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Stupid Smiles
Topps - 1989

Notes:  This was issued as a "test set."  In some batches the sticker cards are not
numbered, and there are reported to have been two different backs printed for each
sticker.  All the stickers I have seen have a single back type, so I would appreciate
information on the variations.  Each card had multiple stickers.  For the "title", I
identify the largest sticker.  In the case of ties, I use the sticker in the corner next
to the copyright marking.

No.   Front Sticker                         Puzzle Piece

 1    Nyuk!                                 Blue puzzle top center
 2    Get a Facelift!                       Yellow puzzle bottom right
 3    Mama's Boy                            Blue puzzle top left
 4    Gesundheit!                           Completed Blue Puzzle D
 5    Stop Smiling                          Completed Green Puzzle C
 6    Pizza Face                            Completed Yellow Puzzle B
 7    Class of '89                          Red puzzle top left
 8    Have an Intensely Painful Day         Red puzzle top center 1
 9    Have a Happy World                    Red puzzle top center 2
10    Dim Bulb                              Completed Red Puzzle A
11    Fun at Parties                        Red puzzle top right
12    Don't Bug Me!                         Blue puzzle bottom right
13    Don't Be Happy, Worry!                Blue puzzle bottom center
14    Tee-Vee Zombie                        Blue puzzle bottom left
15    Rest in Pieces                        Completed Blue Puzzle D
16    Here's Blood in Your Eye              Completed Green Puzzle C
17    Class Clown                           Completed Yellow Puzzle B
18    Bat Breath                            Completed Red Puzzle A
19    Bent Out of Shape                     Red puzzle bottom right
20    Have a Noose Day!                     Red puzzle bottom center 2
21    No Nukes!                             Red puzzle bottom center 1
22    Spare a Dime                          Red puzzle bottom left
23    Mutant                                Blue puzzle top right
24    Flat Tire                             Blue puzzle top center
25    Have a Nice Death                     Blue puzzle top left
26    Cracked Head                          Green puzzle top right
27    Fill Me In                            Green puzzle top center 2
28    Burn Baby Burn                        Green puzzle top center 1
29    Get in Gear                           Yellow puzzle top right
30    Swelled Head                          Yellow puzzle top center 2
31    Eat a Hair Ball                       Yellow puzzle top center 1
32    Special Swim Suit Sticker             Yellow puzzle top left
33    Surf's Up                             Blue puzzle bottom right
34    Wasted!                               Blue puzzle bottom center
35    Say No to Fun                         Blue puzzle bottom left
36    Check It Out!                         Green puzzle bottom right
37    Have a Nice Heart Attack              Green puzzle bottom center 2
38    Computer Terminal Illness             Green puzzle bottom center 1
39    Smile But Don't Show Your Teeth       Green puzzle bottom left
40    Weirdo                                Yellow puzzle bottom center 2
41    Smile 'Til It Hurts                   Yellow puzzle bottom center 1
42    Wipe That Smile Off Your Face         Yellow puzzle bottom left
43    Go to Hell!                           Green puzzle top left
44    You'll Be Smiling from the Other ...  Blue puzzle top right

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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