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Star Trek: Voyager - Proflies
Fleer/SkyBox 1998

Notes:  Thanks much to Chere Elliott and CD Wells for the binder and promo
updates, respectively!

Box: 36 packs of 9 cards.
Common sets: approx. 3.37 per box if collation were perfect.

No.   Character / Title             Type

  1   Kathryn Janeway               Crew Manifest
  2   Kathryn Janeway               Admiral's Log
  3   Kathryn Janeway               Personal Log - KJ1.3
  4   Kathryn Janeway               Personal Log - KJ1.4
  5   Kathryn Janeway               Personal Log - KJ1.5
  6   Kathryn Janeway               Reflections - Seven of Nine
  7   Kathryn Janeway               Reflections - Tuvok
  8   Kathryn Janeway               Reflections - Chakotay
  9   Kathryn Janeway               Alien Encounter - Q
 10   Chakotay                      Crew Manifest
 11   Chakotay                      Captain's Log
 12   Chakotay                      Personal Log - C2.3
 13   Chakotay                      Personal Log - C2.4
 14   Chakotay                      Personal Log - C2.5
 15   Chakotay                      Reflections - Riley Frasier
 16   Chakotay                      Reflections - Annorax
 17   Chakotay                      Reflections - Neelix
 18   Chakotay                      Alien Encounter - Sleeping Aliens
 19   Thomas Paris                  Crew Manifest
 20   Thomas Paris                  Captain's Log
 21   Thomas Paris                  Personal Log - TP3.3
 22   Thomas Paris                  Personal Log - TP3.4
 23   Thomas Paris                  Personal Log - TP3.5
 24   Thomas Paris                  Reflections - Rain Robinson
 25   Thomas Paris                  Reflections - Tuvok
 26   Thomas Paris                  Reflections - Seven of Nine
 27   Thomas Paris                  Alien Encounter -Reptilian Humanoid
 28   Tuvok                         Crew Manifest
 29   Tuvok                         Captain's Log
 30   Tuvok                         Personal Log - T4.3
 31   Tuvok                         Personal Log - T4.4
 32   Tuvok                         Personal Log - T4.5
 33   Tuvok                         Reflections - Suder
 34   Tuvok                         Reflections - Kim
 35   Tuvok                         Reflections - Neelix
 36   Tuvok                         Alien Encounter - Maryana
 37   B'Elanna Torres               Crew Manifest
 38   B'Elanna Torres               Captain's Log
 39   B'Elanna Torres               Personal Log - BT5.3
 40   B'Elanna Torres               Personal Log - BT5.4
 41   B'Elanna Torres               Personal Log - BT5.5
 42   B'Elanna Torres               Reflections - the Doctor
 43   B'Elanna Torres               Reflections - Vorik
 44   B'Elanna Torres               Reflections - Paris
 45   B'Elanna Torres               Alien Encounter - Cardassians
 46   Harry Kim                     Crew Manifest
 47   Harry Kim                     Captain's Log
 48   Harry Kim                     Personal Log - HK6.3
 49   Harry Kim                     Personal Log - HK6.4
 50   Harry Kim                     Personal Log - HK6.5
 51   Harry Kim                     Reflections - Paris
 52   Harry Kim                     Reflections - Seven of Nine
 53   Harry Kim                     Reflections - Torres
 54   Harry Kim                     Alien Encounter - Hirogen
 55   Seven of Nine                 Crew Manifest
 56   Seven of Nine                 Captain's Log
 57   Seven of Nine                 Personal Log - SoN7.3
 58   Seven of Nine                 Personal Log - SoN7.4
 59   Seven of Nine                 Personal Log - SoN7.5
 60   Seven of Nine                 Reflections - Ramen
 61   Seven of Nine                 Reflections - Torres
 62   Seven of Nine                 Reflections - Hirogen Hunter
 63   Seven of Nine                 Alien Encounter - Hirogen
 64   The Doctor                    Crew Manifest
 65   The Doctor                    Captain's Log
 66   The Doctor                    Personal Log - D8.3
 67   The Doctor                    Personal Log - D8.4
 68   The Doctor                    Personal Log - D8.5
 69   The Doctor                    Reflections - Kes
 70   The Doctor                    Reflections - EMH Mark II
 71   The Doctor                    Reflections - Seven of Nine
 72   The Doctor                    Alien Encounter - Kazon
 73   Neelix                        Crew Manifest
 74   Neelix                        Captain's Log
 75   Neelix                        Personal Log - N9.3
 76   Neelix                        Personal Log - N9.4
 77   Neelix                        Personal Log - N9.5
 78   Neelix                        Reflections - Paris
 79   Neelix                        Reflections - Tuvok
 80   Neelix                        Reflections - Kes
 81   Neelix                        Alien Encounter - Ferengi
 82   Kes                           Crew Manifest
 83   Kes                           Captain's Log
 84   Kes                           Personal Log - K10.3
 85   Kes                           Personal Log - K10.4
 86   Kes                           Personal Log - K10.5
 87   Kes                           Reflections - Tanis
 88   Kes                           Reflections - Zahir
 89   Kes                           Reflections/Alien Encounters
 90   Star Trek Voyager Profiles    Checklist

Autograph Challenge Cards

 S    Janeway
 T    Tuvok
 A    Chakotay
 R    Paris
 E    Doctor
 K    Torres
 V    Neelix
 O    Kim
 Y       (rare)
 G    Cast


Makeup with Michael Westmore (1:4 packs)

MW1   Man of Many Faces
MW2   Spare Parts
MW3   A Little Piece of Seven
MW4   Beastly Boys
MW5   Pin-Ups
MW6   Head Games
MW7   The Making of a Talaxian - I
MW8   The Making of a Talaxian - II
MW9   The Making of a Talaxian - III

Alien Technology Cards (1:6 packs)

AT-1  The Swarm
AT-2  The Voth
AT-3  Borg
AT-4  Hirogen Ship
AT-5  Species 8472
AT-6  Annorax Ship
AT-7  Bomar Ships
AT-8  Ramorans Ship
AT-9  Arturis

Seven of Nine Cards (1:8 packs)

SoN1  Physical I
SoN2  Physical II
SoN3  Physical III
SoN4  Emotional I
SoN5  Emotional II
SoN6  Emotional III
SoN7  Duty Assignment I (1:144 packs)
SoN8  Duty Assignment II
SoN9  Duty Assignment III

Captain's Card (numbered to 1200)

C4    Janeway

Autographed Cards (1:36 packs)

A1    Kate Mulgrew as Janeway
A2    Robert Beltran as Chakotay
A3    Garrett Wang as Harry Kim
A4    Tim Russ as Tuvok
A5    Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres
A6    Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris
A7    Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine
A8    Robert Picardo as The Doctor
A9    Ethan Phillips as Neelix
A10   Jennifer Lien as Kes
A11   John De Lancie as Q
A12   Dwight Schultz as Reginald Barclay
A13   Henry Darrow as Kolopak
A14   Alexander Enberg as Vorik
A15   Tony Todd as Alpha-Hirogen Hunter
A16   Leland Orser as Dejarenj
A17   Michael McKean as The Clown
A18   Josh Clark as Lt. Carey
A19   John Rhys-Davies as Leonardo Da Vinci
A20   George Takei as Capt. Sulu

Card Album

 --   Star Trek Voyager Profiles (Binder)


 --   (Cast photo, unnumbered; dealers, Collect!, and Non-Sport Update)
 --   (Dealer sell sheet)

©1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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