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Swingers Collector Cards
The Art of Joey Havlock
   RedX Cards - 2015

Notes: Cards cover a series of golf-inspired original impressionist paintings. 
Further information and scans are posted  at the Trading Card Factory website.

   No.    Title / Description

Oversized Cards (5" x 7")

    P1    (red,blue,beige-green,yellow)
    P2    (green,red,brown,blue-green)
    P3    Jack Is Back
    P4    Jungle Fever
    P5    Into the Mystic
    P6    Pretty Pivot
    P7    The Golden Child
    P8    Make a Wish
    P9    Sweet Spot
   P10    Drive It Wild

Promo Set (2-1/2" x 3-1/2"; limited to 500)

    P1    Jungle Fever
    P2    Sweet Spot
    P3    Jack Is Back
    P4    Drive It Wild
    P5    Make a Wish
    P6    The Golden Child
    P7    Shotgun Swagger
    P8    A Moment of Zen
    P9    Into the Mystic

Slabbed Promo Cards (limited to 200)

     These versions are sold in screw-down display case, 3" x 5", 
     with display easel; they have different backs.

    P1    Jack Is Back
    P2    A Moment of Zen
    P3    Into the Mystic
    P4    Shotgun Swagger
    P5    Make a Wish
    P6    Drive It Wild
    P7    Pretty Pivot
    P8    Sweet Spot
    P9    Jungle Fever

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