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   Leader Novelty - 1940

Notes: American Card Catalog reference is R146. Cards are approximately 
2-3/8" x 2-7/8", with rudimentary 3-color art with titles outside candy 
boxes and story text inside. "This is one of a series of 48 exciting adventures 
of Superman" hints that a further expansion had been planned. A separate 
version with blank backs, cut out of candy boxes, is observed. Scans are posted 
at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

 No.   Title

   1   Through the Flames
   2   Smashing the Gangsters
   3   The Race in the Sky
   4   The Armored Car Holdup
   5   A Lesson for Crooks
   6   Fumes of Doom
   7   Saving the Workmen
   8   Breaking the Racket
   9   Rescue of the Mayor
  10   Human Tenpins
  11   The Toppling Smokestack
  12   Peril in the Air
  13   The Bank Robbery
  14   The Yellow Mask
  15   The Bursting Bomb
  16   The Trap
  17   Millions in Gold
  18   The Fight for Peace
  19   The Shattered Press
  20   Through Granite Walls
  21   Snatched from Death
  22   Twisted Steel
  23   A Shot in the Night
  24   Cracked Skulls

  25   Fight in Mid-Air
  26   Trapped in the Glacier
  27   Trapped in the Air
  28   Capture of the Kidnapers
  29   The Averted Train Wreck
  30   Roller Coaster Rescue
  31   Superman at the Circus
  32   Disaster at the Circus
  33   Superman
  34   Attacked by Sharks
  35   The Runaway Ship
  36   Mountain Tragedy

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