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Comic Images - 1996

Notes:  Thanks much to Anthony Cote, Jason K. Hood, and Steve Yoder for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 7 cards.
Common sets (90): approx. 2.76 per box if collation were perfect.

No.     Title


B-1     Showing Her the Way
B-2     The Ax-Man
B-3     WindKat
B-4     Combat Maneuvers
B-5     Archie
B-6     And Then There Were None
B-7     At the End of the Day
B-8     10+++
B-9     Self-Portrait (1992)
B-10    Boris Vallejo Checklist


F-1     King of the Jungle
F-2     Bareback
F-3     Ship Ahoy
F-4     Two Nudes
F-5     Dracula
F-6     Queen of the Jungle
F-7     Boy with Frog
F-8     Delicate Negotiation
F-9     Classic
F-10    Frank Frazetta Checklist


H-1     The Finest Knight of All [Greg]
H-2     Superman: Tribute to Jack Kirby [Greg & Tim]
H-3     The Angel and the Devil [Greg]
H-4     Munchkinland [Tim]
H-5     Witch's Castle [Tim]
H-6     The Good Fairy's Ice Palace [Tim]
H-7     Mac at the Zoo [Greg & Tim]
H-8     Mac, Bennie & Bug [Greg & Tim]
H-9     Lan [Greg & Tim]
H-10    The Brothers Hildebrandt Checklist [Greg & Tim]


J-1     Hunting Season
J-2     Warrior of Truth
J-3     Uroborus
J-4     Seduction
J-5     Victorious
J-6     Kenney
J-7     Commander Cody, Space Ace
J-8     Boris Bosphorus Paints a Freedom Dragon
J-9     Boris
J-10    Julie Bell Checklist


L-1     Obsidean
L-2     Don't Look Now
L-3     Balls Up
L-4     Succulina
L-5     Koxina
L-6     White Boots
L-7     Scott Ferretti
L-8     Sam Fox
L-9     The Horned God
L-10    Joseph Michael Linsner Checklist


O-1     Purrfect Study
O-2     Why Men Leave Home
O-3     Pomeranians Study
O-4     Abducted by Aliens Study #1
O-5     Abducted by Aliens Study #2
O-6     Things That Go Bump in the Night Study
O-7     Linnea Quigley, Model
O-8     Julie Study
O-9     Julie Strain, Model
O-10    Olivia De Berardinis Checklist


R-1     Window on Buonarroti
R-2     Oblivion Steams
R-3     Breeze Crevices
R-4     Dark Words
R-5     Elvis
R-6     A Million Tears
R-7     Der Prinz von Sparta
R-8     Diana De Bitru
R-9     Moon's Echo
R-10    Luis Royo Checklist


S-1     Horsewoman
S-2     Lady in White
S-3     Flora
S-4     Dazzle
S-5     Armed & Ready
S-6     Squid
S-7     Floating
S-8     Masked Mistress
S-9     Horsewhip
S-10    Hajime Sorayama Checklist


T-1     Knightrider
T-2     In the Swing of Things
T-3     Darkness
T-4     Stardust
T-5     Tivoli
T-6     High Energy
T-7     Shi Fan Face
T-8     Dreamscape Shi
T-9     Tomoe Sonata
T-10    William Tucci Checklist


Chase (1:12 packs)

 B-C    At the End of the Day - Boris
 F-C    King of the Jungle - Frazetta
 H-C    Mac, Bennie & Bug - Hildebrandts
 J-C    Victorious - Julie
 L-C    Balls Up - Linsner
 O-C    "Pomeranians" Study - Olivia
 R-C    Diana De Bitru - Royo
 S-C    Dazzle - Sorayama
 T-C    Shi Fan Face - Tucci

Autograph Cards
   Fakes have been reported.

 --     Boris
 --     Frazetta
 --     Hildebrandts [signed by both, top/bottom on back with felt tip]
 --     Julie
 --     Linsner
 --     Olivia
 --     Royo
 --     Sorayama
 --     Tucci

Card Album

 --     (binder)


 ---    (Unnumbered, silver foil; dealers)

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