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Superman Vitamins
   Nature Made - 1982

Notes:  One card was included with each bottle of vitamins. Thanks much to Al Freund 
for the list and to Jen Badham for the update!

No.   Title

  1   Superman
  2   Lois Lane
  3   Batman
  4   Robin
  5   Lex Luthor [rare]
  6   Clark Kent
  7   Wonder Woman
  8   Supergirl
  9   Penguin
 10   Catwoman
 11   The Joker
 12   Riddler


Fan Club Membership Bonuses

 --   Fan club Official Membership Card
 --   Superman News v1 n1
 --   Kids of Steel certificate
 --   Mailer
 --   Superman (trading card)

Uncut Sheet (# to 250)

 --   8.5" x 11"; with framed black border

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