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Star Wars Finest - Series One
Topps - 1996

Notes:  Also distributed as a factory set.  A parallel refractor set was produced.
The Shadows of the Empire "Reservation" coupon was distributed in packs and
is sometimes included in the base set.  Some cards were either short-printed or
short-distributed, especially the low numbers, making it difficult to complete
common sets.  Thanks much to Wess Worden and Neil Tring for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards.
Common sets: approx. 1.89 per box if collation were perfect
  and if there were no short-prints.

 No.   Title                               Type

   1   Series One: Characters              Title Card
   2   Luke Skywalker                      Rebel Alliance
   3   Princess Leia Organa Solo           Rebel Alliance
   4   Mon Mothma                          Rebel Alliance
   5   Admiral Ackbar                      Rebel Alliance
   6   General Jan Dodonna                 Rebel Alliance
   7   Han Solo                            Rebel Alliance
   8   Chewbacca                           Rebel Alliance
   9   Lando Calrissian                    Rebel Alliance
  10   Crix Madine                         Rebel Alliance
  11   General Garm Bel Iblis              Rebels & Affiliates
  12   Borsk Fey'lya                       Rebels & Affiliates
  13   Wedge Antilles                      Rebels & Affiliates
  14   Biggs Darklighter                   Rebels & Affiliates
  15   Nien Nunb                           Rebels & Affiliates
  16   Winter                              Rebels & Affiliates
  17   Wicket W. Warrick                   Rebels & Affiliates
  18   Qwi Xux                             Rebels & Affiliates
  19   Emperor Palpatine                   Imperial Command
  20   Darth Vader                         Imperial Command
  21   Grand Moff Tarkin                   Imperial Command
  22   Joruus C'Baoth                      Imperial Command
  23   Grand Admiral Thrawn                Imperial Command
  24   Captain Pellaeon                    Imperial Command
  25   Admiral Piett                       Imperial Command
  26   Admiral Daala                       Imperial Command
  27   General Veers                       Imperial Command
  28   Emperor's Royal Guard               Imperials & Affiliates
  29   Death Star Gunner                   Imperials & Affiliates
  30   Stormtroopers                       Imperials & Affiliates
  31   TIE Fighter Pilots                  Imperials & Affiliates
  32   AT-AT Walker Pilots                 Imperials & Affiliates
  33   Biker Scouts                        Imperials & Affiliates
  34   Boba Fett                           Imperials & Affiliates
  35   Dengar                              Imperials & Affiliates
  36   Bossk                               Imperials & Affiliates
  37   Obi-Wan Kenobi                      Force Users
  38   Yoda                                Force Users
  39   Callista                            Force Users
  40   Jacen Solo                          Force Users
  41   Anakin Solo                         Force Users
  42   Jaina Solo                          Force Users
  43   Kyp Durron                          Force Users
  44   Kirani Ti                           Force Users
  45   Tionne                              Force Users
  46   Mara Jade                           Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  47   Talon Karrde                        Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  48   Salla Zend                          Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  49   Zuckuss                             Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  50   Lobot                               Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  51   Gallandro                           Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  52   Moruth Doole                        Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  53   Garindan                            Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  54   Valarian                            Spies, Smugglers & Rogues
  55   Tusken Raiders                      Indigenous Life Forms
  56   Banthas                             Indigenous Life Forms
  57   Jawas                               Indigenous Life Forms
  58   Ugnaughts                           Indigenous Life Forms
  59   Noghri                              Indigenous Life Forms
  60   Ssi-ruuk                            Indigenous Life Forms
  61   Wampa                               Indigenous Life Forms
  62   Tauntaun                            Indigenous Life Forms
  63   Sarlacc                             Indigenous Life Forms
  64   Greedo                              Mos Eisley Cantina
  65   Cantina Band                        Mos Eisley Cantina
  66   Labria                              Mos Eisley Cantina
  67   Dr. Evazan                          Mos Eisley Cantina
  68   Ponda Baba                          Mos Eisley Cantina
  69   Feltipern Trevagg                   Mos Eisley Cantina
  70   Kabe & Muftak                       Mos Eisley Cantina
  71   Momaw Nadon                         Mos Eisley Cantina
  72   Wuher & Chalmun                     Mos Eisley Cantina
  73   Jabba The Hutt                      Jabba's Palace
  74   Bib Fortuna                         Jabba's Palace
  75   Salacious Crumb                     Jabba's Palace
  76   Max Rebo Band                       Jabba's Palace
  77   Oola                                Jabba's Palace
  78   Rancor                              Jabba's Palace
  79   Gamorrean Guard                     Jabba's Palace
  80   Weequay                             Jabba's Palace
  81   Tessek                              Jabba's Palace
  82   C-3PO                               Droids
  83   R2-D2                               Droids
  84   2-1B                                Droids
  85   R5-D4                               Droids
  86   4-LOM                               Droids
  87   Blue Max & Bollux                   Droids
  88   EV-9D9                              Droids
  89   IG-88                               Droids
  90   Probot / Checklist                  Droids / Checklist

  --   Star Wars SOTE Reservation          (Pack-insert coupon)


Embossed Foil Cards (1:9 packs)

  F1   Darth Vader
  F2   Luke Skywalker
  F3   Obi-Wan Kenobi
  F4   Jalina Solo
  F5   Princess Leia Organa
  F6   Jacen Solo

Matrix Cards (1:12 packs)

  M1   Han Solo & Chewbacca (art by Ray Lago)
  M2   C-3PO & R2-D2
  M3   Emperor Palpatine
  M4   Boba Fett

Matrix Redemption Card (1:360 packs)

  --   (Redemption Card)

Parallel Refractor Set

  --   (90 cards, 1 card per 12 packs)

Card Album (sold separately)

  --   (Binder)
  B1   Han Solo & Chewbacca (refractor; same image as M1 above; art by Ray Lago)


SWF1   Boba Fett (art by Markus Harrison; SW Galaxy Mag)
SWF2   Old Republic City (art by Doug Chiang; SW Galaxy Mag)
SWF3   Jedi Council Chamber (art by Doug Chiang; Non-Sport Update)
 ---   (Luke, Darth, Obi-Wan, Leia, others; art by Dan Brereton; 10-3/4" x 7"; dealers)
 ---   (Oversized refractor card, 10-3/4" x 7"; dealers)

The following were a similar format and are often associated with the
SW Finest set, but are actually promos for SW Galaxy Magazine.

SWGM1  (art by Ralph McQuarrie; SW Galaxy Mag Issue 1, 1995)
SWGM2  (art by Joe Johnston; SW Galaxy Mag Issue 2, 1995)
SWGM3  AT-AT (art by Ralph McQuarrie; SW Galaxy Mag Issue 3, 1995)
SWGM4  Luke on X-Wing (art by Ralph McQuarrie; SW Galaxy Mag Issue 4, 1995)

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