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The "Quotable" Star Trek Voyager
   Rittenhouse Archives - 2012

Note:Further information and scans are posted at the Rittenhouse website.

Box: 24 packs of 5 cards. 12 boxes/case.
Common sets: approx. 1.54 per box if collation were perfect.

   No.   Speaker: Episode (front)                               Speaker: Episode (back)

    01   Janeway: The Caretaker                                 Janeway: The Caretaker
    02   Janeway: The Caretaker                                 Janeway: The Caretaker
    03   Opening Scroll: The Caretaker                          Chakotay: The Caretaker
    04   Janeway: The Caretaker                                 Janeway/Kim: The Caretaker
    05   Paris/Chakotay: The Caretaker                          Chakotay: The Caretaker
    06   The Doctor: The Caretaker                              Lt. Stadi/Paris: The Caretaker
    07   Neelix: The Caretaker                                  Tuvok/Neelix: Learning Curve
    08   The Doctor, to Kes: Time and Again                     The Doctor/Kes: Phage
    09   Janeway, to Neelix: The Cloud                          Janeway/The Doctor: The Cloud
    10   Paris: Parallax                                        Kim: Non Sequitur
    11   Chakotay: Twisted                                      Tuvok: Twisted
    12   Janeway: Phage                                         Janeway, to Motura: Phage
    13   Kes: The Cloud                                         Paris: Parturition
    14   Janeway, to Kim: Emanations                            Paris: Tattoo
    15   Janeway, to Tuvok: Prime Factors                       Janeway, to Tuvok: Prime Factors
    16   Paris, to Torres: Faces                                Jetrel: Jetrel
    17   Tuvok: Learning Curve                                  Tuvok: Learning Curve
    18   Paris/Janeway: The 37's                                Kim, to The Doctor: Projections
    19   The Doctor: Parallax                                   The Doctor: Phage
    20   The Doctor: Twisted                                    The Doctor: Parturition
    21   The Doctor: Future's End, Part II                      The Doctor: Investigations
    22   The Doctor: Flesh and Blood                            The Doctor: The Swarm
    23   The Doctor/Torres: Prototype                           The Doctor: Drone
    24   The Doctor: Gravity                                    The Doctor: Bliss
    25   The Doctor: Lifeline                                   The Doctor: Basics, Part II
    26   EMH Mark II, to The Doctor: Message in a Bottle        Paris: Message in a Bottl
    27   Torres/The Doctor: Displaced                           The Doctor: Meld
    28   Kolopak, to Young Chakotay: Tattoo                     Kolopak, to Young Chakotay: Tattoo
    29   Chakotay, to Tuvok: Tattoo                             Janeway, to Torres: Prototype
    30   Tanis, to Kes: Cold Fire                               Tuvok, to Kes: Cold Fire
    31   Janeway: Alliances                                     Paris: Meld
    32   Janeway/Q: Death Wish                                  Q, to janeway: Death Wish
    33   Tuvok, to Quinn: Death Wish                            Quinn, to Tuvok: Death Wish
    34   Quinn, to Janeway: Death Wish                          Quinn, to Janeway: Death Wish
    35   Janeway: Deadlock                                      Kes, to Dr. Danara Pel: Lifesigns
    36   Tuvok: Innocence                                       Tuvok: Innocence
    37   Chakotay: Flashback                                    Chakotay: Flashback
    38   Neelix: Basics, Part II                                Tuvok: Innocence
    39   Tuvok: Innocence                                       Tuvok: Innocence
    40   The Doctor, to Seska: Basics, Part II                  The Doctor: The Swarm
    41   Paris, to Kim: The Chute                               Rain Robinson, to Tuvok: Future's End, Part I
    42   Arridor/Kol: False Profits                             Arridor: False Profits
    43   Janeway: Future's End, Part I                          Paris, to Neelix: Fair Trade
    44   Q/Janeway: The Q and the Grey                          Q/Janeway: The Q and the Grey
    45   Kes, to The Doctor: Darkling                           Q: The Q and the Greyu
    46   Neelix, to Tuvok: Before and After                     Paris/Torres: Distant Origin
    47   Torres/Kim: Displaced                                  Torres/Kim: Displaced
    48   The Doctor: Displaced                                  The Doctor: Parturition
    49   Paris: Worst Case Scenario                             Torres/Paris: Worst Case Scenario
    50   Janeway, to Chakotay: Scorpion, Part I                 Leonardo da Vinci, to Janeway: Scorpion, Part I
    51   The Doctor: Scorpion, Part II                          Seven of Nine, to Janeway: Scorpion, Part II
    52   Janeway/Tuvok: The Gift                                Janeway, to Tuvok: The Gift
    53   Seven of Nine, to Janeway: The Gift                    Janeway, to Seven of Nine: The Gift
    54   Janeway, to Seven of Nine: The Gift                    Paris, to Seven of Nine: Day of Honor
    55   Chakotay: Nemesis                                      Torres/Moklor: Day of Honor
    56   Seven of Nine, to Kim: Revulsion                       The Doctor, to Paris/Torres: Revulsion
    57   Janeway, to Seven of Nine: The Raven                   Neelix: Scientific Method
    58   Leonardo da Vinci, to Janeway/Tuvok: Concerning Flight Janeway/Tuvok: Scientific Method
    59   Tuvok, to Janeway: Year of Hell, Part Ii               Janeway, to Tuvok: Year of Hell, Part II
    60   Janeway, to Paris: Random Thoughts                     Janeway, to Seven of Nine: Random Thoughts
    61   Seven of Nine, to Tuvok: Mortal Coil                   The Doctor/EMH Mark II: Message in a Bottle
    62   Janeway: Hunters                                       Paris/Captain Janeway: Demon
    63   Janeway: Prey                                          Janeway: Prey
    64   Tuvok: Prey                                            Karr: The Killing Game
    65   The Doctor, to Neelix: The Killing Game, Part II       Janeway: The Omega Directive
    66   The Doctor, to Seven of Nine: One                      The Doctor: Prey
    67   Janeway/Seven of Nine: Hope and Fear                   Naomi Wildman, to Seven of Nine: Bliss
    68   Paris, to Kim: Drive                                   Kim, to Derran Tal: The Disease
    69   Seven of Nine: Course: Oblivion                        The Doctor/Seven of Nine/Tuvok: Course: Oblivion
    70   Janeway/The Doctor: Fair Haven                         Janeway, to Naomi Wildman: Dark Frontier
    71   Seven of Nine: Ashes to Ashes                          Torres: Tsunkatse
    72   Kim: Endgame                                           Janeway: Endgame


Best of the Holodeck Cards (1:12 packs)

   H1    Heroes and Demons
   H2    Warlord
   H3    Alter Ego
   H4    Concerning Flight
   H5    The Killing Game
   H6    Once Upon a Time
   H7    Bride of Chaotica
   H8    Fair Haven
   H9    Human Error

U.S.S. Voyager Cards (1:12 packs)

   V1    NCC-74656
   V2    (entering orange nebula)
   V3    (in for a landing)
   V4    (heading into flame)
   V5    (external of bridge)
   V6    (nacelle view)
   V7    (on surface)
   V8    (skidding on ice)
   V9    (engaging warp)

Starfleet's Finest Cards (1:48 packs; # to 399)

  F1     Captain Janeway
  F2     Seven of Nine
  F3     Chakotay
  F4     Tom Paris
  F5     Harry Kim
  F6     B'Elanna Torres
  F7     Neelix
  F8     The Doctor
  F9     Tuvok
  F10    Kes

Communicator Pin Cards (1:96 packs; # to 225)

1 of 9   Captain Janeway
2 of 9   Chakotay
3 of 9   The Doctor
4 of 9   B'Elanna Torres
5 of 9   Tom Paris
6 of 9   Neelix
7 of 9   Seven of Nine
8 of 9   Tuvok
9 of 9   Harry Kim

Autographed Cards (1:8 packs)

         Signer                                                 Episode               Scarcity/Format

   --    John Aniston as Quarren Ambassador [Workforce]                               Limited
   --    Karen Austin as Miral                                  Barge of the Dead     Very Limited
   --    Ed Begley, Jr. as Henry Starling                       Future's End          Very Limited
   --    Robert Beltran as Chakotay                                                   Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Josh Clark as Lt. Joe Carey                                                  Regular
   --    Jeffrey Combs as Penk                                  Tsunkatse             Limited
   --    Alicia Coppola as Lieutenant Stadi                                           Limited
   --    Roxann Dawson as B'Elanna Torres                                             Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    John De Lancie as Q                                                          Extremely Limited
   --    Anthony De Longis as First Maje Culluh                                       Limited
   --    Andy Dick as EMH Mark II                               Message in a Bottle   Limited
   --    Susan Diol as Dr. Danara Pel                                                 Limited
   --    Aron Eisenberg as Kar                                  Initiations           Limited
   --    Zach Galligan as Ensign David Gentry                   In the Flesh          Limited
   --    Kathleen Garrett as Tanis                              Muse                  Limited
   --    Harry Groener as The Magistrate                        Sacred Ground         Very Limited
   --    Martha Hackett as Seska                                                      Very Limited
   --    Mark Harelik as Kashyk                                 Counterpoint          Limited
   --    Estelle Harris as Old Woman                            Sacred Ground         Extremely Limited
   --    Richard Herd as Admiral Paris                                                Regular
   --    J. G. Hertzler as Hirogen Fighter                      Tsunkatse             Limited
   --    Manu Intiraymi as Icheb                                                      Limited
   --    Gregory Itzin as Dr. Dysek                             Critical Care         Regular
   --    Leslie Jordan as Kol                                   False Prophets        Regular
   --    Sharon Lawrence as Amelia Earhardt                     The 37's              Limited
   --    Jennifer Lien as Kes                                                         Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Kristanna Loken as Malia                               Favorite Son          Extremely Limited
   --    Virgina Madsen as Kellin                               Unforgettable         Very Limited
   --    Leigh McCloskey as Tieran                              Warlord               Very Limited
   --    Michael McKean as The Clown                            The Thaw              Limited
   --    Robert Duncan McNeill as Tom Paris                                           Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Andy Milder as Nar                                     Renaissance man       Regular
   --    Don Most as Kadan                                      Workforce             Limited
   --    Kate Mulgrew as Captain Janeway                                              Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Ethan Phillips as Neelix                                                     Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Robert Picardo as The Doctor                                                 Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Eric Pierpoint as Kortar                               Barge of the Dead     Very Limited
   --    Suzie Plakson as Female Q                                                    Limited
   --    Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman                                             Very Limited
   --    Martin Rayner as Dr. Chaotica                                                Regular
   --    John Rhys-Davies as Leonardo da Vinci                                        Extremely Limited
   --    Tim Russ as Tuvok                                                            Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine                                                   Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]
   --    Robin Sachs as General Valen                           The Void              Limited
   --    John Savage as Captain Rudy Ransom                     Equinox               Limited
   --    Susanna Thompson as The Borg Queen                                           Very Limited
   --    Kevin Tighe as Henry Janeway                           11:59                 Regular
   --    Garrett Wang as Harry Kim                                                    Extremely Limited [Quotable Style]

Case-Topper Card

   --    Captain Kathryn Janeway (costume card; # to 600)

Multiple-Case-Purchase Incentive Cards

         Delta Flyer Relic Card [3 cases; # to 300]
         Kate Mulgrew [autograph relic; 6 cases]
         Archive Box (18 cases)

Card Album (sold separately; 4 albums/case)

   --    (binder)
   P3    (Janeway; exclusive promo card)

Rittenhouse Rewards Card (available separately)

         Kes Communicator Pin Card (# to 100)


   P1    (Doctor and Seven; general distribution)
   P2    (The Doctor; Non-Sport Update)
   P3    (binder exclusive; also listed above)
   P4    (Seven; San Diego Comic Con 2012)

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