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Star Wars Galaxy Three
   Topps - 1995

Notes:  LucasArt cards are generally considered to be part of the base set.  Also issued
was a parallel 90-card (excluding LucasArts) "First Day Production" set, distributed one 
card per pack.  Thanks much to Wess Worden and Todd Jordan for updates!

Box: 36 packs of 5 cards + 1 LucasArts card + 1 parallel card.
Common sets (90): approx. 1.97 per box if collation were perfect.
LucasArts sets (12): approximately 3.00 per box.
Parallel 1st Day Production Sets (90): 1 per 2.5 boxes, on average.

No.   Title                                 Type

276   Title Card                            The Sturzan Portfolio
277   The Glove of Darth Vader              The Sturzan Portfolio
278   The Lost City of the Jedi             The Sturzan Portfolio
279   Mission from Mount Yoda               The Sturzan Portfolio
280   The Truce at Bakura                   The Sturzan Portfolio
281   The Courtship of Princess Leia        The Sturzan Portfolio
282   The Crystal Star                      The Sturzan Portfolio
283   Ambush at Corellia                    The Sturzan Portfolio
284   Assault at Selonia                    The Sturzan Portfolio
285   Showdown at Centerpoint               The Sturzan Portfolio
286   Children of the Jedi                  The Sturzan Portfolio
287   We Don't Do Weddings: The Band's Tale The Sturzan Portfolio
288   C-3PO Thinker                         Promotional/Licensing Illustration
289   C-3PO Birthday                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
290   Luke and Starfighters                 Promotional/Licensing Illustration
291   C-3PO and R2-D2                       Promotional/Licensing Illustration
292   Cantina Poster                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
293   Bounty Hunters                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
294   C-3PO Robot Book                      Promotional/Licensing Illustration
295   Luke with Gang                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
296   Marvel Comic                          Promotional/Licensing Illustration
297   The Ewok Adventure                    Promotional/Licensing Illustration
298   Cindel and Ewok                       Promotional/Licensing Illustration
299   Wicket Finds a Way                    Promotional/Licensing Illustration
300   Lando Montage                         Promotional/Licensing Illustration
301   Boba Fett Cloud City                  Promotional/Licensing Illustration
302   C-3PO Director                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
303   Mos Eisley Cantina                    Promotional/Licensing Illustration
304   Mos Eisley at Dark                    Promotional/Licensing Illustration
305   Christmas Card                        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
306   Magistrates of the Empire             Promotional/Licensing Illustration
307   Grand Moff Tarkin                     Promotional/Licensing Illustration
308   Han and Chewie Fight Boba Fett        Promotional/Licensing Illustration
309   The Tatooine Years                    Promotional/Licensing Illustration
310   The Four Jedi                         Promotional/Licensing Illustration
311   The Reluctant Jedi                    The Novels
312   Nick Choles                           The Novels
313   David Deitrick                        The Novels
314   Gary Gianni                           The Novels
315   Courtney Skinner                      The Novels
316   Lou Harrison                          The Novels
317   Les Dorscheid                         The Novels
318   Brian Ashmore                         The Novels
319   Hector Gomez                          The Novels
320   Jae Lee                               The Novels
321   Arthur Adams                          The Comics Strike Back
322   Dave Dorman                           The Comics Strike Back
323   Dave Dorman                           The Comics Strike Back
324   Hugh Fleming                          The Comics Strike Back
325   Hugh Fleming                          The Comics Strike Back
326   Kilian Plunkett                       The Comics Strike Back
327   June Brigman                          The Comics Strike Back
328   Dave Dorman                           The Comics Strike Back
329   Mark Harrison                         The Comics Strike Back
330   The Call to Adventure                 From Camelot to Tatooine
331   Supernatural Aid                      From Camelot to Tatooine
332   The Road of Trials                    From Camelot to Tatooine
333   The Ultimate Boon                     From Camelot to Tatooine
334   Joseph Campbell/George Lucas          From Camelot to Tatooine
335   The Force                             From Camelot to Tatooine
336   Leia                                  From Camelot to Tatooine
337   Han Solo                              From Camelot to Tatooine
338   Skywalker/Vader                       From Camelot to Tatooine
339   Kelly Freas                           Newest Visions
340   Gene Colan                            Newest Visions
341   Mitch O'Connell                       Newest Visions
342   Mike Avon Deming                      Newest Visions
343   Tim Eldred                            Newest Visions
344   Cathleen Thole                        Newest Visions
345   Don Punchatz                          Newest Visions
346   John Pound                            Newest Visions
347   Rick Buckler                          Newest Visions
348   Scott Neely                           Alternate Visions
349   Joann Daley                           Alternate Visions
350   Jack Davis                            Alternate Visions
351   Mark "Crash" McCreery                 Alternate Visions
352   Mike Smithson                         Alternate Visions
353   John Eaves                            Alternate Visions
354   Clark Schaffer                        Alternate Visions
355   Will Vinton Studios                   Alternate Visions
356   Gahan Wilson                          Alternate Visions
357   Steve Reiss                           The Empire Strikes Back
358   Mark Harrison                         The Empire Strikes Back
359   Campbell/Garner                       The Empire Strikes Back
360   Vince Locke                           The Empire Strikes Back
361   John K. Snyder                        The Empire Strikes Back
362   Therese Nielsen                       The Empire Strikes Back
363   Chris Moeller                         The Empire Strikes Back
364   John Paul Leon                        The Empire Strikes Back
365   Star Wars Galaxy 3                    Checklist

LucasArts Foil Cards

L01   Dark Forces Display Art
L02   Dark Forces Ad Art
L03   Dark Trooper
L04   Keith Carter
L05   TIE Fighter
L06   Defender of the Empire
L07   Keith Carter
L08   X-Wing
L09   The Farlander Papers
L10   Keith Carter
L11   Rebel Assault
L12   Keith Carter


Etched Foil Cards

 13   Lando Calrissian
 14   Millennium Falcon
 15   Ewoks
 16   Jawas
 17   Tusken Raiders
 18   Jedi Spirits

Clearzone Cards

 E1   Boba Fett (Brett Booth)
 E2   Bossk (Jeff Scott Campbell)
 E3   4-LOM (Jeff Rebner)
 E4   IG-88 (Joe Chiodo)
 E5   Zuckess (Tom Rainey)
 E6   Dengar (Brian Denham)


000   (Drew Sturzan artwork; SW Galaxy Magazine)
 P2   (Snowtrooper, art from card 363; conventions)
 P3   (Darth Vader on Hoth, art by John Van Fleet; Non-sport Update)
 P4   (Luke on Dagobah, art by Art Suydam; Combo)
 P5   (AT-AT, art from card 357)
 P6   (Luke with lightsaber, art from card 310; SW Galaxy Magazine)
 P7   (Leia with Jacen and Jania, art from card 336; Wizard)
 P8   (Boba Fett and Darth Vader, art from card 361; Cards Illustrated)
 --   (Boba Fett, artwork from card 358; unnumbered)
 --   (inset image same as 000, external image from P5; 5" x 7"; Previews)

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