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Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens (UK)
   Topps - 2015

Notes: This series is different from the series of the same name produced for 
the North American market. Further information and scans are posted at the 
Topps website.

Box: 36 packs of 8 cards.
Common sets (160): approx. 1.49 per box if collation were perfect.
Mirror Foil sets (31): approximately 1.16 per box.
Rainbow Foil sets (16): approximately 0.75 per box.
Mini-tin: 23 cards + 1 Limited Edition Card.

 No.    Title

Base Cards

     A New Hope

    1   Star Destroyer captures Vantive IV
    2   Darth Vader searches the ship
    3   Leia stores message in Artoo
    4   Darth Vader confronts the Princess
    5   Threepio and Artoo go their separate ways
    6   Jawas capture the Droids
    7   Owen Lars buys the Droids
    8   Who is Obi-Wan Kenobi?
    9   R2-D2 has gone
   10   Luke and C-3PO search for Artoo
   11   Sand People attack Luke
   12   Princess Leia's plea for help
   13   Luke joins Obi-Wan's mission
   14   Han Solo will be the pilot
   15   Greedo confronts Han
   16   First sight of the Millennium Falcon
   17   Millennium Falcon departs Mos Eisley
   18   The interrogation of Leia
   19   Han and Obi-Wan watch Luke train
   20   "That's no moon..."
   21   No escape from the Death Star
   22   Stormtroopers surround the Millennium Falcon
   23   Hiding from the Empire
   24   "The Force will be with you, always"
   25   Wookiee Prisoner
   26   Rescuing the Princess
   27   No way out
   28   Deactivating the tractor beam
   29   Back to the ship
   30   A wrong turn
   31   Luke blasts the door controls
   32   Luke and Leia swing across the chasm
   33   Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan
   34   Under fire from Stormtroopers
   35   Luke prepares for a TIE fighter attack
   36   Arrival on Yavin 4
   37   The Death Star approaches Yavin 4
   38   Han departs with his reward
   39   Luke boards his X-wing
   40   Assault on the Death Star
   41   "Look at the size of the thing"
   42   X-wing and TIE fighter dog fight
   43   Leia nervously listens to trench runs
   44   "Use the Force, Luke"
   45   Darth Vader within range
   46   Rebels flee after Luke's direct hit
   47   Medal ceremony for heroes

     The Empire Strikes Back

   48   The Empire search for rebels
   49   An Imperial probe droid lands on Hoth
   50   Luke patrols on a tauntaun
   51   A ferocious wampa
   52   Luke is held hostage in the wampa's lair
   53   Han searches for Luke
   54   Luke recovers in bacta tank
   55   Han destroys Imperial probe droid
   56   Vader orders the attack of Hoth
   57   The rebels prepare for battle
   58   AT-AT Walkers begin the Imperial assault
   59   Luke leads the Rogue Squadron
   60   AT-AT Walkers take control
   61   Luke is struck down
   62   Rebel base under attack
   63   Han goes back for Leia
   64   Stormtroopers take aim at the Millennium Falcon
   65   "Shut him up or shut him down"
   66   Rebels enter an asteroid field
   67   Luke crash lands on Dagobah
   68   Where is Yoda?
   69   Yoda agrees to train Luke
   70   Vader assembles a team of bounty hunters
   71   "He will join us or die, Master"
   72   Han and Leia become closer
   73   "There's something out there"
   74   Luke learns the ways of a Jedi
   75   Luke is warned of the dark side
   76   Yoda uses the Force
   77   The rebels head to Cloud City
   78   "You've got a lot of guts coming here"
   79   Lando offers to repair the Millennium Falcon
   80   What happened to C-3PO?
   81   Double-crossed by Lando?
   82   Han to be Given to Boba Fett
   83   "We will test it on Captain Solo"
   84   Han learns his fate
   85   "I love you"
   86   Han is frozen in carbonite
   87   Luke and R2-D2 arrive
   88   "It's a trap"
   89   "The Force is with you, young Skywalker"
   90   Lightsaber duel
   91   Lando's surprise
   92   Last chance to save Han
   93   Luke and Vader duel
   94   "I'm your father"
   95   Luke calls for Princess Leia
   96   The search for Han begins

     Return of the Jedi

   97   Constructing a new Death Star
   98   R2-D2 and C-3PO on Tattooine
   99   Arrival at Jaabba's palace
  100   Jabba listens to Luke's message
  101   The Max Rebo band
  102   Oola in the rancor's pit
  103   The price of Chewbacca
  104   Boushh approaches Jabba's trophy
  105   Freed from the carbonite
  106   Luke's arrival at Jabba's palace
  107   "Oh Not The Rancor!"
  108   Rebels to be terminated
  109   On the sail barge
  110   The Great Pit of Carkoon
  111   Luke on the sail barge
  112   Lando hanging on
  113   Leia kills Jabba
  114   Sail barge destroyed
  115   The Emperor arrives
  116   Vader greets the Emperor
  117   Yoda's final moments
  118   Obi-Wan reveals a new revelation
  119   Rebel briefing
  120   Han lends Lando the Falcon
  121   The Emperor's instructions
  122   The rebels on Endor
  123   Where's Leia?
  124   A scout trooper approaches the Princess
  125   Ewok trap
  126   The golden god
  127   Camp stories
  128   Brother and sister
  129   Luke surrenders
  130   C-3PO reveals Ewok Paploo's rash plan
  131   The Emperor meets Luke
  132   "It's a trap!"
  133   Rebels captured
  134   The Death Star unleashes a huge blast
  135   "That thing's operational!"
  136   Chewie takes control
  137   Father vs. Son
  138   "I will not fight you, Father"
  139   The Emperor shows his powers
  140   Luke is helpless as the Emperor attacks
  141   Vader unmasked
  142   Luke helps his father
  143   Death Star destroyed
  144   Anakin Skywalker's funeral pyre
  145   Jedi trio watch on

     The Force Awakens

  146   Rey
  147   Poe Dameron
  148   Finn
  149   Chewbacca
  150   BB-8
  151   Kylo Ren
  152   Captain Phasma
  153   Stormtrooper
  154   Snowtrooper
  155   R2-D2
  156   C-3PO
  157   TIE Fighter
  158   Special Forces TIE fighter
  159   Kylo Ren's Shuttle
  160   Millennium Falcon

Mirror Foil Cards (1:pack; red border)

  161   Luke Skywalker
  162   Obi-Wan Kenobi
  163   Han Solo
  164   Princess Leia
  165   Chewbacca
  166   R2-D2
  167   C-3PO
  168   Darth Vader
  169   Grand Moff Tarkin
  170   Lando Calrissian
  171   Yoda
  172   Boba Fett
  173   General Veers
  174   Lobot
  175   Jabba the Hutt
  176   Admiral Ackbar
  177   Wicket
  178   Bib Fortuna
  179   Commander Jerjerrod
  180   TIE fighter
  181   Super Star Destroyer Executor
  182   X-wing Starfighter
  183   Millennium Falcon
  184   Death Star
  185   Rey
  186   Poe Dameron
  187   Chewbacca
  188   R2-D2
  189   C-3PO
  190   Stormtrooper
  191   Captain Phasma

Rainbow Foil Cards (blue border; 1:3 packs)

  192   Luke Skywalker
  193   Han Solo
  194   Princess Leia
  195   Yoda
  196   Darth Vader
  197   The Emperor
  198   Rey
  199   Finn
  200   Poe Dameron
  201   Chewbacca
  202   BB-8
  203   R2-D2 & C-3PO
  204   Kylo Ren
  205   Captain Phasma
  206   Special Forces TIE fighter
  207   Millennium Falcon

Limited Edition Cards (1:36 packs or 1:tin)

  DA    The Emperor          Sith Order, Galactic Empire
  DB    Stormtrooper         Galactic Empire, Snowtroopers
  DC    Boba Fett            --
  DD    Lando Calrissian     Rebel Alliance
  MA    Han Solo             Rebel Alliance
  MB    Princess Leia        Rebel Alliance, Galactic Senate
  SA    Luke Skywalker       Rebel Alliance, Jedi Order
  UA    Chewbacca            Rebel Alliance
  UB    Yoda                 Jedi Order
  UC    R2-D2                Rebel Alliance, Galactic Republic

Collector Album (sold in starter pack)

  --    (album)

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