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Star Wars II Lego Promo Cards
   Topps - 2006

Notes: Cards were distributed in 12-card cello packs. Thanks much to Terry 
Russell for the list!

No.   Title

 --   [header card]

 01   Leia C-Solo
 02   Boba Skysolo
 03   Chewbacca with Stormtrooper Helmet
 04   Darth Princess Skywalker
 05   Darth Solo
 06   Grand Moff Yoda
 07   Greedo Solo
 08   Han-3PO
 09   Leia Sky Fett
 10   Palpatine Slave Trooper
 11   Princess Darth Solo
 12   Princess Storm Solo
 13   Princess Trooper
 14   Storm-3PO
 15   Tusken Yoda

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