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Super Soap Weekend
ABC / Disney - 2000

Notes:  These cards were distributed at theme parks during the theme
weekends.  Thanks much to Genny Carr for the checklist!

   Character            Description

All My Children

   Becca Tyree          Virgin
   Gillian Andrassy     Princess
   Greenlee Smythe      Bitch
   Leo Dupre            Player
   Ryan Lavery          Strong
   Tina Harding         Tough

General Hospital

   Emily Quartermaine   Defiant
   Juan Santiago        Dreamer
   Liz Webber           Survivor
   Lucky Spencer        Rebel
   Nickolas Cassadine   Noble

One Life To Live

   Antonio Vega         Fearless
   Christian Vega       Hottie
   Jessica Buchanan     Gutsy
   Rosanne Vega         Reckless
   Will Rappaport       Vixen

Port Charles

   Allison Barrington   Trouble
   Jamal Wood           Smooth

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