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Star Trek: Voyager - Season One, Series Two
Skybox - 1995

Note:  The embossed "E" inserts were found in boxes sold at Wal-Mart stores. Pop-out
cards were available only at Blockbuster outlets. Of course, not everybody's local
versions of these stores was _compelled_ to have them in stock. Hmmph.

The "sneak peek" promo for this set was distributed in packs of the first Voyager
series, and is commonly considered to be part of that common set.  Go figure.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards + 1 Chakotay tattoo.
Common sets: approx. 3.08 per box if collation were perfect.
Wal-Mart Box: 24 packs of 15 cards + 1 embossed card + 1 tattoo.
Common sets: 3.96 per box, on average.
Embossed Crew Cards: approx. 2.67 per box.

No.   Title                                        Type

  1   Mission Chronology - Card A                  Timeline Mural
  2   Mission Chronology - Card B                  Timeline Mural
  3   Mission Chronology - Card C                  Timeline Mural
  4   Mission Chronology - Card D                  Timeline Mural
  5   Mission Chronology - Card E                  Timeline Mural
  6   Mission Chronology - Card F                  Timeline Mural
  7   Mission Chronology - Card G                  Timeline Mural
  8   Mission Chronology - Card H                  Timeline Mural
  9   Mission Chronology - Card I                  Timeline Mural
 10   Caretaker (Part One)                         Episode Cards
 11   Caretaker (Part One)                         Episode Cards
 12   Caretaker (Part One)                         Episode Cards
 13   Caretaker (Part Two)                         Episode Cards
 14   Caretaker (Part Two)                         Episode Cards
 15   Caretaker (Part Two)                         Episode Cards
 16   Parallax                                     Episode Cards
 17   Parallax                                     Episode Cards
 18   Parallax                                     Episode Cards
 19   Time and Again                               Episode Cards
 20   Time and Again                               Episode Cards
 21   Time and Again                               Episode Cards
 22   Phage                                        Episode Cards
 23   Phage                                        Episode Cards
 24   Phage                                        Episode Cards
 25   The Cloud                                    Episode Cards
 26   The Cloud                                    Episode Cards
 27   The Cloud                                    Episode Cards
 28   Eye of the Needle                            Episode Cards
 29   Eye of the Needle                            Episode Cards
 30   Eye of the Needle                            Episode Cards
 31   Ex Post Facto                                Episode Cards
 32   Ex Post Facto                                Episode Cards
 33   Ex Post Facto                                Episode Cards
 34   Emanations                                   Episode Cards
 35   Emanations                                   Episode Cards
 36   Emanations                                   Episode Cards
 37   Prime Factors                                Episode Cards
 38   Prime Factors                                Episode Cards
 39   Prime Factors                                Episode Cards
 40   State of Flux                                Episode Cards
 41   State of Flux                                Episode Cards
 42   State of Flux                                Episode Cards
 43   Heroes and Demons                            Episode Cards
 44   Heroes and Demons                            Episode Cards
 45   Heroes and Demons                            Episode Cards
 46   Cathexis                                     Episode Cards
 47   Cathexis                                     Episode Cards
 48   Cathexis                                     Episode Cards
 49   Faces                                        Episode Cards
 50   Faces                                        Episode Cards
 51   Faces                                        Episode Cards
 52   Jetrel                                       Episode Cards
 53   Jetrel                                       Episode Cards
 54   Jetrel                                       Episode Cards
 55   Learning Curve                               Episode Cards
 56   Learning Curve                               Episode Cards
 57   Learning Curve                               Episode Cards
 58   Question One of Six                          Voyager Trivia
 59   Question Two of Six                          Voyager Trivia
 60   Question Three of Six                        Voyager Trivia
 61   Question Four of Six                         Voyager Trivia
 62   Question Five of Six                         Voyager Trivia
 63   Question Six of Six                          Voyager Trivia
 64   Akoonah                                      24th Century Tech
 65   Sims Beacon                                  24th Century Tech
 66   Vidiian Organ Remover                        24th Century Tech
 67   Memory Engrams                               24th Century Tech
 68   Transporter Test Cylinder                    24th Century Tech
 69   Cenotaph                                     24th Century Tech
 70   Spatial Trajector                            24th Century Tech
 71   Metreon Regenerative Fusion                  24th Century Tech
 72   Bio-Neural Gel Pack                          24th Century Tech
 73   Quantum Singularity                          On-Screen Scenes
 74   The Cloud                                    On-Screen Scenes
 75   Phage Mirror Asteroid                        On-Screen Scenes
 76   Tractor Beam                                 On-Screen Scenes
 77   Telek                                        On-Screen Scenes
 78   Grendel                                      On-Screen Scenes
 79   Rinax                                        On-Screen Scenes
 80   Gathorel Labin                               On-Screen Scenes
 81   Cosmic Antibodies                            On-Screen Scenes
 82   Kazon Desert                                 Strange New Worlds
 83   Ocampan Underground                          Strange New Worlds
 84   Time and Again Planet                        Strange New Worlds
 85   Vidiian Asteroid                             Strange New Worlds
 86   Banean Homeworld                             Strange New Worlds
 87   State of Flux Planet                         Strange New Worlds
 88   Cast, Production Credits - Series II         Production Credits
 89   Checklist A                                  Checklist
 90   Checklist B                                  Checklist

 --   Chakotay Tattoo (1 per pack)
 --   Trivia Card (1 per pack, contest insert)
 --   Art Order Card (1 per pack, merchandise insert)


Xenobio Sketches (1:12 packs)

S-1   Seska
S-2   Telek
S-3   Gathorel Labin
S-4   Dr. Neria
S-5   Sulan
S-6   Jetrel
S-7   Jabin
S-8   Lidell
S-9   Toscat

Neelix's Recipes (1:18 packs)

R-1   Vulcan Plomeek Soup
R-2   Laurelian Blue Pudding
R-3   Takar Loggerhead Eggs
R-4   Proteinaceous Coffee Cocktail
R-5   Macaroni & Brill Cheese
R-6   Spinach Shake with Pear

Pop-out Cards (1-per-Blockbuster pack)

 P1   Captain Janeway
 P2   Chakotay
 P3   Tuvok
 P4   B'Elanna Torres
 P5   Tom Paris
 P6   Harry Kim
 P7   The Doctor
 P8   Kes
 P9   Neelix

Embossed Crew Cards (1-per-Wal-Mart pack)

 E1   Captain Janeway
 E2   Chakotay
 E3   Tuvok
 E4   B'Elanna Torres
 E5   Tom Paris
 E6   Harry Kim
 E7   The Doctor
 E8   Kes
 E9   Neelix

SkyMotion Cards

 --   (Small Skymotion card, 1:180 packs)
 --   (Supersize Skymotion card, by redemption)
 --   (Skymotion Exchange card, 1:180 packs)

Survey Card (1:18 packs)

 --   (Survey Card)

Cinema Collection offer card (1:18 packs)

 --   (©1995 - V295)

Card Album (sold separately)

--    (Binder)


 --   (6-up panel, 7-1/2" x 10-1/2")
  0   (Giveaway with Trek Credit Card, Limited to 10,000)
 --   (Unnumbered, Non-Sport Update 1995 Gummies Award, 1000 distributed)

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