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Superman II
   Topps - 1981

Note:  Thanks to Carlos Aranda-Díaz and Edgardo Luis Pereles Velazquez for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 11 cards + 1 sticker + 1 stick bubble gum.
Common sets: approx. 4.5 per box if collation were perfect.
Sticker sets: approximately 1.64 per box.
Rack Box: includes only base cards, no stickers.

 No.   Title                                 Type

   1   Superman II                           Title Card
   2   The Man of Steel                      Character Profile
   3   Clark Kent - Reporter                 Character Profile
   4   Newswoman Lois Lane
   5   General Zod                           Movie Star Quotes
   6   The Monstrous Non                     Movie Facts
   7   Beautiful But Deadly Ursa             Character Profile
   8   Lara, Mother of Superman              Character Profile
   9   Bumbling Crook Otis                   Movie Star Quotes
  10   Editor Perry White                    Movie Star Quotes
  11   Young Jimmy Olsen                     Movie Facts
  12   Superman to the Rescue!
  13   Zooming into the Sky!                 Puzzle piece
  14   Trapped by Terrorists!                Puzzle piece
  15   Phantom Zone Villains -- Released!    Movie Star Quotes
  16   Clark Kent Smells a Scoop!            Puzzle piece
  17   They Don't Make Taxi Cabs Like        Puzzle piece
          They Used To!
  18   Terror on the Moon
  19   Hulking Villain from Krypton          Story Summary 14 of 15
  20   The Fortress of Solitude              Puzzle piece
  21   The Niagara Falls Affair              Completed puzzle D
  22   Undercover Assignment!                Story Summary 11 of 15
  23   A Child In Danger!                    Completed puzzle A
  24   Saved from Certain Death!             Puzzle piece
  25   Reporters on the Job!
  26   Rescued by ... Clark Kent?            Character Profile
  27   His Secret Revealed                   Story Summary 15 of 15
  28   Flying to Superman's Pad              Puzzle piece
  29   Sky Trek                              Puzzle piece
  30   Inside the Fortress of Solitude       Movie Star Quotes
  31   A Very Special Mission ...            Puzzle piece
  32   Fastest Boyfriend on Earth!
  33   Dinner For Two!                       Completed puzzle B
  34   Villains Arrive on Earth
  35   Snake Trouble!                        Story Summary  7 of 15
  36   Ursa's Deadly Heat Rays               Puzzle piece
  37   Non Tests his Powers                  Story Summary 13 of 15
  38   Welcome to our Country!               Completed puzzle B
  39   Bullets Have No Effect!               Puzzle piece
  40   Superman's Great Sacrifice            Character Profile
  41   A Message from Beyond                 Puzzle piece
  42   Inside the Mysterious Chamber         Story Summary  9 of 15
  43   The Strength-Removing Process Begins! Story Summary 10 of 15
  44   Superman .... Now a Mere Mortal!      Puzzle piece
  45   A New Beginning ... Or End?           Completed puzzle B
  46   Villains Wreak Havoc!
  47   The Unstoppable Non!                  Puzzle piece
  48   Changing the Face of the World        Completed puzzle C
  49   Belted by a Bully!                    Puzzle piece
  50   A Desperate Appeal!                   Character Profile
  51   The Crystal Survives!                 Story Summary 12 of 15
  52   Back in Action!                       Story Summary  3 of 15
  53   Master of the World?                  Puzzle piece
  54   Raiding the Daily Planet!             Completed puzzle A
  55   The Destructors                       Puzzle piece
  56   Perry White Hits the Ceiling!!
  57   The Bringers of Hate                  Completed puzzle A
  58   Holding Lois Lane Hostage             Puzzle piece
  59   The Man of Steel Returns!             Completed puzzle C
  60   The Destructive Heat Rays!            Puzzle piece
  61   The Coolest Man in Town!              Puzzle piece
  62   Panic in Metropolis                   Story Summary  5 of 15
  63   Battle of the Kryptonians             Movie Star Quotes
  64   Superman Cages Non!                   Puzzle piece
  65   A City in Shambles!                   Puzzle piece
  66   One Way to Catch a Bus!
  67   Ursa Hurls a Deadly Lid               Movie Star Quotes
  68   Has Superman Been Defeated?           Completed puzzle D
  69   Destructive Winds                     Puzzle piece
  70   Destroying Metropolis!                Movie Star Quotes
  71   Reflecting the Villains' Powers       Character Profile
  72   A Fight to the Finish!                Movie Star Quotes
  73   Spectacular Battle!                   Puzzle piece
  74   Ring-Side Seats!                      Story Summary  8 of 15
  75   Speeding Across the World             Puzzle piece
  76   Invading Superman's Home              Puzzle piece
  77   Showdown at the Fortress of Solitude  Puzzle piece
  78   The Villains' Trump Card              Puzzle piece
  79   The Final Stand                       Puzzle piece
  80   Lois Lane ... Hostage!                Puzzle piece
  81   A Clever Trick!                       Puzzle piece
  82   Getting A Boot Out of Ursa!           Puzzle piece
  83   The Tables are Turned!                Character Profile
  84   Kiss of Forgetfulness                 Puzzle piece
  85   Getting Even, Superman style!         Completed puzzle D
  86   Defender of Liberty                   Puzzle piece
  87   Until Next Time ...!                  Completed puzzle C
  88   Superman II Checklist                 Checklist


   1   Superman
   2   Clark Kent
   3   Lois Lane
   4   Non
   5   General Zod
   6   Jimmy Olsen
   7   Ursa
   8   Perry White
   9   Otis
  10   The Man of Steel
  11   Phantom Zone Villains
  12   Completed Purple Border Puzzle
  13   (Supe and Lois)
  14   (Consulting the crystal)
  15   (Three against one flying)
  16   (Zod choke-hold)
  17   (Flagpole)
  18   (Flying cutout)
  19   (S symbol)
  20   Superman II
  21   (Emblems)
  22   The Staff of The Daily Planet

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