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Superman The Movie (Series 1)
   Topps - 1978
   O-Pee-Chee - 1978

Notes:  This series was followed by a second series, with 88 more cards and 16 more 
unnumbered stickers. There are many error and variant cards with backs having either 
text or puzzle pieces, or rotated 180 degrees from the "*" printing plate version to the 
"**" printing plate version. It appears that some of the initial printing was based on 
the 66-card edition that was issued by Topps-U.K., which looks otherwise identical to 
the monolingual U.S.A. set, but where five cards in the 1-66 range were replaced by 
cards numbered 67-77 in the North American editions. Some of thesse "misnumbers" 
spread into the U.S.A. release. Thanks to Jason Farmer and Matthew Meech for variant 

The Canadian O-Pee-Chee edition has card text in both English and French. Be forewarned 
about the U.S.A.-vs.-U.K. differences if you're building a set by the numbers.

Box: 36 packs of 10 cards + 1 sticker + 1 stick of gum.
Common sets (77): approx. 4.68 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets (12): approximately 3.0 per box.

No.   Title                                             Card-Back Text (Movie Facts)

  1   Christopher Reeve as The Man of Steel             (puzzle piece)
  2   Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent                   (puzzle piece)
  3   Margot Kidder as Lois Lane                        (puzzle piece)
  4   Zooming Across The Sky                            Before he turned to acting, 6'6" tall Jack O'
  5   Valerie Perrine as Eve                            (puzzle piece)
  6   Ned Beatty as Otis                                (puzzle piece)
  7   Jackie Cooper as Perry White                      (puzzle piece)
  8   Editor and Staff of the Daily Planet              (puzzle piece)
  9   Susannah York as Lara                             (puzzle piece)
 10   Marc McClure as Jimmy Olsen                       (puzzle piece)
 11   Glenn Ford as Jonathan Kent                       (puzzle piece)
 12   The Majestic Planet Krypton                       The music for Superman was composed by John W
 13   Incredible Laboratory of Jor-El                   Superman is an American legend. Created for t
 14   Lois Lane In a Jam!                               If you suddenly discovered that you could fly
 15   A Study in Villainy                               There are many reasons why Superman has becom
 16   Arch Criminals On Trial                           Movie buffs and nostalgia freaks will find so
 17   Briefing Military Police of Krypton               English actress Susannah York (Lara in Superm
 18   A World Torn Asunder...!                          The producers of Superman realized that they
 19   The Spaceship Blasts Off!                         Absent from the screen since The World of Hen
 20   Protector of the Peace                            (puzzle piece)
 21   The Might of Superman                             (puzzle piece)
 22   A Final Farewell from Lara                        (puzzle piece)
 23   The Death Throes of Planet Krypton!               (puzzle piece)
 24   Clark Kent, Ace Reporter!                         (puzzle piece)
 25   Destruction of a World in Space                   (puzzle piece)
 26   Aerial Adventure!                                 (puzzle piece)
 27   Escape from Destruction                           (puzzle piece)
 28   Journey Across the Gulf of Space!                 (puzzle piece)
 29   Superbaby arrives on Earth!                       (puzzle piece)
 30   Observing Landing of a Spaceship                  (puzzle piece)
 31   Adopting a Space Child                            (puzzle piece)
 32   Young Clark Kent (Jeff East) and his Foster Dad   (puzzle piece)
 33   The Passing of Jonathan Kent                      (puzzle piece)
 34   The Youthful Lois Lane and her Parents            Movie and TV veteran Jackie Cooper stars as t
 35   Superman Makes the Headlines!                     (puzzle piece)
 36   Paying a Call on Lois Lane                        The spaceship containing the infant from plan
 37   Night Flight                                      (puzzle piece)
 38   Flight Over Metropolis                            (puzzle piece)
 39   Perils of The Big City!                           (puzzle piece)
 40   The Man Of Steel In Flight                        (puzzle piece)
 41   Panic In the Sky!                                 (puzzle piece)
 42   Amazing Strength of the Star Child                (puzzle piece)
 43   Sole Survivor of Krypton                          (puzzle piece)
 44   Preparing to Leap Skyward                         Christopher Reeve reflects on the difficulty
 45   Facing Incredible Odds!                           Glenn Ford (Jonathan Kent in Superman) spent
 46   Trial By Fire!                                    (puzzle piece)
 47   On the Trail of Lex Luthor                        (puzzle piece)
 48   The Icy Peril                                     (puzzle piece)
 49   Ready for Action!                                 (puzzle piece)
 50   Heroic Stranger from the Stars                    The director of photography is responsible fo
 51   The Amazing Man of Steel                          On the distant planet Krypton, millions of li
 52   Interview with Superman                           (puzzle piece)
 53   The incredible Scoop of Lois Lane                 (puzzle piece)
 54   Superman Leaps Into Action!                       The alluring Sarah Douglas plays Ursa, one of
 55   Superman To The Rescue!                           Larger-than-life heroes have persisted in pop
 56   A Daring Rescue!                                  (puzzle piece)
 57   Lois Lane thanks Superman                         In addition to being a rousing adventure tale
 58   Rescued by the Man of Steel!                      (puzzle piece)
 59   Superman (Christopher Reeve)                      (puzzle piece)
 60   Confronting the Arch-Criminal Lex Luthor          Rather than waiting for the phone to ring, Ma
 61   Portrait of a Hero                                (puzzle piece)
 62   Protector of Truth and Justice                    (puzzle piece)
 63   All-American Hero!                                Possessing abilities inherited from Krypton,
 64   First Appearance In the Comics (1938)             Voluptuous, spirited Valerie Perrine (Eve in
 65   Soaring Above The City                            (puzzle piece)
 66   Landing of the Spaceship                          Cub reporter Jimmy Olsen is played by Marc Mc
 67   Nefarious Plan of Lex Luthor                      Clark Kent grows into a handsome, strapping y
 68   The Scheme to Destroy Superman                    Superman The Movie, the Warner Bros. release
 69   Marlon Brando as Jor-El                           Says Ilya Salkind, executive producer, "Super
 70   Jor-El and Lara... Their Final Moments!           When Marlon Brando signed to play Jor-El in S
 71   The Projection of Jor-El                          Talented, young actor Christopher Reeve, foun
 72   Doomsday On Krypton!                              When Christopher Reeve signed to play the tit
 73   Life-Saving Spaceship of Jor-El                   David Prowse, (Darth Vader in Star Wars) help
 74   The Infant Son of Jor-El                          John Barry, the brilliant production designer
 75   Lex Luthor and Eve... Companions in Villainy!     Director Richard Donner had little time to en
 76   Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor                        Completing the difficult screen play for Supe
 77   Conversing With The Elders                        Like many children, Margot Kidder dreamed of

Foil Stickers (1:2 packs)

 --   (Superman insignia)
 --   (Flying right)
 --   (Flying front)
 --   (Hands on hips)
 --   (Arms crossed)
 --   (Fist forward)

Blue-Border Stickers (1:2 packs)

 --   The Man of Steel
 --   Portrait of Clark Kent
 --   Portrait of Jimmy Olsen
 --   Portrait of Lois Lane
 --   Portrait of Lara
 --   Portrait of Superman

Uncut Sheet (mail-in wrapper offer)

 --   (press sheet, 21" x 27")


 --   Superman The Movie (dealer sell sheet, 8-1/2" x 11")


  4   Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor                      U.K. Edition   (76)
 37   Lex Luthor and Eve... Companions in Villainy!   U.K. Edition   (75)
 38   The Scheme to Destroy Superman                  U.K. Edition   (68)
 40   Nefarious Plan of Lex Luthor                    U.K. Edition   (67)
 65   Destruction of Krypton                          U.K. Edition  (n.a.)

 15   Backs: Gene Hackman / Point Culture Impact
 57   Backs: Line text change ending "... personalities" or "... personalities, this"

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©2003, 2014, 2016 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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