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Cards Inc. - 2003

Notes: Issued as a Limited Edition boxed factory set.  The sketch cards may
have been prepared for one of the earlier Cards Inc. sets, and can bear a different
copyright date. Thanks to wolfie for the update!

No.    Front Title                            Back Title

  1    Supermarionation [Title Card]          The Puppet Pioneer


  2    Mike Mercury and the Supercar          The Story
  3    Everyone lends a hand                  The Characters
  4    Supercar takes to the air              The Hardware
  5    Geniuses at work                       The Series

Fireball XL5

  6    Zodiac, Venus & Robert the Robot       The Story
  7    The crew of Fireball XL5               The Characters
  8    Around the universe in Fireball XL5    The Hardware
  9    Commander Zero issues his orders       The Series


 10    The brave crew of Stingray             The Story
 11    In command of Marineville              The Characters
 12    The incredible Stingray                The Hardware
 13    The evil Titan of the Aquaphibians     The Series


 14    Brave pilot of Thunderbird 1           The Story
 15    An extended family                     The Characters
 16    Thunderbirds to the rescue             The Hardware
 17    IR's London Agents                     The Series

Captain Scarlet

 18    Captain Scarlet - Spectrum Agent       The Story
 19    Colonel White in Command               The Characters
 20    The Heavily Armoured SPV               The Hardware
 21    Captain Black - Mysteron Agent         The Series

Joe 90

 22    Joe 90 the ace pilot                   The Story
 23    A brilliant mind                       The Characters
 24    The McClaine's take flight             The Hardware
 25    The McClaine's 'quaint' home           The Series

The Secret Service

 26    The Country Clergyman                  The Story
 27    Rev. Unwin's Pride and Joy             The Characters
 28    Professor Humbolt's Book               The Hardware
 29    The Priest's 'Gardener'                The Series
 30    Collector's Edition Supermarionation   The Checklist

Autographed Card (1:boxed set)

SA1    Elizabeth Morgan as Destiny

Hand-Drawn Sketch Card (1:boxed set; varieties observed include:)

 --    Graham Bleathman                       (Captain Scarlet)
 --    Graham Bleathman                       (Supercar; numbered to SC75)
 --    Graham Bleathman                       (Thunderbirds; numbered to 300)

Certificate of Authenticity (1:boxed set)

PREVIEW SET (2002; Numbered to 300)

SMP1   The Professor and Mike Mercury         Supercar
SMP2                                          Fireball XL5
SMP3   Deep Sea Heroes                        Stingray
SMP4   The Mighty Thunderbird 2               Thunderbirds
SMP5   The Indestructible Captain Scarlet     Captain Scarlet
SMP6   W.I.N. a Most Secret Agent             Joe 90

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©2003, 2006 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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