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Superman Action Packs
Fleer/Skybox - 1996

Notes:  Some people have grouped the promo stickers (pack inserts) with
the regular set, but I think the intent was to have this set parallel the Batman
& Robin Action Packs set, which had an advertising card as a pack insert
instead. Thus, a complete set consists of 40 items.  Thanks much to Carlos
Aranda-Déaz and Joann Girard for updates!

Box: 48 packs as described below.
Common sets: approx. 8.00 per box if collation were perfect.
Promo sticker sets: approximately 4.80 per box.

No.   Title

Brainiac Attack Cards (2:pack)

  1   Mind Over Matter
  2   Brute Force
  3   Surprise Attack
  4   Krypton's Might
  5   Express Time
  6   Direct Hit
  7   A Closer Look
  8   On the Scene
  9   Hero of Metropolis
 10   Solid Punch
 11   Quick Change
 12   Meltdown

Pop-out Cards (2:pack)

P1    Superman
P2    Lois Lane
P3    Jimmy Olsen
P4    Man of Steel
P5    Jor-El
P6    Lex Luthor
P7    Man of Tomorrow
P8    Brainiac
P9    Bizarro
P10   Last Son of Krypton
P11   Jax-Ur
P12   Darkseid

Puzzle Cards (1:pack)

Pz1   Ready to Defend
Pz2   Cosmic Menace
Pz3   City in Peril!
Pz4   Airborne
Pz5   Hero on Patrol
Pz6   Justice From Above

Coloring Cards (1:pack)

 C1   Easy Landing
 C2   To the Rescue!
 C3   Heat Vision
 C4   Action Ready
 C5   Face-Off!
 C6   Total Power

Superman Gum (1:pack)

 --   Superman (flying forward)
 --   Superman (right side)
 --   Superman (left side, ready to land)
 --   Superman (left side, soaring up)


Sticker Set Promos (Pack Inserts)

--    Superman
--    Daily Planet (Lois Lane)
--    (Lex Luthor)
--    (Clark Kent)
--    (Superman & Brainiac)
--    (Superman & speeding train)
--    Faster Than a Speeding Bullet (Superman)
--    (Superman vs. Darkseid)
--    (Superman vs. LexoSkel 5000)
--    (Superman at Daily Planet building)


 P1   Superman (Pop-out)
 P5   Jor-El (Pop-out)
 --   (Promo Gum)

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©2001, 2003, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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