right
The Green Latrine            15a   Mr. Kleen                       15b   Blue top left
Super Hurl                   16a   Rea Gurge-Tate                  16b   Orange center right
The Blue Blogger             17a   Nat Work a.k.a. @illgetuback    17b   Completed Blue
Stuporman                    18a   Clark Kentflystrait             18b   Artist Bios: Joe Simko, Jeff Zapata
La Femme Funkbreath          19a   Hjalley Tosis                   19b   Yellow top middle
Silver Server                20a   Trey Fullofood                  20b   Purple top left
Super Conductor              21a   Maximilian Voltage              21b   Completed Red
Lunch Lady                   22a   Edna Eggy                       22b   Blue top middle
Blobbin                      23a   Hugh G. Belly                   23b   Stupid Heroes Digital Comics
Bacteria Boy                 24a   bob E. Bola                     24b   Orange bottom middle
The Solar Sunburn            25a   Sonny Burns                     25b   Red top right
Commander Concrete           26a   Grant Granite                   26b   Completed Orange
The Mighty Thumb             27a   Tom Thumb                       27b   Purple bottom left
The Schnoz                   28a   Noah Z. Guy                     28b   Yellow center right
Nick Furry                   29a                                   29b   Red top middle
The Zapinator                30a   Biff Boom-Zappa                 30b   Purple center
The Purple Poodle            31a   Monsieur Puff Doggy             31b   Blue center left
Spy Doorman                  32a   Peter Peeper                    32b   Artist Bios: Neil Camera, Brent Engstrom
Duhrdevil                    33a   Dirk Duhrdork                   33b   Red center right
Drizzle                      34a   Anita Umbrella                  34b   Orange top right
The Brooklyn Scarf           35a   Kale Izwhatieat                 35b   Yellow bottom middle
Fit & Fat                    36a   Mick & Mac Cheese               36b   Orange bottom right
The Inbred-ible Hick         37a   BillyBob Joe-Bob Banner-Bob     37b   Red top left
Illuminati Man               38a   Louie Minatti                   38b   Blue bottom left
A.B.T.S.A.P. Man             39a   Luke Atme                       39b   Purple top right
Yeast                        40a   Chip Ahoy!                      40b   Orange top middle
The Dynamic Dud              41a   Dudley Moron                    41b   Red bottom right
Fire Snotter                 42a   Drew Burnymore                  42b   Yellow bottom right
Mr. Baby Man                 43a   alec Baldwhine                  43b   Blue top right
Salad Thing                  44a   Sly M. Green                    44b   Yellow center left
The Phobic Flyer             45a   Isaac O'Heights                 45b   Purple bottom middle
The Karaoke Crasher          46a   Junita Earplugs                 46b   Blue center
I Quit Man                   47a   Mike Rappijob                   47b   Completed Yellow
The Red Zit                  48a   Gus Pus                         48b   Purple bottom right
The Polisher                 49a   Ty D. Apartment                 49b   Blue center right
Wander Woman                 50a   Donita Prince                   50b   Checklist A
Butter Boy                   51a   Orlando Lakes                   51b   Orange center
The Brick Wall               52a   Barry Cade                      52b   Blue bottom middle
The Royal Flush              53a   John Prince                     53b   Red center left
Doctor Estranged             54a   D. Vorst                        54b   Completed Purple
The Triumphant 3½            55a   Johnny Steele, etc.             55b   Yellow bottom left


Artist Sketch Cards

      Brent Engstrom
      Joe Simko
      Neil Camera


 P1   Crashing Fall 2014

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©2014 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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