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Supergirl Season 1
  Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2017

Notes: A full release is expected in early 2018.

  Cryptozoic Entertainment - 2017

      Cards were sold in a cello pack, # to 300, exclusive to the
      October 2017 Philly Non-Sports Card Show. Card backs have "Cat 
      Quotes" from Supergirl Season One. Further information and scans 
      are posted at the Beckett website.

   No.    Title / Caption                                       Episode / Color

Cat Quotes Cards

    --    "If I get sick, I will underperform. If I underper    blue
    --    "It's not that I don't see your frown, it's just t    blue
    --    "Whole milk has not passed my lips since I rode a     blue

    --    "I'm a wrioter. It's like riding a bike, or severe    green
    --    "Never call me ma'am. This is not the Old West."      green
    --    "Well, like taxes, aging, and participating in Mar    green

    --    "All four of you standing there doing nothing, you    red
    --    "Congratulations. You have the wit of a YouTube co    red
    --    "Now, look, I'm not immune to the allure of James     red

Autograph Cards (1:10 sets; also to be found in Season 1 release)

 PSQ18    Calista Flockhart as Cat Grant                        Season 1 - Episode 118 - Worlds Finest
          Chris Browning as Ben Krull
          Chris Browning as Reactron
          Dean Cain as Jeremiah Danvers
          Iddo Goldberg as Red Tornado
          Iddo Goldgerg as T.O. Morrow
          Malina Weissman as Young Kara Zor-El

Costume Relic Redemption Card (1 made)

    --    (Sweater worn by Melissa Benoist)                     Season 1 - Episode 116 - Falling


    P1    Coming Soon! (hovering in air)
    P3    Coming Soon! (flying past building; Philly Non-Sports Card Show)

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