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Super Circus
   Mars Inc. - 1952

Notes: Cards were punchouts from multi-pack candy trays, with blank 
backs. Images are taken from the ABC-TV series. American Card Catalog 
reference is R801. Scans are posted at the Vintage Non-Sports Cards gallery.

No.   Caption

  1   Mary Hartline, television's Super Circus Queen, le
  2   Cliffy - the rollicking Super Circus Clown who pla
  3   Everyone thrills when the fierce tigers roar under
  4   Claude Kirchner - 6-1/2-foot Ringmaster, introduce
  5   12-year-old Super Circus clown, Scampy, is forever
  6   The daring Super Circus lion trainer gets right in
  7   Lovely Mary Hartline leads her famous Super Circus
  8   Anything can happen to Nicky, the loveable tramp.
  9   ??
 10   Super Circus Seals juggle, balance, dance, applaud
 11   Super Circus tight-rope walker balances dangerousl
 12   With the world's largest necks, Super Circus Giraf
 13   Super Circus aerialist swings through the air susp
 14   Funny Super Circus Bron Bear rides a bicycle round
 15   Daring Super Circus trapeze artists fly through th
 16   The mischievouys monkey hitches a free ride on the
 17   Super Circus diver dives 100 feet into a tank just
 18   Everybody loves the tricks Super Circus Monkeys do
 19   super Circus bareback horse rider does acrobatics
 20   You never before saw dog tricks like the Dalmatian
 21   Super Circus Strong Man, powerful as a bull, perfo


Milky Way Super Circus Side Show (9" x 11")

 --   Side Show Ringmaster's Pitch (paper insert)
 --   Cardboard Cutouts (assembly required)
         The Great Maximo - World's Strongest Man
         Jack Sprat The Human Skeleton and Tiny Tillie Sprat
         Serpentina - Queen of the Snake Charmers
         Main Entrance (left)
         Main Entrance (right)
         Stretch - India Rubber Man
         Big Bill and Little Max
         Swordini The Great Sword Swallower
         Milky Way Super Circus Slide Show (header and attachment panel)

Milky Way Super Circus Snickers Shack

 --   (shack, assembly required)

Super Circus Puppets (each 2-part folded)

 --   Cliffy the Clown
 --   Mary Hartline

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