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Star Wars: Attack of the Clones
Topps UK - 2002

Notes:  I'm still missing a handful of the cards, so assistance with the missing
titles would be appreciated!  The character foil cards are often considered
"chase" cards, but are individually slightly more common than the others.
Thanks much to Reiter Günter, Sean Hacker, and Wess Worden for the

Box: 36 packs of 8 regular cards + 1 foil card.
Common sets of 95: approx. 3.03 per box if collation were perfect.
Character foil sets: approximately 3.60 per box.

No.   Title

  1   The Saga Continues  [Title Card]

The Storyline

  2   The Approach to Coruscant
  3   The Landing Platform
  4   Mistaken Identity
  5   A Premonition of War
  6   Amidala's Welcome Return
  7   Wise Words from Yoda
  8   A Meeting of the Minds
  9   A Warning from the Mentor
 10   Zam's Deadly Pact
 11   Anakin on Guard
 12   Jedi Rescue
 13   Coruscant Airspace Chase
 14   The Energy Arc
 15   Anakin Takes Control
 16   Cockpit Crisis
 17   City Street Chase
 18   A Jedi Mind Game
 19   Sudden Attack
 20   A Lethal Blow
 21   Words of Encouragement
 22   The Reluctant Senator
 23   Travelling in Disguise
 24   Obi-Wan Visits an Old Friend
 25   Among Friends Again
 26   Jedi Training Centre
 27   Padmé Returns Home
 28   Destination Kamino
 29   The Jedi and the Politician
 30   The Secret of the Clone Army
 31   Inspecting the Cloning Facility
 32   The Clone Host Is Revealed
 33   Tender Moments Shared
 34   A Disturbance in the Force
 35   Anakin Shares His Fears
 36   Landing Platform Showdown
 37   Jango in Full Flight
 38   A Narrow Escape
 39   Return to Tatooine
 40   The Streets of Mos Espa
 41   Watto's Confession
 42   Obi-Wan Takes the Challenge
 43   Asteroid Action
 44   Hot Pursuit
 45   A Family Reunion
 46   Speeder Search
 47   Overheard Whispers
 48   A Glimpse of the Dark Side
 49   Calling Anakin
 50   Obi-Wan's Message
 51   Yoda's Plan
 52   The Prisoner
 53   A Faithful Servant
 54   Ambush
 55   In the Droid Factory
 56   Amidala's Struggle
 57   Artoo and C-3PO to the Rescue
 58   Jar Jar's Big Day
 59   A Vow of Love
 60   A Fate Worse than Death
 61   To Live and Die as a Jedi
 62   This Party's Over
 63   Battle with the Separatists
 64   Reinforcements Arrive
 65   Outside the Arena
 66   Gunship Chase
 67   The Battle Rages On
 68   The Power of Dooku
 69   A Noble Jedi Knows No Fear
 70   Anakin to the Rescue
 71   Anakin's Onslaught
 72   Anakin's Pain, Yoda's Pledge
 73   Dooku Unleashes the Force
 74   The Mighty Yoda
 75   Dooku's Retreat
 76   A Secret Meeting
 77   "Begun, The Clone War Has"
 78   A Secret Ceremony

The Checklists

 79   Checklist 1
 80   Checklist 2

The Vehicles

V1    Anakin's Airspeeder
V2    Zam's Airspeeder
V3    Padmé's Starship
V4    Jedi Starfighter
V5    Slave 1
V6    Owen Lars' Swoop Bike
V7    Republic Gunship
V8    Republic Assault Ship
V9    AT-TE Assault Walker
V10   Solar Sailer

The Planets

 P1   Coruscant
 P2   Naboo
 P3   Kamino
 P4   Tatooine
 P5   Geonosis

Character Foil Cards (1:pack)

C1    Anakin Skywalker
C2    Obi-Wan Kenobi
C3    Padmé Amidala
C4    Count Dooku
C5    Jango Fett
C6    R2-D2 and C-3P0
C7    Yoda
C8    Mace Windu
C9    Clone Trooper
C10   Super Battle Droid


Card Album (each comes with the same B1 card)

 --   Anakin (Binder)
 --   Obi-Wan (Binder)
 --   Jango Fett (Binder)
 --   Count Dooku (Binder)

 B1   (Exclusive binder card)


 --   (Dealer sell sheet)

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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