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Star Wars 3Di Widevision
Topps - 1996

Notes: The series features A New Hope, and follow-on series planned for
The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi were cancelled.  Cards from
the basic set were glued to the display box, and others were distributed pro-
motionally as prototypes.  Thanks much to Wess Worden for the list!

No.   Title

  1   Opening Credits
  2   Pursuit in Space
  3   Droids in Crossfire
  4   A Princess Strikes Back
  5   Release of the Escape Pod
  6   Toward Tatooine
  7   Jawas in Hiding
  8   Enter Luke Skywalker
  9   The Leia Hologram
 10   Spotting Sandpeople
 11   Attacked by Tuskan Raiders
 12   Rescued by Ben Kenobi
 13   A Message for Help
 14   Power of the Dark Side
 15   Fate of the Lars Homestead
 16   Cantina Denziens
 17   Meet Han and Chewie
 18   Alerting the Sandtrooper
 19   Perparing for Space Travel
 20   Escape from Tatooine
 21   Han Solo in Command
 22   Jumping into Hyperspace
 23   Target: Alderaan
 24   Laser of Destruction
 25   Leia's Ordeal
 26   Destruction of a Planet
 27   Lightsaber Pratice
 28   Approaching the Death Star
 29   Drawn into Danger 
 30   Heroes in Hiding
 31   Accessing Imperial Data
 32   Luke's Rescue Plan
 33   A "Captured" Chewbacca
 34   Han Solo's Bluff
 35   Trapped in the Alcove
 36   Trash Compacter Peril
 37   The Power Generator Trench
 38   Shoot Out in the Shaft
 39   Swinging to Safety
 40   When Jedi Clash
 41   "Run Luke, Run"
 42   Escaping the Death Star
 43   "I Can't Believe He 's Gone"
 44   Skirmish in Space
 45   "Got HIm, I Got Him"
 46   Destination: Yavin
 47   The Rebel Hideout
 48   Briefing the Rebels
 49   X-Wings Away
 50   Assault on the Death Star
 51   Monitoring the Battle
 52   Vader in the Trench
 53   "Targets Coming Up"
 54   Artoo Hanging On
 55   Blasted by Vader
 56   Luke Uses the Force
 57   Suprise Attack
 58   Vader's Final Stand
 59   Solo to the Resuce
 60   Death Star Departure
 61   The Victorious Rebels
 62   Honored for Their Bravery
 63   Heroes of the Rebellion


MultiMotion Card

 1m   Exploding Death Star


3Di 1   (Vader and Troops)
3Di 2   (McQuarrie: Luke and Vader, limited to 2500, Philly Non-Sports Show)
  --    Triple the Power of the Force! (dealer sell sheet)

  2m    (Bucking ronto; promo for 3Di multimotion, set not issued)
  P1    (AT-AT; promo for The Empire Strikes Back 3Di, set not issued)
DIII/0  (Ackbar; promo for Return of the Jedi 3Di, set not issued)
©2004 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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