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Builders Club R2-D2 Set
   Lee Towersley - 2016

Notes: These cards celebrate the droid designers and builders, and were available at 
Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. Card design is in the style of the original Topps 
Star Wars cards.

   No.   Title

     1   R2-D2
     2   R0-4LO
     3   R2-1:2
     4   R2-JZero
     5   R2-S8
     6   R2-D2
     7   R6-X2
     8   R0-D2
     9   R2-ST by Andre Turner
    10   R6-D4
    11   R2-D2 & BB-8
    12   R2-D2
    13   R2-BHD by Brad Oakley
    14   R4-X2 by Brad Oakley
    15   R5-Y2 by Brad Oakley
    16   R2-X2 by Brad Oakley
    17   R4-1J
    18   R2-D2
    19   R4-T8
    20   R4-I9
    21   R2-M80
    22   R2-M5 by Laurent Devendeville
    23   R2D2 by Jason Artoo
    24   R2-D2
    25   Celebration London 2016 / Checklist

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