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Topps - 1984

No.   Story text / Puzzle part             Sticker text

  1   Supergirl - Topps Story Cards        Title Card
  2   Argo City: an inner-space world fo   World's Fastest Student
  3   Young Kara amplifies the creative    A nice place to visit--?
  4   The matterwand-created insect rips   Skyhigh
  5   Feeling responsible for the loss o   Go For It!
  6   In search of the Omegahedron, Kara   Wicked, Wicked Witch
  7   Kara, raised in the aniseptic envi
  8   The Omegahedron falls into the han   Trapped in the Phantom Zone
  9   To locate the precious Omegahedron
 10   Myra and Muffy, two horrid high sc   Supergirl
 11   A steam shovel, 'ordered' by Selen   Let your imagination Explode
 12   Supergirl uses her fantastic stren   Battle of the Century - Selena vs. Supergirl!
 13   Ethan, victim of Selena's love pot
 14   Selena hates Linda for 'stealing'    Now I'm really angry!
 15   Using a lamp post as a conductor o   Visit Argo City - Birthplace of Supergirl
 16   An electrically-charged Supergirl    Hopelessly Devoted to You
 17   Linda, using the homing bracelet g   Zaltar - Master of the Matterwand
 18   Selena calls upon her supernatural   Inspiration...
 19   Setting: the amusement park. As Se
 20   Selena lures Supergirl to her terr   Danger - Phantom Zone
 21   In her attempt to free Ethan, Supe   Teen Angel
 22   The Phantom Zone -- a barren, hope   You're a Real Knockout
 23   In the Phantom Zone, Supergirl enc   Round 2 - Supergirl Captive!
 24   "You sculpted this here?"            Prisoner of Love
 25   Supergirl and Zaltar enter the per   Boo!
 26   Struck by Thessalian Fireballs, Za   Supergirl
 27   Much to Selena's horror, Supergirl   Supergirl
 28   Supergirl, using her fantastic bre   Breakflying - What a Feeling!
 29   A determined Supergirl watches as    Let's Beat the odds and Win!
 30   Summoning her courage, Supergirl p
 31   It's a titanic struggle as the mon   Supergirl
 32   Supergirl has accomplished her mis
 33   In Argo City, our heroine returns    Earth, where flowers grow
 34   Puzzle, Left row 1                   Supergirl
 35   Puzzle, Left row 2                   Greetings from Argo City
 36   Puzzle, Left row 3                   Friendship - It's Hard To Beat
 37   Puzzle, Left row 4                   Even Supergirl Gets the Blues
 38   Puzzle, Left row 5                   Kara - Daughter of Alura
 39   Puzzle, Right row 1                  We're Worlds Apart
 40   Puzzle, Right row 2                  Round 3 - The Best Girl Wins!
 41   Puzzle, Right row 3                  Supergirl
 42   Puzzle, Right row 4                  Supergirl
 43   Puzzle, Right row 5                  Do Not Disturb - Relationship in Progress...
 44   Completed Yellow Border Puzzle       Supergirl

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