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Sukiyaki Western Django
   Film Partners / First Look Studios - 2007

Note : This playing card set was intended to supplement the theatrical release of 
the Japanese remake of "A Fistful of Dollars" featuring Quentin Taratino. But 
the motion picture had an estimated gross of $48,034 in its U.S. release, so the 
cards were aimed for the DVD release and featured exclusively at the 2008 San 
Diego Comic Con.

  Card        Title / Scene

 A Spades     The White (silhouette)
 2 Spades     (lighting dynamite with cigar)
 3 Spades     (white with two pistols)
 4 Spades     (arachnid silhouette)
 5 Spades     (six-shooter)
 6 Spades     (head cleaving)
 7 Spades     (gatling gun)
 8 Spades     (white headbanded swordsman)
 9 Spades     (white masked cowboy)
10 Spades     The Whites (soldier)
 J Spades     (crossbow straight ahead)
 Q Spades     The Temptress
 K Spades     (sword behind neck)

 A Hearts     The Reds (silhouette)
 2 Hearts     (rifle over R shoulder)
 3 Hearts     (one in the gallows)
 4 Hearts     (red with two pistols)
 5 Hearts     (flaming arrow nocked)
 6 Hearts     (sand crawler)
 7 Hearts     (eye in knothole)
 8 Hearts     The Reds (soldier)
 9 Hearts     (dart toward ammo belt)
10 Hearts     (horned fighter)
 J Hearts     (sheriff with six-shooter)
 Q Hearts     (royal lady)
 K Hearts     (red fighter with gloves)

 A Diamonds   (trumpet player silhouette)
 2 Diamonds   (making friends with snake)
 3 Diamonds   (gun-in-the-box)
 4 Diamonds   (black with six-shooter)
 5 Diamonds   (bloody face)
 6 Diamonds   (fur hat aiming pistol)
 7 Diamonds   Nevada
 8 Diamonds   BB
 9 Diamonds   (rose bush)
10 Diamonds   (black hat peeking)
 J Diamonds   The Gunslinger (silhouette)
 Q Diamonds   (braided girl)
 K Diamonds   (black fighter aiming left)

 A Clubs      (white with black hat)
 2 Clubs      The Sheriff
 3 Clubs      (long black cloak)
 4 Clubs      (silver bird)
 5 Clubs      (casket)
 6 Clubs      (Kannon)
 7 Clubs      Sukiyaki Scramble
 8 Clubs      Heihachi
 9 Clubs      (fleeing with purse)
10 Clubs      (rose close-up)
 J Clubs      (white sword reverence)
 Q Clubs      Bloody Benton
 K Clubs      (shooting snake)

  Joker       Su*ki*ya*ki
  Joker       Djan*go

    --        (card box)

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