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Art Wars: A New Hope Intergalactic Art Show
   Jason Chalker and Scott Kinnebrew - 2012

Notes: Cards were first distributed at the Intergalactic Art Show, also later 
at Stan lee's Comikaze 2013. They are "featuring custom toys & art by 
Scott Kinnebrew (Forces of Dorkness) and Jason Chalker (Manly Art).

No.    Title

 --    [header card]

  1   Boba Fett
  2   Tusken Rabbit
  3   Pimp2-D2
  4   The Little Wampa
  5   Hammerhead
  6   Kabe
  7   Labbit X-Wing
  8   Dengar
  9   Biker Scout
 10   Ponda Baba
 11   Dunny T.I.E. Fighter
 12   Booger Fett
 13   Admiral Ackbar
 14   Wampa
 15   Jason Chalker
 16   Scott Kinnebrew

 --   La Guerra De Los Luchadores

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