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Supersisters - 1979

Notes: Originally distributed as a factory set, the set features women prominent
in the public sphere with photo card fronts and biographic information on card
backs.  Thanks much to Mike Fitzpatrick for the checklist!

No.   Sister                    Renown

  1   Suzy Chaffee              Champion Skier
  2   Nancy Dickerson           News Correspondent
  3   Pat Schroeder             Colorado Congresswoman
  4   Margaret Chase Smith      First Woman Placed in Nomination for President of the U.S.
  5   Lynn D. Salvage           President of the First Women's Bank
  6   Rabbi Sally J. Priesand   First Woman Ordained a Rabbi
  7   Letty Cottin Pogrebin     Best Selling Author
  8   Bella S. Abzug            New York Congresswoman/Women's Rights Leader
  9   Helen Reddy               Recording Artist
 10   Lois Gould                Feminist Author
 11   Sonia Manzano             Actress Children's Television Workshop
 12   Helen Thomas              Chief of UPI's White House Bureau
 13   Virginia Hamilton         Author
 14   Carla Anderson Hills      Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
 15   Mary Louise Smith         1st Woman Chair Republican National Committee
 16   Margaret Mead             Anthropologist
 17   Wendy Boglioli            Olympic Medalist Swimming
 18   Julie Harris              Actress
 19   Rosie Casals              Champion Tennis Player
 20   Elly Peterson             Co-chair of ERAmerica (Equal Rights Amendment)
 21   Mary Rose Oakar           Congresswoman from Ohio
 22   Linda Winikow             New York State Senator
 23   Lucinda Franks            Journalist/Author
 24   Bonnie Tiburzi            1st Woman Pilot on a Major US Airline
 25   Leonor K. Sullivan        Congresswoman from Missouri
 26   Caroline Bird             Author/Women's Rights Activist
 27   Rosa Parks                Human Rights Activist
 28   Helen Stevenson Meyner    Congresswoman from New Jeresey
 29   Doriot Anthony Dwyer      Flutist - Boston Symphony Orchestra
 30   Lindy Cochran             Champion Skier
 31   Maxine Kumin              Pulitzer Prize Winning Poet
 32   Gloria Steinem            Founder/Editor Ms. Magazine - Women's Rights Activist
 33   Gladys Noon Spellman      Congresswoman from Maryland
 34   Malvina Reynolds          Songwriter/Performer
 35   Eleanor Cutri Smeal       President National Organization for Women
 36   Ann Carr                  Champion Gymnast
 37   Laura Lee Ching           Champion Surfer
 38   Shari Lewis               Entertainer/Author
 39   Barbara A. Mikulski       Congresswoman From Maryland
 40   Meredith Monk             Founder/Director Dance Music Theater Company 
 41   Barbara Gardner Proctor   Pres. and Creative Director Proctor & Gardner Advertising
 42   Katharine Graham          Chief Executive Washington Post
 43   Ruby Dee                  Actress
 44   Marlo Thomas              Actress/Producer
 45   Kathrine Switzer          1st Woman to enter the Boston Marathon
 46   Miki Gorman               Champion Long Distance Runner
 47   Barbara Ann Cochran       Champion Skier
 48   Wendy Turnbull            Tennis Champion
 49   Shirley M. Hufstedler     Head of the Department of Education
 50   Kathy Johnson             Champion Gymnast
 51   Claudia Weill             Filmmaker
 52   Jane Pauley               TV Journalist
 53   Janet Guthrie             Race Car Driver
 54   Debbie Gary Callier       Airshow Pilot
 55   Jane Alexander            Award Winning Actress
 56   Jane Trahey               Founder/President of her own Ad Agency
 57   Jane Cahill Pfeiffer      Chairman of the Board NBC
 58   Cindy Nelson              Alpine Skier
 59   Rhonda Schwandt           Champion Gymnast
 60   Jane Bryant Quinn         Financial Columnist
 61   Sarah Weddington          White House Advisor on Women's Issues
 62   Robin Morgan              Woman's Rights Leader
 63   Jackie Cassello           Champion Gymnast
 64   Cathy Rigby Mason         Olympic Medalist Gymnastics
 65   Melanie Smith             World Champion Equestrian
 66   Buffy Sainte-Marie        Songwriter/Performer
 67   Natalie Dunn              Champion Roller Skater
 68   Cathy Carr                Champion Swimmer
 69   Leslie Uggams             Actress
 70   Helen Hayes               Stage-Film-TV Actress
 71   Shirley Chisholm          Congresswoman from New York
 72   Ntozake Shange            Playwright/Poet 

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