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Star Wars Force Attax Celebration Europe 2016 Boxed Set
   Topps Authentics- 2016

Notes: This boxed set was exclusive to Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016.

No.    Title                          Affiliation       Stars Defence Attack    Type

CE1    Finn                           Warrior             5      96     97
CE2    Rey
CE3    Poe Dameron
CE4    Han Solo
CE5    Luke Skywalker                 Jedi Knight         5      99     99
CE6    Kylo Ren                       Dark Warrior        5     100    100
CE7    Captain Phasma                 Captain             5      94     96
CE8    Stormtrooper                   Stormtrooper        5      88     89

 --    Certificate of Authenticity (# to 1000)

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