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Superman Gum
   Gum Inc. - 1941

Notes: Cards are approximately 3-1/8" x 2-1/2", and show a 1940 copyright 
by "Superman, Inc." Cards 49-72 are relatively short-printed. American Card 
Catalog reference is R145. An authorized reprint set was produced in 1984. 
Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Title

  1   Superman
  2   The Spy Trail
  3   From the Jaws of Death
  4   Peril in the Jungle
  5   The Girl Reporter's Danger
  6   Superman vs. Bank Robbers
  7   The Averted Train Wreck
  8   Rescue at the Bank
  9   Superman at the Circus
 10   Fury of the Sea
 11   Capture of the Kidnapers
 12   Superman's Arch Enemy
 13   Teeth of Steel
 14   Maniac at Large
 15   Panic in the Subway
 16   Mountain Tragedy
 17   Death on the Speedway
 18   Prison Break
 19   Wings of Mercy
 20   Peril at Sea
 21   The Runaway Horse
 22   Wolves at Bay
 23   Hurtling to Destruction
 24   Attacked by Sharks
 25   Trapped in the Air
 26   Log Jam Peril
 27   Rescue from a Rocky Reef
 28   The Flames of Doom
 29   Death Dive
 30   Trapped in the Glacier
 31   Rescue Beneath the Sea
 32   Danger on High
 33   The Avalanche
 34   Peril in the Oil Fields
 35   Hurricane Horror
 36   Facing the Firing Squad
 37   Distress at Sea
 38   Marooned in the Clouds
 39   Disaster at the Mine
 40   Racing the Shells
 41   Roller Coaster Rescue
 42   Danger in the Jungle
 43   Fight in Mid-Air
 44   Disaster at the Circus
 45   The Runaway Ship
 46   To the Rescue
 47   Horror Beneath the Sea
 48   Death in the Air
 49   Danger at the Carnival
 50   At the Bottom of the Sea
 51   Superman vs. the Spies
 52   Saving the Destroyer
 53   The Girl Reporter
 54   Rescue from the Flames
 55   Superman Wins Again
 56   Superman and the Killer-Whale
 57   Battling the Hurricane
 58   A Near-Tragedy
 59   The Dive of Death
 60   Menace in the Mine
 61   Through the Mine Field
 62   Peril in the Presses
 63   Terror in the Tower
 64   Adventure on an Iceberg
 65   The Runaway Trolley Car
 66   Danger at the Dam
 67   Explosion in an Oil Field
 68   Saved by Superman
 69   Saved from Burial Alive
 70   Danger in the North Woods
 71   Trapped in Quicksand
 72   Superman vs. Torpedo

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