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Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace
    Collector Cards (Kentucky Fried Chicken - Malaysia)
KFC International Holdings - 1999

Note:  Issued at Kentucky Fried Chicken outlets in Malaysia and Great Britain.
I don't know whether the title cards (seen with the Malaysian set) were also
distributed in Britain.  Ten of these twenty cards have the same images and text
as the KFC cards issued in Australia, which can be distinguished by the numbering
(x/10, etc.).  The corresponding cards are not otherwise identical because the
margins are slightly different and the text has different line breaks on two of
the cards.

  No.   Title

 1/20   Qui-Gon Jinn
 2/20   R2-D2
 3/20   Jar Jar Binks
 4/20   Queen Amidala
 5/20   Shmi Skywalker
 6/20   Obi-Wan Kenobi
 7/20   Senator Palpatine
 8/20   Mace Windu
 9/20   Destroyer Droid
10/20   Jabba the Hutt
11/20   Sebulba
12/20   Yoda
13/20   Darth Maul
14/20   C-3PO
15/20   Watto
16/20   Padmé
17/20   Battle Droid
18/20   Nute Gunray
19/20   Darth Sidious
20/20   Anakin Skywalker
Set A   Set A 1-10 (Title Card)
Set B   Set B 11-20 (Title Card)

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