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Star Trek TNG and Generations Sticker-Cards
   Weetabix - 1994

Notes: Cards were distributed two per cello pack in specially marked cereal boxes. 
Boxes themselves had different "play scenes" printed on the outside, with set 
information printed on the inside. Thanks much to John Fuciarelli for the set 

   Card Front (with 'CE' and ST logos)     Card Back (with 'Weetabix')

   U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701              Bajoran / Ferengi
   Beverly Crusher / Klingon               Shuttle Craft Goddard
   Borg  (Star Trek: TNG)                  Ferengi Marauder
   Cardassian Galor Warship                Cardasian / Vulcan
   Romulan Warbird                         Data / Riker
   Guinan / Deanna Troi                    Klingon Vor'cha Attack Cruiser
   Borg Ship Designation Type II           Jean-Luc Picard / Kirk
   U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D            Romulan / LaForge
   Soran  (Star Trek: Generations)         Borg Cube
   Worf / Q                                Klingon Bird of Prey

Star Trek Play Scenes [cereal boxes; 4 different]

   U.S.S. Enterprise Bridge
   Alien City
   Alien Planet
   Alien Planet Underground

Wall Chart (mail-in offer)

   Star Trek TNG / Weetabix / Star Trek Generations

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