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Superman Cards
   Topps - 1966

Notes: Two main varieties are seen for the backs of cards 1-44: orange with the
caption "Watch Superman on T.V."; and orange without this caption at the
bottom. Cards 45-66 were puzzle pieces and were indistinguishable between
the two distributions. A 44-card test set with a white background on card backs
was issued earlier and is quite scarce. Reports say that there were numerous
short-prints and extra-prints in the regular series, complicating the process
of completing sets.  Thanks much to Carlos Aranda-Díaz for the checklist!
Further information and scans of the three varieties are posted at the Good 
Stuff Cards website. American Card Catalog reference is R710-34.

No.   Title

  1   "Krypton is Doomed"
  2   Destination: Earth
  3   Superman's Parents
  4   Ace Reporter
  5   Superman
  6   A Job for Superman
  7   The Man of Steel
  8   Superman's Strength
  9   Metropolis' Hero
 10   The Threat
 11   Plotting Lois' Death
 12   Lois in Trouble
 13   Lois is Kidnapped
 14   Jimmy and Clark
 15   "He's Been Shot"
 16   Clark Gets a Lead
 17   "No False Moves, Kent"
 18   "You're Finished Kent"
 19   Superman in Action
 20   Futile Fight
 21   Superman's Warning
 22   The Backfire
 23   Crushing Blow
 24   Seeing with X-Ray Eyes
 25   Saved by Superman
 26   Safe at Last
 27   Superman's Peril
 28   Jimmy, Superman & Perry
 29   Great Caesar's Ghost
 30   Bullets Bounce Off Him
 31   In the Nick of Time
 32   Superman & the Savages
 33   Superman Leaps In
 34   Superman to the Rescue
 35   Superman's Problem
 36   The Challenge
 37   The Pirates' Decision
 38   It's Superman!
 39   Helping Hand
 40   Superman & the Cavemen
 41   Facing the Death Ray
 42   Superman's "Wedding"
 43   Happy Ending
 44   Reporter Clark Kent
 45   Super Safecracker
 46   Interviewing the Chief
 47   Superman's Pet
 48   At the Police Station
 49   Capturing the Crooks
 50   The Alien Arrives
 51   Superman Gets His Man
 52   Jor-El on Krypton
 53   Jimmy Behind Bars
 54   "Help Me, Superman"
 55   Lois Threatened!
 56   Superman's Search
 57   Pa Kent Finds Superboy
 58   Held as a Hostage
 59   Rocket from Krypton
 60   Flight over Metropolis
 61   The Kryptonite Ray
 62   Superman as a Baby
 63   Ruler of Krypton
 64   Superman's Father
 65   Visitor from Space
 66   Harmless Blow

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