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Darrell K. Sweet
FPG - 1994

No.   Title

  1   A Hero and His Magic Steed
  2   The Night Ride
  3   A Dragon's Dilemma
  4   Taking the Field
  5   The Crystal Mausoleum
  6   The Knight and His Companions
  7   Begging for Safe Passage
  8   The Great Parade
  9   Unlikely Compatriots
 10   Friendly Beast of Burden
 11   The Rider and His Unicorn with the Green Stockings
 12   Delicate Negotiations
 13   The Ultimate Warrior
 14   Pulling Down the Effigy
 15   The Tree of Knowledge
 16   The Audience
 17   The Night Rescue
 18   The Path is Blocked
 19   Spelling the Sword
 20   A Volume of Magic
 21   The Burning Gate
 22   Complicated Negotiations
 23   Wizard's Quarter
 24   Interrupted Journey
 25   The Maharaja and the Genie
 26   A Midsummer Night's Dream
 27   The Blessing
 28   Seeking the Truth
 29   A Problem of Ethics
 30   A Strange Group
 31   The Bionic Whale
 32   But the Instructions are Confusing
 33   Deep-Water Encounter
 34   Presentation of a Magic Sword
 35   Screaming
 36   The Medallion
 37   A Clash of Wills
 38   The Book Thief
 39   The Rite of Possession
 40   The Swampy Ride
 41   The Chamber for Dueling
 42   The Choosing
 43   Underwater World
 44   Drinking Partners
 45   The Value of the Lamp
 46   A Spirit's Wrath
 47   The Vigil
 48   Night Lesson
 49   The Healing
 50   The Alien Ferry
 51   Inserting the Observer
 52   The Rescue
 53   The Way Down
 54   Shuttle Down
 55   The Planet
 56   Surveillance Ships on Patrol
 57   Catch In Deep Space
 58   A Low-Level Pass
 59   An Important Specimen
 60   Lost Object, Found
 61   Ship of Gold
 62   Repairs in Deep Space
 63   Making Repairs
 64   Ancient Magic
 65   The Sage
 66   Protecting the Construction
 67   Interrupted Research
 68   Saying the Vows
 69   An Exchange of Gifts
 70   Could Be a Problem
 71   The Princess and Her Pet
 72   Delivery of Baby Ogre
 73   The Beheaded Monument
 74   The Wise Assemblage
 75   Unlikely Friends on a Quest
 76   The Winged Conversationalist
 77   The Dragon Slayer
 78   Intimidating Entrance
 79   The Introduction
 80   The Wizard's Lesson
 81   The Accounting
 82   Attack on the Citadel
 83   Attack on the Fleet
 84   Deadly Game
 85   The Calling
 86   The Young Robin Hood
 87   Late Arrival
 88   The Omen
 89   Forced Aside
 90   Darrell K. Sweet Checklist


Metallic Storm Cards

MS1   The Dragon's Revenge
MS2   The Fire Dragon
MS3   The Forces of Good and Evil
MS4   The Warlord
MS5   Robot's Dilemma

Autographed card

 --   Darrell K. Sweet

Autographed 10-card panel (1:case)

 --   Darrell K. Sweet


 ---  (Deluxe #19)
 P1   (knight on horse)
 P2   (slain dragon)

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